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Natural Skin Care

Wrinkles are a major issue concerning women in today’s society. It is evident that the longing for flawless, young and desirable skin is a daily burden. Plastic surgery seems to be the only solution in this day and age, and even this, can leave lasting austere problems in the aftermath. However, with trillions of “natural” anti-aging products being released by the thousand, there still appears to still be no sufficient solution. So, out of all the natural anti-aging products, which is proven to be a solution to this dire problem?

Almond oil

As simple and almost effortless as this may be, this straight-forward solution is actually oblivious to many of society. Almond oil is proven to compress and cleanse the skin in order to reduce the appearance of visible lines and wrinkles while nourishing at the same time. It allows what used to be a ‘tired and drained’ appearance to now become a soothed and young layer by stripping the old dry cells and revealing fresher skin beneath. By immediately soothing away lines also, the prevention of any damage or problems to the skin is increased and in this way allows the skin to be moisturised and refreshed.

Sweet almond oil in general can repair signs of aging and is proven to allow the skin to carry a larger amount of moisture removing wrinkles in the easiest way possible. As proven the best choice for skin treatment, almond oil is highly recommended.

Vitamins A, C & E and Water

Eating the right foods and drinking enough water are essential to gaining desirable and flawless skin. I’m sure it is fairly obvious that wanting the perfect skin and binge eating and drinking sugary substances e.g. “Coca Cola”and “McDonalds” isn’t the right way of going about it. Vitamins A, C & E in particular are the essentials in everyday life, just by eating simple vegetables and fruits more than usual for a consistent period of time are bound to make your skin flourish, and also improve your body as an added bonus. Berry fruits are especially high in vitamins and anti-oxidants as this prevents wrinkles from appearing. Also, oily fish are beneficial as they moisturize the body from the inside…just by being eaten with a lovely marinade or however you desire. Vitamins can also be applied topically for the same effects. Try Clear Essence Lemon Plus Vitamin C line to add natural ingredients into the skin and prevent aging lines and wrinkles. Our Swiss Complex Collagen with Vitamin E Creme is a great moisturizer to replenish the skin with essential vitamins. From Clear Essence’s exclusive Adure Line, all three vitamins A, C and E are used within the Adure Natural Fairness Creme. 8-10 cups of water are expected to be consumed daily as this is how much the body desires in order to reduce any type of wrinkle.

Coconuts and Juice

By massaging coconut oil on the face each night, one can naturally and easily remove wrinkles. Like almond oil, it nourishes and moisturizes the skin allowing old skin cells to turn into fresh and developed skin. By mixing rose water, glycerine and lime juice in equal parts into a ‘face mask’ applied overnight and then washing in the morning with lukewarm water allows the mixture to seep in and moisturize every pore whilst sleeping.

Clear Essence Cosmetics Staff, Renae Tate, passes out gift bags to families apart of the Black Infant Health Program.


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Clear Essence Cosmetics Gives During the Holidays


(Fontana, CA, USA) Clear Essence Cosmetics, a skin care line scientifically formulated for people of color attended the Black Infant Health Program’s 2013 Holiday Program and donated over 120 skin care samples to struggling mothers and 40 Baby Line product gift bags for their children. The event took place on December 19th, 2013 and showcased the Black Infant Health Program’s efforts throughout the year to help under privileged African American mothers living in Los Angeles, California. “Within a culturally affirming environment and honoring the unique history of African American women, the BIH Program uses a group-based approach with complementary client-centered case management to help women develop life skills, learn strategies for reducing stress, and build social support.” ( For this reason, Clear Essence Cosmetics saw this program as a deserving and well rounded charity to donate our products and time toward in support of African American women and mothers.

Clear Essence Staff, Renae Tate, poses with Dia Hall, Black Infant Health Program Coordinator.

The program included dancing, singing, motivational speakers and words of encouragement towards the Black Infant Health Program and its clients. The event hall was filled with generosity, and the same community feeling that is present in the BIH program throughout the year. Food was served and certificates were presented to the mothers that participated throughout the year to help themselves and their children sustain fulfilling lifestyles. Clear Essence Cosmetics donated over 120 skin care samples including the Clear Essence Complexion Soap, Clear Essence Medicated Fade Cream and Clear Essence Skin Beautifying Milk to give the mothers the confidence they need while supporting themselves and raising their children. Clear Essence Cosmetics also donated over 40 gift bags containing two full sized products from the Clear Essence Baby Line. These products will once again aid these mothers in providing their children comfort throughout early child development. Clear Essence Cosmetics is committed to serving its community and hopes to continue to be a part of similar efforts to support those in need.

