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Developed by experts in traditional natural skin remedies and combined with modern
technology, Adure by Clear Essence is an exclusive line of products to
address the skin care concerns of women of color. Adure by Clear Essence
consists of six different naturally-inspired products:

Adure by Clear Essence Anti-Flamme Herbal Massage Relief Crème:  A fantastic
crème formulated for people of color to alleviate discomfort or pain caused
by bumps, strained muscles, joint pain and bruises. Also suitable for use as
a massage crème to provide comfort and healing to symptoms felt throughout
the body.

Adure Anti-Blemish/Anti-Wrinkle Control Scrub Wash:  Promotes more even
toned, smooth skin.  This scrub is formulated for the woman of color who is
experiencing blemish or acne related skin conditions. This scrub helps
control bacteria and oil build up and aids in the reduction of fine lines.

Adure Skin Care Natural Fairness Crème: Formulated with tangerine extract
and vitamins to aide in achieving a lighter and smoother complexion, visibly
noticeable after 3 weeks. This lightweight creme features UVA/UVB protection
from the sun’s harmful rays.

Adure Advanced Formula Tummy Flattening Gel:  Allows precise delivery of its
concentrated base  to resistant areas of dense abdominal fat- selectively
accelerating the breakdown of regional fat cells. The quick-penetrating
thick gel is designed to mobilize the persistent, stubborn fat that makes
your tummy bulge.

Adure Bust Boost Lifting & Firming Crème: Promotes a fuller and firmer
contour of the bust area.

Adure Skin Care Brightening Stretch Mark Crème is formulated with Vitamin A,
E, K, Panthenol, and cocoa butter the natural elasticity and moisture of the
skin. Evening Primrose and Starflower Oil aide in the prevention and
effective treatment to help in the reduction and appearance of unsightly
stretch marks.

In this fast-paced world of mass production, we at Clear Essence, natural skin care makers, still know the importance of creating products that cater to the essence of individuality.

With Adure by Clear Essence we have synthesized knowledge honed from ancient traditional remedies and utilized modern technologies to preserve the integrity of their healing properties. In this way we created a therapeutic line of products, specifically designed with the needs of women of color in mind.

Since the world marketplace is our arena, our first challenge was to select a name of distinction. “Adure” by definition means “Daughter of Grace, Elegance and Beauty.”  It is derived from the Igbo tribe of Eastern Nigeria and it epitomizes the way we want our products to make women feel.

Our second challenge was to understand the simple yet ingenious powers of Mother Nature. Our international team of experts embarked upon countless expeditions throughout the remote villages and rain forests of Africa, Asia, South America and Australia. They were committed to uncovering the mystery behind how Mother Nature’s natural ingredients (derived from clay, mud, plants and fruit) could organically nourish skin.

Each expedition let to innovative discoveries based on the teaching of local herbalogists (heirs to generations of natural skin care knowledge). We returned with rare botanicals and skillfully incorporated them into the formulas that serve as the foundation for the Adure collection.

The six products under the Adure banner are now available to safely and effectively address all the skin care concerns of today’s women of color.

At Clear Essence we support a holistic approach to well-being. We hope the the Adure collection will inspire you to explore a similar approach to life, leading you to a harmonious balance of natural beauty and wellness.

Discover Adure by Clear Essence for yourself (or someone you love) today.

Hope everyone is enjoying the early summer!

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One of the many perks of the summer season is the weather. Hot days are followed by great warm nights, leaving room for many combinations of activities, outings, and best of all, parties! With the extended periods spent outside during the summer comes the amplified risk and vulnerability for your skin. Follow these basic tips to boost the appearance of your skin throughout the summer.

1. Cover up
Although during the summer is when you bring out the tank tops and shorts, at the same time our skin can use a little break – at least part of the time! Whether you wear a baseball cap or big sun hat, try using hats and scarves to conceal your skin from exposure to the sun while keeping great trendy summer styles.

2. Hydrate
Because of the summer heat, you tend to sweat more and your skin looses elasticity and becomes dried out. To help balance this effect, eat plenty of foods that are high in antioxidants, protein, and vitamin C. Drink plenty of water and limit your intake of sugary drinks. Lastly, incorporate dairy products to offset the loss of calcium from sweat.

3. Provide Moisture and Protection
Keeping your skin moisturized and protected is very important to maintain a nice summer glow. The Clear Essence Platinum Line ‘Skin Beautifying Milk with UVA/UVB SPF15’ will help to thoroughly moisturize your skin while providing great protection from the sun. For a non-hydroquinone based product, offering similar sun protection, go with the Clear Essence ‘My Natural Beauty Moisturizing Body Lotion w/ SPF 15’. In addition to the above mentioned tips, your skin will be able to reduce the effect of sun damage.

When thinking about our bodies and taking care of our bodies, the importance of skin care is often neglected. The main proposes of skin is to cover and protect our bodies from infections as well as provide a thermal layer to keep us at temperature equilibrium. Why not try to help protect and promote what defends and encourages our thriving bodies?

Men’s skin care

This Father’s Day, let’s help Dad start simple skin care regimens that can easily be followed and committed to. Women have actively adopted and tend to follow complete skin regimen, but most men have not conformed to the notion that skin care is more than just “looking pretty.” Men have different skin than women and could actually require more maintenance. Men have a propensity to have more oily skin than women. This is why it’s imperative for them to follow a basic routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Clear Essence Cosmetics has devoted an advanced  product line to the advancement of  skin care for men of color: the ChiMere line.

Father’s Day Gift Idea

Dealing with the effect of weekly or even daily shaving can be very traumatizing for skin. Men with black skin may experience rough skin, dark spots from bearded areas, or even razor bumps (which is very common amongst ethnic skin), it may also be essential to pay more attention to how you shave and using the right after shaving products. Whether a man is sporting a full beard or bald face, Clear Essence Cosmetics offers many products to help control those issues such as the ChiMere for Men Bump Control Cleansing Bar. This powerful sulfur black soap will help fade dark spots, smooth and soften skin, and minimize the appearance of razor bumps, while controlling mild acne and evening the skin tone.

Just in time for Father’s Day Clear Essence Cosmetics has the skin care products to help Dad get on a skincare regimen that he will love!