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A guide for treating stretch marks in Black skin care

Lessening the appearance of stretch marks is not easy, but very possible with the right methods. There are plenty of different treatment methods for stretch marks, but you may ask yourself, how many of them actually work. Well, we are looking into some of the most popular methods and showing you how effective they are to reduce stretch marks in Black skin care.


Keeping your skin moisturized is an excellent way to avoid stretch marks. When the skin is dry and brittle, it is not as elastic and is easily torn. Combat this by consistently applying moisturizers to lessen the chances of developing stretch marks all together. Pregnant moms should especially focus on moisturizing the tummy area throughout term. Try using Black skin care products like Clear Essence’s Sensitive Line Complexion Texturizing Lotion for quality results. By keeping the skin hydrated, stretch marks will be less likely to develop.



There are tons of stretch marks healing creams on the market, but how do we know which ones are actually effective? Start by looking at the ingredient list to see if a product will actually work. Creams that work to reduce the appearance of stretch marks should focus on skin regeneration and hydration. Skin regeneration will help get rid of existing stretch marks, while hydration will help to prevent the development of stretch marks in the future. With a combination of quality and effective ingredients, the Clear Essence Aduré Skin Care Brightening Stretch Mark Crème is an ideal Black skin care product for stretch marks. It contains primrose oil to maintain and build tissue health, starflower oil for skin restoration, and cocoa butter to heal scarring and add hydration.


Derma Rollers

Derma rollers, also known as micro needles, are skin rollers covered in tiny surgical needles that come in many sizes. One concern with derma rollers in Black skin care is that it may cause hyperpigmentation. However, derma rollers don’t cause any permanent scarring, and can actually treat hyperpigmentation! Those who have used derma rollers for stretchmark treatment have consistently raved about their results and the diminishing stretch mark appearance. The severity of your stretch marks and desired results will determine what size derma roller to get. Then be sure to follow any instructions regarding usage and operation. The needles stimulate the skin to promote collagen production and increase new tissue formation. Using a derma roller along with a stretch mark cream can also increase the results of the cream. Although this method does yield some pain, the results will definitely be worth it!


Laser removal

Laser treatment is one of the more drastic methods of stretch mark removal. This method is very effective at reducing the appearance of stretch marks and keeping the treated skin healthy. It is also FDA approved and needs no recovery time. The dermatologist uses a special laser to blast the stretch marks in short pulses. The laser penetrates deep into the skin allowing the skin’s support structure to be treated. This will then allow the body’s natural healing process to treat the stretch marks.

Stretch marks affect tons of people and they seem to have so many unanswered questions. Why do we get them? Are they curable? Are they permanent? Anyone who has had stretch marks has probably asked themselves these questions. Once you understand the causes of stretch marks in African American skin care, it will be much easier to treat and prevent them in the future.

What exactly are stretch marks?

Stretch marks are a type of scarring that occurs on the dermis—the outer most layer of the skin. They do not discriminate as you can find stretch marks on men, women, teens, and adults. While the appearance of stretch marks may vary depending on skin color, they affect all ethnicities and races. Because of their discolored appearance rippled texture, we aim to understand solutions to stretch marks in skin care for Black women.

What causes them?

Anytime the body goes through a rapid change in size or shape, it is likely that stretch marks will appear. The skin has a certain amount of elasticity, and when it is stretch beyond that amount, it tears. After the skin tears, it becomes very thin, allowing the color of the fat beneath the skin to show. This is why stretch marks are often a pale color. Some of the most common places we see stretch marks are in pregnant women, pubescent teens, and during excessive weight gain. During pregnancy, it is a no brainer that the stomach is going to expand and the skin is going stretch more than usual. During puberty, teens usually experience sudden growth spurts that do not give the skin adequate stretching time. The same goes for weight gain, when the skin is put under a lot of stress to expand in a short amount of time, the result is stretch marks.

One common misconception is that men do not get stretch marks as easily as women do. This is false. Men are just as able to get stretch marks as women, it just happens differently. Men often get stretch marks around their shoulders from lifting weights, as well as other parts of the body from rapid weight change.

