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If you’ve been spending a lot of time basking in the sun this summer, you might have  sun-damaged skin.  Some people of color think that because they do not burn like lighter skin tones, that they don’t need to worry about prolonged exposure to the sun or sun protection.

Melanin,  the brown pigment within the epidermis, gives our skin its rich color, naturally protecting skin from damaging effects of the sun. It guards the skin from short-term effects such as severe sunburn and also guards the skin from long-term damage associated with aging – the development of deep wrinkles and age spots. Even though people of color have greater natural protection from the sun and lower risk of skin cancer,  we also  tend to have problems with pigmentation, or uneven darkening or lightening of skin. These skin conditions are partially related to sun light or sun damages. If you are noticing a dark patches or spots, dry skin surface or an overall rough texture to the skin,  this could be because of sun damage.

Luckily, there are products available to help address the problems associated with and nourish sun damaged skin! Used on a daily basis to help moisturize delicate skin, Clear Essence Lemon Plus Vitamin A Creme gives the appearance of dramatically smoother skin, texture and hydration while increasing firmness and clarity.  It also aids to repair serious skin damage due to sun, aging, chemical reactions and burns.  Try some today!