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Skin is skin, no matter the gender. Men also need to practice a daily skin care regimen to keep their skin not only blemish free, but also smooth by the touch. Here are some easy to remember skin care tips for all the fellas out there.

  • Keep your skin protected and healthy with the following techniques:

1)   Avoid too much exposure to the sun as it can be damaging to your skin over time.

2)   Stay in shape. Exercise has been proven to slow aging and keep your skin looking young.

3)   Eat right. Vitamins C and E should be a regular intake in your diet.

We hope that these reminders will become habit and that you begin to see the changeover of your skin from looking your age to ageless. Enjoy.

April 8th, 2012

By Clear Essence Cosmetics USA, Inc.

La primavera y las vacaciones de primavera están alrededor de la vuelta, y nosotros aquí en Clear Essence queremos que estén ustedes en calma todos los días. Aunque esta semana de vacación solo es de una semana, queremos que se sientan relajados en un nivel único. El Clear Essence California Span and Wellness Center se encuentra en el maravilloso lugar de Ikoyi, Nigeria, aqui le proveemos a nuestros invitados con un canvas maravilloso de naturaleza. Con diferentes tratamientos de spa, puede disfrutar cada dia con diferentes tipos de tratamientos. Venga aqui y estará en el perfecto lugar para descansar, relajarse y disfrutar de su semana de vacación en primavera. Nuestros agentes están listos para sus preguntas…

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By Clear Essence Cosmetics USA, Inc.

Spring break is around the corner, and we at Clear Essence want to make sure that you are at peace each and everyday. Even though this break is usually only a week, we want to take your relaxation to the highest level. The Clear Essence California Spa and Wellness Center is located in the hidden gem of Ikoyi, Nigeria, providing our guests with a background of Mother Nature’s untouched beauty. With multiple spa treatment packages to unveil each day of your visit, you will turn your spring break into the definition of relaxation before returning to the busy world. Our staff is humbly awaiting…

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