Are they Permanent?

The way your body handles stretch marks is often hereditary. So, if your mother had a severe case of stretch marks that faded after pregnancy, chances are you will to. While, they may fade, it is true that the skin may never return to its exact state prior to having the stretch marks. Some have been able to make their skin almost identical its appearance before stretch marks, but there will always be a trace. There are a lot of products specializing in African American skin care that help to reduce stretch marks, and there are also different practices and procedures that can help treat stretch marks.

Getting rid of unwanted hair is no issue with the many different types of hair removal on the market today. We are here to help you filter through the different options and explain how each method affects Black women’s skin.


Using tweezers to remove facial hair is a classic quick fix. It could be helpful to always have a pair of tweezers handy to pluck out any unwanted hair. Tweezing is best when working on a small area like the upper lip. with your hair and skin. If you have sensitive skin, be sure to do a patch test on your arm before fully using the product. The only downside to using a hair removal cream is the smell. Most of them have a strong odor, but it does dissipate after some time.


Threading has become more popular in recent years mostly because of its precision and long lasting results. Threading removes facial hair using nothing but a string. It can be said to remove individual hairs, or even get rid of hair on the entire face. This is actually a great option in African American skin care because the thread removes the hair in such a way that is less likely to create ingrown hairs. This is also a great option for those with sensitive skin, as the thread barely touches the skin.


An epilator is an electronic device that pulls the hair out of the skin. It works similarly to tweezing, just much faster. Epilators are a bit more costly than other hair removal options, but those who consistently use the tool claim it’s worth every penny!


Female facial shaving has been seen as taboo and even unwomanly at times. However, it is the most popular method of body hair removal. If you do opt to shave your face, you will notice some benefits other than hairless skin. Facial shaving has been proven to enhance Black women’s skin care. It will actually serve as a form of exfoliation, and give the skin a nice glow.


Waxing is one of the most common methods of hair removal. It’s quick and gets the job done, but you will feel a bit of pain. However, don’t let the pain deter your from getting waxed. The pain is bearable and will lessen with time. Also, the myth that your hair will grow back thicker and darker is untrue. The hair will grow back in its natural state.

Hair Removal Creams

Hair removal creams are an easy and cheap way to remove hair at home. There are a plethora of brands and products to choose from, so it should be easy to find a cream that works


Another option for facial hair removal is trimming with facial scissors. These are always good to have around in case you find an unexpected hair. While trimming is not as efficient when it comes to areas that are dense with hair, trimming is a great on the go. You can trim the upper lip, eyebrows, nose hairs and even chin hairs!


While ingrown hairs are not detrimental to the overall bodily health, they are aesthetically displeasing and can cause a great deal of discomfort. There are plenty of steps that can be taken to prevent ingrown hairs, but these bumps are sometimes inevitable in African American skin care, so we are providing you with a few ways to treat them.

Oil & Sugar Scrub

D.I.Y. exfoliation treatments are great for treating and preventing ingrown hairs. Exfoliation helps to slough off any skin that may be blocking the hair in and removing any build up that may cause the bump to become infected. Oil and sugar scrubs are great because you will most likely be able to find all of the ingredients in your home already. Mix coconut oil and brown sugar in your hands, and use circular motions to apply it to the needed area. Coconut is a known moisturizer and helps to eliminate dryness. Brown sugar particles are softer and smaller than other sugars and salt. So it can be used on sensitive areas like the bikini line—a common area for ingrown hairs in skin care for Black women.


Using tweezers has been very popular when trying to get rid of ingrown hairs. However, if done improperly, the tweeze-and-pull method can actually worsen the razor bump. Before you even pick up the tweezers, make sure you use some sort of warm compress to open up the pores. This is going to make it easier to grip the hair without pain. Then use your tweezers to grab any hair you can see above the skin’s surface. Be careful not to grab or puncture your skin, to avoid further inflammation and scarring. Try not to completely remove the strand, as it will have trouble growing in completely. Instead, simply use your tweezers to pull the coiled hair from under the skin.