BIH Staff and Clients

The Black Infant Health Program Staff

Aging is inevitable, and as we get older, the effects of aging on our bodies becomes more apparent. Generally, our skin starts to age while we are in our twenties, but it should take several decades for that aging to catch up to us and become visible. Today, however, the effects of aging are usually all too visible for everyone to see.

Common effects of aging on the skin are wrinkles, age spots, and dryness. As we age, our skin produces less oil, which leaves our skin vulnerable to the climate and, therefore, extreme drying. People also generally experience thinner skin due to skin fat loss, which leaves skin with less volume and fullness. Unfortunately, gravity also has its effect, and begins to pull everything down. Clear Essence Alpha Hydroxy Line gives an immediate lift while building collagen, elastin and hydration and removing dead skin cells.

Contrary to popular belief, there are ways to combat the appearance and severity of skin aging. First and foremost is the regulation of sun exposure. Direct sunlight is one of the biggest contributors to premature aging. To avoid the effects of sun damage, wear an SPF of 15 or higher every day and wear protective clothing. The sun is potent all year long. Also, avoid false sunlight and UV rays in tanning beds and sun lamps. Such lights can prove even more harmful than normal sunlight. Clear Essence My Natural Beauty Moisturizing Lotion with SPF 15 is the perfect protection from harmful sun rays throughout the year and also aids in maintaining beautiful skin tones. Try Clear Essence Skin Beautifying Milk with SPF 15 to stay protected while evening out dark spots, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tones.

Cigarettes are arguably the biggest contributor to deep wrinkles and premature aging after sun exposure. Prolonged smoking and inhalation increases the number of visible fine lines and wrinkles, skin takes longer to heal, and pigmentation and age spots become apparent. Nicotine constricts the blood vessels and decreases oxygen flow to the skin, essentially cutting off a healthy nutrient supply. The best thing to do to combat the signs of aging that cigarettes create is by quitting.

If you have heard the myth that facial exercise will maintain facial health in the future, you should probably stop now. Studies have shown that repetitive facial motions only serve to increase fine lines and wrinkles in the future. Also, try to mix up your sleeping positions. If you always sleep with your cheek on the pillow in the same way, your skin will wrinkle easier as you age.

One of your best defenses against aging skin is a healthy, balanced diet. Keep your diet loaded with essential oils, fish, olives, nuts, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, total fats (as opposed to saturated fats), water, tea, reduced-fat dairy products and supplements such as Zinc. Furthermore, keep your skin hydrated at all times. This will aid in the skin’s natural defense system against damaging free radicals. To help hydrate your skin, try one of our Clear Essence Skincare Moisturizers that will lock in excess water to keep skin smooth and firm.

So, although we will all eventually experience aging, you can slow the process. Just be smart about what you are putting in your body, and be aware of what you are exposing your skin to.

So you want great skin, but you’re unsure where to begin? No need to worry. We’ve figured it out for you. Simply follow the easy steps below. Under each skin type, we will specify the types of products each skin type requires. Soon, you’ll be on your way to healthy, glowing skin.

Daily Skin Care Regimen
1. Cleanse (AM and PM)
2. Tone (optional, depending on skin condition)
3. Treat (AM and PM, different products for AM and PM)
4. Moisturize (AM; PM may be optional depending on Step 3)
5. Protect/Sunscreen (AM; may be combined with Step 4)

Weekly Skin Care Regimen
1. Exfoliator (if your Daily Regimen is not exfoliating)
2. Mask (no need for Exfoliator if mask is exfoliating)

Product Tips for each Skin Type

Normal Skin: Skin with a clear, supple surface that is neither dry nor oily. 
Use products that don’t strip your skin of moisture. Mild cleansers and light moisturizers with sunscreen work best. Clear Essence Skin Beautifying Milk with SPF 15 is the perfect moisturizer for any skin type to even out the skin tone while being light enough for AM and PM use. Toner isn’t required. Treatment creams can vary with normal skin types depending on how aggressive you would like to be. Try Clear Essence Medicated Cleansing Bar with Exfoliates to remove dead skin cells once a week or daily depending on your preference and your skin’s reaction.

