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Although the summer is coming to end, it’s still the perfect time to show off skin. One of the many parts people like to show off, whether it is during the day, or in the night, is their feet. Feet happen to be a body part many people seem to forget to care for. We use our feet every day and often times without the correct treatment designed for feet they can become rough. A great way to take care of the feet is with a spa or pedicure, or maybe even both. If you do not have the time to go to a spa, you can create your own treatment at home. A simple at home foot spa found at consists of:

–           ¼ cup of fresh lemon juice

–          A bit of cinnamon

–          2 tablespoons of olive oil

–          ¼ cup of milk

–          ¼ cup of water

Mixing all these ingredients together, soak your feet in it for however long as you like.  It is recommended to do this twice a week to create a greater lasting effect. After soaking your feet, you would apply a foot scrub to sit for 20-30 minutes. Lastly, apply a foot balm or moisturizer like Clear Essence’s Platinum Line Skin Beautifying Oil or My Natural Beauty Moisturizing Body Lotion w/ SPF 15, which prevents the dryness from reoccurring. In result, you will want to show your feet off in no time! Visit to view other skin care articles!


Facial Masks are a great stress reliever for both men and women that can help build healthier, more beautiful skin. Facial Masks include four different steps of treatment. These steps are to clean, rehydrate, nourish, and rejuvenate the skin. Also, masks are a gentle process known to have an effective method in improving skin irritations. Without masks, what other healthy and relaxing way could you treat your face?

You can start by finding some of these things in the comfort of your own home, creating an easy affordable at home skin care remedy.  For example, a chocolate face mask recipe that will soften your skin, which can be found at  All you need is:

–          1/3 a cup of cocoa

–          ¼ a cup of honey

–          2 tablespoons of heavy cream (or sour cream)

–          3 teaspoons of oatmeal powder

After mixing these ingredients together until it’s in a consistent mass, you can apply it to the face, gently massaging it in so that the oatmeal starts exfoliating the dead skin cell layer.  Leave it on for about 15-20 minutes, and rinse it with lukewarm water. These products can be used in any preparation of facial masks and are completely gentle on the skin.  After successfully creating a mask like that, why not follow up this procedure with a massage using Clear Essence’s Specialist Skin Care Body Oil. You have successfully created the perfect spa treatment in your own home!  Visit our natural skin care site to view other natural skin care products.



Are you afraid to take a step onto the beach and show a little skin this summer, due to skin discoloration?  Well you are in luck because there is a way to fix it.  Skin discoloration is caused by damage from the sun and without treatment can continue to create disadvantages like hyper pigmentation and dark spots.  In order to fix this you must protect yourself from the sun by:

1.  Using sunscreen on your face and other visible areas of your body

2.  Protecting your eyes by using the latest pair of sunglasses, whether it is Ray Bans Wayfarers or Serengeti aviators

3.  Wearing a hat to protect your head and face

and Lastly, always remember to exfoliate regularly.

Consider using the Medicated Cleansing Bar with exfoliants (Extra Strength) and the ‘Clear Essence Platinum Line Skin Beautifying Milk Maxi-Tone w/ UVA and UVB SPF 15′ to prevent dark spots and blemishes from reappearing.

We also have the Clear Essence Lemon Plus Vitamin C Body Scrub Soap formed with exfoliants as well.

Using these skin care products when you know you are going out for a day in the sun, will have you looking and feeling better in no time!

We all wish to have flawless, radiant skin, and some of us are willing to do anything to achieve that.  But why go through such strenuous procedures like plastic surgery or laser procedures when you can make the process so much simpler.  Here are a few ways to achieve perfect, flawless skin no matter what type of skin you have.  For acne free, healthy skin, there are some do’s and don’ts everyone can follow:


1.  Wash your face twice daily. Once in the morning and in the evening with your favorite cleanser.

2.  Avoid eating junk food or fried things. Stop drinking soda everyday and instead drink water.

3.  If you decide to use makeup to cover up acne, consider using natural brands like MAC’s mineralize skin finish natural products, or Sephora’s Mineral loose powder foundation.


1.  Touch your face without previously washing your hands.

2.  Try to get rid of acne faster by picking at spots.  This can cause scarring and discoloration.

3.  Apply products to your face without previously testing a small spot first.

Recommended products to help with breakouts are the Clear Essence Adure Anti-Blemish/Anti-Wrinkle Control Scrub Wash or Clear Essence’s Platinum Line Medicated Cleansing Bar plus Exfoliants (Extra Strength).  These products will give you the satisfaction of clearer looking skin. Following these do’s and don’ts will help in achieving your goal of perfect skin!

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