There are a good amount of products on the market that can help to reduce razor bumps. Try to look for a skin care product that caters to Black skin care for best results. Men, use a product that combats dryness and reduces inflammation like Clear Essence’s Chimere Bump Control After Shave Gel. This is going to reduce irritation after shaving while fight uncomfortable razor bumps. Ladies, try using a product gentle enough for daily use, but strong enough to show results. The Clear Essence Anti Aging Toner Astringent with Alpha Hydroxy Acid is an exfoliating cleanser that can help treat ingrown hairs. This product helps to improve the skin surface, making it easier for the hair to grow through the skin.


What are ingrown hairs and how do we get them?

Once a hair is removed from the surface, it should grow back through the skin as most hair normally does. Sometimes, however, the hair recoils and starts growing underneath the skin. This is especially true for those with coarse and tightly coiled hair, which explains why ingrown hairs are such a common occurrence in Black skincare. Ingrown hairs are hardly dangerous, but they can cause some discomfort and they certainly aren’t aesthetically pleasing. Luckily, there are a few measures you can take to reduce the chances of obtaining these unsightly bumps.


Tips for Prevention

Go with the grain

To commonly, we hear the best way to shave is against the grain. While you may be able to get a cleaner shave, it is a sure way to increase your chances of developing razor bumps. Shaving against the grain, especially in African American skin care, can lodge the hair in an opposite direction than it naturally grows. Once the strand starts to grow out, it will grow into the skin, causing an ingrown hair.

Never shave dry hair

Moisture makes the hair supple and easy to cut. Shaving dry, brittle hair can cause snags and jagged ends that are much more likely to grow into razor bumps. Applying an African American skin care product, such as a shaving gel or cream, can also help to get cleaner shave, and prevent ingrown hairs.

Use a sharp blade for shaving

If your skin seems to be developing more ingrown hairs than usual, try swapping your blade for new one. Shaving with a dull blade requires more passes over the hair and skin to get a clean cut. This is going to make each strand sharp enough to reenter the skin. By only running the blade over the hair once, you will notice a decrease in razor bumps, plus smoother skin!


Exfoliating your skin on a regular basis is a great way to treat existing ingrown hairs and prevent  new ones from developing. Often times, the hairs are trapped underneath built up dead skin. Exfoliation will remove the dead skin, and loosen up the hair’s tight coil. Try to use a product that is geared towards Black skin care to get the best results. The Clear Essence Platinum Line Complexion Cleansing Bar works well because the exfoliation beads light enough for daily use.

Try a different razor

There are tons of razors on the market and they all claim to have different benefits. Some people prefer razors with moisturizer built in, while some prefer a simple razor. If you currently use a razor with multiple blades, try switching to single blade. This will cause less stress on the skin, as it reduces the amount of manipulation.

Try a different method

If nothing seems to get rid of those stubborn razor bumps, try another method of hair removal altogether. Men, try a flat head electric shaver instead of a manual blade. These types of electric shavers have been known to cooperate with Black men’s skincare and cause less bumps. Ladies, try a method, like waxing, that pulls the hair completely out, rather than just cutting the hair at the surface.

Avoid tight clothing

Wearing tight clothing in the area that was shaved can also increase the chances of developing ingrown hairs. The constant friction between clothes and skin can make it harder for the hairs to grow correctly. Tight collars for men, and tight pants for women, are the types of clothes to be avoided after shaving.

Men’s skincare is often overlooked and seen as an after thought, but we know that men’s skin needs attention too. We’re giving you a simple, but effective, regimen that targets the issues associated with Black men’s skin.

Skincare for Black Men



Cleansing is the first step in any regimen, as it removes build up and lessens breakouts. Using a cleanser to wash both the face and head is a good way to accomplish two steps in one. When looking for Black skin care products, make sure you are using something that refreshes the skin and fights razor bumps. Clear Essence Solutions Facial and Bald Head Cleansing Bar has been proven to protect against razor bumps and lighten the dark beard area. Using warm water, lather Clear Essence Solutions Facial and Bald Head Cleansing Bar in between your hands. Use circular motions to apply the soap and rinse with cool water. Conveniently, this can be done in the shower to save time!