Oily Skin: Skin with overactive sebaceous glands; often with enlarged pores.
The key to achieving balanced skin is using the right products to help your skin maintain the ideal amount of oil in the skin. Toners often help to remove more oil that cleansers alone remove. Try Clear Essence Anti Aging Toner Astringent with Alpha Hydroxy Acid to keep skin matte and oil-free. Look for light, oil-free moisturizers with sunscreen, or try a powdered sunscreen. The challenge with oily skin is to find a SPF that doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and create more oil. Clear Essence Skin Beautifying Milk with SPF 15 combines your moisturizer and SPF into one making it easy to protect your skin and not feel oily all day. For a treatment when fading dark spots and hyperpigmentation, use a gel or serum based product such as Clear Essence Advanced Complex Fade Gel or Clear Essence Skin Lightening Serum.

Dry Skin: Skin that produces a low level of sebum and struggles to retain moisture.
By using the right moisturizing products, you can trap water in the skin and even repair the damaged lipid barrier. Stick with gentle, creamy cleansers and look for moisturizers with Vitamin E or natural oils. In the evening you can use a heavier cream to help boost the moisture in the skin. Clear Essence My Natural Beauty Moisturizing Lotion with SPF 15 not only hydrates the skin but it help to transform the skin.

Combination Skin: Skin that needs both moisture and oil to reach a healthy balance.
Combination skin often experiences oiliness in what is called the T-zone area. This can include the forehead, nose, and chin. The cheeks are often dry or very dry. The right products are essential to achieve balance without over-drying or over-moisturizing the skin. Gentle foaming cleansers work best. Moisturizers vary, depending on which side of the combo side you lean to, oily or dry. For the cleanser try Clear Essence Blemish Control Wash Formula. This cleanser will help balance the skin while keeping it clean without stripping the skin of all it’s moisture.

Sensitive Skin: Skin that is thin or fine-textured and is prone to irritation and/or allergic reactions.
Sensitive skin may be easily irritated for a variety of reasons. Being aware of how your skin reacts to specific products and making sure you limit those reactions will keep your skin happy. Always test products on a patch of skin other than your face, such as the elbow or inside of your wrist, when first trying a product. Look for products that specifically say, “safe for sensitive skin” or “all natural ingredients.” Chemical-free products also tend to cause fewer reactions. Clear Essence Lemon Plus Vitamin C line is perfect for those with sensitive skin due to its all natural ingredients. The main active ingredients include lemon extract, licorice extract and of course, Vitamin C.

Have you ever read, “pH balanced” on a product and wondered what it meant? From irritation, dryness, to acne, let’s discuss how pH levels can either resolve or cause further distress to your skin.

Our skin is naturally designed to fight infection and environmental stresses and its ability to do so is affected by its pH level. The pH level of the skin refers to how acidic or alkaline it is. On a scale of 1-14, with 1 being the most acidic to 14 being the most alkaline, 7 is considered a neutral reading for your skin’s pH. Our skin has a thin, protective layer on its surface, referred to as the acid mantle. This acid mantle is made up of sebum (free fatty acids) excreted from the skin’s sebaceous glands, which mixes with lactic and amino acids from sweat to create the skin’s pH, which ideally should be slightly acidic at about 5.5.

Many factors can interfere with the delicate balance of the skin’s acid mantle, both externally and internally. As we age, our skin becomes more acidic in response to our lifestyle and our environment. Everything that comes in contact with our skin (products, smoking, air, water, sun, pollution) can contribute to the breaking down of the acid mantle, disrupting the skin’s ability to protect itself.

Diet plays an important role in determining our internal and external pH levels. It is important to note that a food’s acid or alkaline formation in the body is not the same as the pH of the food, itself. In an interesting paradox, foods that are considered acidic before digestion (like lemons) become alkaline-forming in the body. Most animal products, which are alkaline prior to digestion, are considered acid-forming in the body. According to dermatologist Dr. Jeannette Graf, “We need our diets to be less acidic than alkaline, otherwise internally, we become too acidic.” This means that an ideal diet consists of consuming an abundance of alkalizing foods such as leafy green vegetables, citrus fruits, tomatoes, carrots, and soybeans.

