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First, the good health news about your darker Asian, Latino or Mediterranean skin: Your quick-tanning skin gives you automatic SPF-4 sun protection, somewhat lowering your skin-cancer risk. The bad tidings are that you have an increased risk, too – for brown patches that can give you a sporadic complexion.

Where skin cancer and complexion are both concerned, you shouldn’t be passive and let fate take its course. You can up your odds of staying cancer- and brown patch-free by following the best home skin-care routine. Here we list the sensitive-skin “dos” and “don’ts” that dermatologists swear by:

* Do… cleanse your face once a day, or more often for oily skin. Choose a cleanser that’s designed for your skin type. For oily skin, look for more detergent to strip away the surface oils; for dry, sensitive skin, choose a moisturizing cleanser.

* Do… use a moisturizer if you have dry skin. Smooth it on as many as two or three times a day if you need it. Perhaps you prefer a rich cream or lotion for fall and winter, and a lighter version for spring and summer.

* Don’t… choose a moisturizer with any drying or pore-clogging ingredients. Avoid vitamin A or retinol for their drying properties, and Vaseline-type greasy products for their acne-promoting potential.

* Do… wear sunscreen for a double-edged protective effect. An SPF 15 to 30 applied every day (or much more often with concentrated sun exposure) can block the sun’s cancer-causing – and wrinkle-promoting – rays, and allow any dark-spot discolorations to clear (the sun will otherwise work to further activate those dark-spot pigment cells).

* Don’t… mistakenly assume that your darker skin is a guarantee against skin cancer. Your natural SPF 4 is a start, but, laments.

* Do… see a dermatologist if you have problem skin. The earlier you seek professional help, the more reversible a problem might be.

* Don’t… use an over-the-counter product that aggravates your sensitive skin. A benzoyl peroxide-containing acne treatment, for example, might do wonders for your white best friend’s acne, but might injure your skin and result in unsightly brown spots.

* Don’t… assume a doctor who got fabulous results for others will have the experience you’re looking for. You might not be able to walk in to the same doctor’s office and have the identical results that your Irish, Celtic-skin-type friend had.

Finally, don’t think that your skin’s natural hue will tell all about your background. If your skin looks light, but you have some Middle Eastern, Latino or Asian ancestry, ask an expert, so he or she can determine the best-bet treatment for your ethnic skin type.

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“Beauty is only skin deep,” began Jennifer Lopez’s response when asked during a recent interview: “What would you say to all the women in the world who desperately want to look like you, but aren’t blessed with your genes?”

Easy for someone endowed with her Latina beauty to say, but even the lovely actress credited her glowing skin to a single mainstay – her moisturizer – above all else.

For Lopez’s self-described normal-to-dry skin, that makes sense. Experts add these skin-savvy tips for other darker-skinned Hispanics:

* For some of you, a daily cleanser alone will do.

That’s if, unlike J. Lo, your skin is more oily. Make sure the cleanser is formulated for sensitive skin, because harsh products threaten to take healthy brown skin and turn it blotchy, by throwing off the melanin pigmentation.

* Wear at least an SPF-15 product.

Any type of skin – whatever the shade, whatever the texture – is subject to skin cancer without additional, artificial SPF protection. So, use sunscreen or moisturizer with sunscreen added.

* Consider a mineral mask if your oily skin breaks out.

Used two or three times a week, a mask deeply cleanses your skin and helps keep it clear. Make sure it’s meant for your type of skin.

* Make the most of the makeup you wear.

For olive-skinned Hispanics, in particular, makeup can make or break your look.

Playing Up the Positives

The usually dark brows and lashes and shapely lips of a darker-skinned Latina don’t need much playing up so don’t go overboard to give yourself a new face. Sometimes less is better, offering these additional tips for maximizing makeup’s effect:

* Foundation

Match your face’s skin color by trying out testers – test on your face, not your hand or arm, as those can vary in shade. Relatively new, mineral-based foundations (Artiba makes one) are unsurpassed for Hispanics.

* Choose Color With Care

* The Eyes Have It

Brown-black mascara will soften up dark eyes.

Tried and True

For makeup colors, as for skin care products, no one product will work for everyone, De La Guerra points out. With cosmetics, it’s a breeze – put it on, and check it out. As for skin-care products, give a brand a two-month try, then progress to a new product if you haven’t seen a benefit. Also, consider getting personalized help from a professional, who might point you to a single treatment that will work right away. As a rule, though, your at-home routine will always reign supreme, because you’re the only one who will attend to your skin every day.

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Forget the old-school stereotypes, like black skin’s almost always oily. There’s little about African-American skin that is safely assumed, except that it can be super sensitive – its pigmentation, called melanin, may rebel against the wrong products by developing a discoloration that can stick around for months or even years.

Take these skin-safe tips to heart. The nation’s top dermatologists advise following these rules to preserve your dark skin’s smooth, rich tone:

* Stick With a Simple and Safe Skin Care Routine.

Cleanse your face daily – as little as once a day if it’s dry, up to three times if your goal is to remove excess oil. Gentle treatment is key for any skin type – avoid abrasive cleansers or irritating cleansing puffs or loofahs. And use moisturizer only if your face feels dry without it.

* Pick the Best Skin Care Products for Your Skin Type.

Experts’ favorites are nothing fancy – drugstore brands will usually do – but use natural skin care products designed for your skin type. Favor products for sensitive skin, especially if your skin is dry – products with harsh ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid can wreak havoc on certain skin types. Want to try something new on for size? Go ahead, but use it sparingly at first.

* Protect Yourself From Skin Cancer.

Darker skin does provide some protection from the sun’s UV rays, but don’t count on it alone. Skin cancer is less common, but can be more deadly, in those with darker skin. Begin each day by applying a sunscreen or moisturizer with an SPF 15 to 30. And reapply sun protection often while you’re in direct sunlight.

* Mind Your Skin When You’re Taking Certain Medications.

Many drugs increase sun sensitivity, making it especially important to apply sunscreen or avoid the sun altogether. Among these medications are birth control pills, antibiotics, acne medicines and cancer drugs. But there are many others, too. Ask your doctor if your medicine makes the list.

* Get Help in a Hurry When Your Skin’s in Distress.

Whether your problem is acne or another skin condition, it’s much easier to prevent problems from lingering if you address them promptly. A trip to the dermatologist might save your skin – and even save you money by preventing you from purchasing a panoply of products to wage the battle against the condition.

* Avoid the Common Makeup Mistakes.

Match your makeup with your skin tone for a natural look, and there’s nothing wrong with relatively cheap drugstore brands. Have dry skin? Oil-based makeup is best. And for acne-prone, oily skin, water-based is the way to go.

* Seek Out a Specialist for Prescription Therapies or Cosmetic Surgery.

When you want more advanced skin care ask Clear Essence dermatologists for advice in treating dark skin. In inexperienced hands, these more complex skin therapies can end up ruining your look rather than rejuvenating it.

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