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Baby Skin Care

Babies Need Love Too!

A new infant is, of course, an amazing addition to complete any family. A new baby brings with him/her an unconditional love that is extremely hard to break. Babies are a precious gifts that you can’t help but love and cherish from the day they are born, through their horrible teenage years and then on to adulthood. The only down side that comes with a precious baby is the temporary (or in some cases long term) crying and fussiness.

Clear Essence Cosmetics has created a wonderful baby skin care product line to soothe and calm your baby so that everyone can rest peacefully. Recommended for babies 3 months and older, the Clear Essence ‘Baby Soothing Vapor Bar Soap’ is a unique vapor bar enriched with rosemary, eucalyptus, and menthol that soothes and comforts the body while gently cleansing all skin impurities. Bathe your baby with warm water while washing their body with the soap to loosen up their body. After bathing, deepen your baby’s relaxation by moisturizing and massaging them with the Clear Essence ‘Baby Oil with Lavender’. Try using any of the following tips below in addition to a warm bath and massage to ensure that your baby stays happy and relaxed.
Ways to Soothe a Fussy Baby

  1. Many babies respond positively to motion. Try rocking, walking or slow dancing with baby or vibrating the baby with rockers and carriers.
  2. Place baby in a wearable sling or carrier, and go about your business. Baby may find your proximity calming.
  3. Play soft, calming music. Dim the lights, lower your voice, and put on a collection of lullabies or classical music. Nature sounds work well, too.
  4. Change baby’s position. Some parents suggest lying baby face down across your lap, with a warm towel placed underneath.
  5. Give baby a gentle massage. Babies crave human touch; some find massages truly relaxing.
  6. Try distracting your infant with a mirror or a drawing of a human face.
  7. Lie your infant down under a slowly circulating ceiling fan. The combined motion and sound may calm her.

Along with the use of the Clear EssenceBaby Soothing Vapor Bar Soap in a warm bath, massaging with the Clear Essence ‘Baby Oil with Lavender’ and the use of a couple of the tips above, your baby is sure to remain tranquil and relieved.




After a long summer being constantly in the sun, our hair, nails, and skin suffer tremendously due to extreme exposure to UV rays. Although it is recommended to take precautions towards preventing harm to your hair, nails and skin, many times we neglect to act until the damage has already been done. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take towards improving and relieving post-damaged hair, nails, and skin.

The summer heat tends to affect our hair more than expected. By the end of the summer season, with all the days staying out in the heat, our hair becomes very dirty from sweat, and dried out and brittle from the sun. To counter these changes, it is recommended that you keep your hair clean and moisturized. Try using the Tresemme Fresh Start product line, which contains various dry shampooing products that are great for those who do not wish wash their hair daily, but do want a clean start after a day of sweating. Another product line that is useful toward moisturizing your hair is the Paul Mitchell Moisture line, complete with shampoos, conditioners, and daily moisturizing products. Both product lines are great for all hair types and will surely help you achieve beautiful hair all year long.

Sun damage is also a threat to an often neglected part our bodies, our nails. Sun damage can cause vertical ridges in your nails, which become more apparent as you age. You can treat these ridges by applying a nail polish basecoat with ridge filler. A great product for this is the Ridge Filler and Base Coat by Essie, which can be found at most beauty supply stores. Once ridges have formed it takes four to six months for your fingernails to grow from cuticle to tip, while your toenails may take a year to a year and a half to grow out. Using a nail polish with ridge filler will help bide time until your nails have grown out.

Many of our main concerns regarding sun damage are towards our skin. Our skin is the part of our body that is most noticeable when affected by sun damage. To help heal your skin after it has become dried out and burnt by the sun; use the Clear Essence ‘My Natural Beauty Moisturizing Lotion’ and the Clear Essence ‘Specialist Oil’. Both products will give your skin the added moisture it needs after a long summer of damage. Both products are on sale now!!! Find these products and more skincare tips at


Acne Skin

When meeting someone for the first time, what is the first thing you observe? Their skin. Hiding bad skin is so hard to do, especially for males. Sure there’s makeup to cover up mild acne scars, but what about the severe acne that can’t be covered? Obtaining great skin takes patience, obedience, and dedication. Everyone wants great skin but is quick to quit their regimen when they don’t see immediate results. Clear Essence provides their current and future clients with a couple of do’s and don’ts when it comes to skin treatment:

1. Make sure that the hands are clean when you touch your face. Special care has to be taken when touching the spotty areas.
2. Always use a Clear Essence dermatologist recommended product for cleansing, toning, treating and moisturizing.
3. Exercise regularly.
4. Stick to a diet rich in vegetables, salads and whole grains.

1. Touch or squeeze spots.
2. Go to bed without removing your make-up.
3. Scrub your face with harsh scrubs or rough sponges.
4. Use heavy comedogenic creams and cosmetics.

More tips and products can be found at