Maintaining the Acid Mantle – Optimal pH Skin Care 
The acid mantle is an effective form of protection, but if your pH level is too alkaline or too acidic, the mantle is disturbed and skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema , and rosacea may result. A skin care product may claim to be pH balanced, but you can verify the actual pH of a product by using an at-home pH testing kit (available at most drug stores). A physician also can determine your skin’s surface pH level and saliva tests will accurately indicate your body’s overall pH level.

Most cleansers, including bars and detergent soaps, tend to be too alkaline for the skin, as they strip away natural oils causing dryness and irritation.. Skin that is too alkaline can be more susceptible to acne because a certain level of acidity is needed to inhibit bacterial growth on the skin. You may have noticed that many cleansers and shampoos are now avoiding the use of sodium laureth sulfate, which has an approximate alkaline pH level of 10 and can be very drying and irritating to the skin. Choosing mild cleansers and toners, such as our Blemish Control Wash Formula and Lemon Plus Vitamin C Multi-Active Toner, that are slightly acidic (close to 5) will benefit all skin types in properly maintaining the acid mantle.

At the opposite side of the spectrum, skin treated with products that are overly acidic also can be problematic. They too can over-strip natural oils, which can temporarily disrupt the lipid barrier of the skin. Ingredients such as alpha hydroxy acids, retinoic acid, beta hydroxy acids, and amino fruit acids, if not used properly, can weaken the skin’s natural defenses to bacterial infection and environmental damage. Most over-the-counter products are buffered, making them suitable for everyday use. However, it is still important to pay careful attention to your skin when using any acidic product. If your skin starts to look dry or red, if it becomes more sensitive, or if you notice an increase in breakouts, you may be using a product to strong for your skin, or you may be applying it too often. Clear Essence Alpha Hydroxy Line has a perfect balance that will fight signs of anti-aging and keep skin looking radiant. As stated,  be sure to test products on a patch of skin other than your face to be sure that your skin does not have a reaction to these ingredients.

Choosing Good-for-Your-Skin Oils & Moisturizers 
As we age, the amount of oil or sebum naturally produced by our skin decreases, influencing the acid mantle and its ability to protect the skin. Using effective moisturizers helps rebuild this important barrier. Oils that work particularly well with the skin’s natural oil secretions include jojoba, coconut, argan, and olive oils. Try Clear Essence My Natural Beauty Olive Oil Soap which moisturizes the skin while removing dirt and bacteria. For cold winter days, add Clear Essence Specialist Skincare Body Oil to a bath or directly to the skin for added hydration.

Antioxidants & Sunscreens 
Topical antioxidants (vitamins A, C, E, and green tea) are important in maintaining the acid mantle in two ways. First, they fortify the cells so they can function optimally, and second, they protect the cells from environmental stresses and oxidation. Vitamin C in the form of l-ascorbic acid is acidic by nature and has a low pH, so while not considered a pH-balancing antioxidant, vitamin C formulations can be used safely and beneficially on the skin as long as they are not used at the same time as other acidic products. Clear Essence Lemon Plus Vitamin C Smoothing Cream is a vitamin C lotion that brightens the skin while preventing future damage. The daily use of sunscreen defends the acid mantle by shielding the skin cells from sun damage and increasing the skin’s ability to protect itself. There is a large variety of sunscreens available for all skin types but it’s important to remember that it should be applied daily, without fail, even if you’re not outdoors. Try Clear Essence My Natural Beauty Moisturizing Lotion with SPF 15 for a hydrating and protection formula that smells great!

We’ve all been there. We indulge during the holidays, then resolve to treat our bodies better in the new year. This year, do something for yourself that you’ll actually want to stick with by pampering, protecting, and preparing your skin for the year ahead.

The holidays are a time to let loose and enjoy, but if your skin is flecked with unsightly blemishes after too many sweets, you may be looking for a solution. A great cleanser to help restore the brightness to the skin without drying it out is Clear Essence Blemish Control Wash Formula.

Simply looking to get back that beautiful body? There’s no need to stress when you have products such as Adure Stretch Mark Brightening Cream and Adure Tummy Flattening Gel on your side. Designed to rejuvenate the resilience of your skin while smoothing away cellulite, you can achieve a flawless figure again.

If you’re still worried that you need a little something extra to get your glow going, ditch that regular multivitamin and turn to Clear Essence Lemon Plus Vitamin C line. These unique skincare products are comprised of a full dose of healthy vitamins and minerals to make all your skin care resolutions possible.