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Carrot Oil Soap

Carrot Oil Soap

Like carrots in your salad? How about in your facial masks? Carrots, along with being good sources for vitamins and fiber, also nourish the skin and prevent anti-aging. To attain an all-over body cleansing and treatment with carrots, try our skin tone carrot oil soap featured in our My Natural Beauty line.

For the facial mask you will need:

1. Cut a carrot in half. Grind it. Squeeze out the juice and replace it into a bowl.

2. Mix 1 Tbs honey and yokes with flour.

  • Optional: Put a thin cloth on your face and apply the mixture onto the cloth.

3. Remove cloth after 20 minutes. Wash off excess using a steamed towel followed by a cold towel.

 Additional facial care tip: If your skin is oily, the effects can be maximized by adding egg whites and yogurt as it suppresses (oil) secretion.

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 Springtime is officially here and that means more skin to show off. With temperatures climbing, and more sun in your day, we at Clear Essence want to make sure that you are able to truly spring into this next season with no remnants of winter. To ensure overall body moisturizing, use the following Clear Essence Body Soaps along with any Clear Essence lotion:

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