Shaving is big part of many men’s skin care regimen already, but we want to make sure you’re taking the necessary steps to get the best shave possible. The grooming portion of the regimen should consist of two simple steps: shaving and aftershave.


First, make sure that shaving is your last step before leaving the shower, as the warm water makes the hair soft and easier to cut through. Then you want to use a shaving gel that allows you get a clean shave on the first pass. By avoiding repeated strokes, you can also avoid the discomfort of nicks and irritated skin. Clear Essence Solutions Facial and Bald Head Shave Gel is a great option since it also soothes the skin.


Aftershave is the icing on the cake in Black men’s skincare. Once you get a clean and smooth shave, it’s important to treat the skin to prevent irritation and ingrown hairs. The razor blade can actually remove parts of skin from the top layer, and cause splotchy skin. Clear Essence Solutions for Men Skin Renewal Booster After Shave increases cell production and can even out the uneven skin tone caused by shaving. This particular aftershave also contains unique ingredients that fight ingrown hairs, dryness, and skin sensitivity. Try to use products that have more than one function to lessen the amount of time and money needed to spend on skin care.



If you’re looking for permanent and long term solutions to facial hair, there are two main options: laser treatment and electrolysis. Both options have different benefits when it comes to African American skin care. Before making a decision on which method you want to use, it is essential that you have all the details. Always be sure to consult a dermatologist to discuss your personal treatment options before going through with any procedure.


What is it? 

Electrolysis is a hair removal treatment in which a dermatologist inserts a fine need needle into each hair follicle and uses direct electric currents to destroy the hair follicle and stop growth. This is the only permanent hair removal treatment recognized by the FDA, but will take multiple sessions to see results. Most sessions are performed weekly as needed, and can last anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour.

How much does it hurt?

Those who have undergone the treatment consistently describe the pain as bearable. Because electrolysis destroys each hair one at a time, patients experience a series of small plucks. Most patients also agree that the body becomes desensitized to the pain after about 5 minutes.

Who should use electrolysis and where?

Electrolysis can be done on any part of the body, and it works on every skin type and hair type. A major concern in African American skin care is the development of ingrown hairs. Because electrolysis attacks the hair at the follicle and not at the surface, ingrown hairs are very uncommon with this type of treatment. Those with sensitive skin may experience redness after treatments, but no major side effects.

Laser Hair Removal

What is it?

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed in the United States. Although it is not a permanent method of hair removal, it is long-term. Treatments can prevent hair growth for anywhere from several months to several years, depending on the patient. A highly concentrated light is shined on the hairs and the hairs’ pigment absorbs the light’s energy. The absorbed energy destructs the follicle, decreasing hair growth. The amount of sessions needed will also vary from person to person.

How much does it hurt?

The pain from laser can be described as the feeling of a rubber band being popped against your skin. It is definitely tolerable, and some say it even hurts less than waxing. After the procedure, you may notice your skin is more sensitive to feeling for a few a days, which is normal.

Who should use laser hair removal and where?

This type of treatment is quick and can be done anywhere on the body. Traditionally, laser treatments work best on individuals with pale skin and dark hair since it is the hair’s pigment that absorbs the light. This is not the best method for African American women’s skincare as it can cause hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation (white spots). Recently, however, new technology has made it possible for laser treatment to be effective of darker skin. If you opt for a laser treatment, be sure to consult a dermatologist who specializes in Black skincare to achieve the best results.

Sometimes the first step to achieving healthy skin takes place in the grocery store. Because there are so many foods to choose from, we’re narrowing it down to 9 essential foods to make your skin healthier.


Blue Berries

These small blue fruits are African American skin care super foods because they are packed with much needed antioxidants. Blueberries help keep the skin firm by providing protection from free radicals that deplete the skin’s collagen. The antioxidants in blueberries also promote collagen production. This is something that keeps the skin healthier for longer. You can use them for smoothies, pastries, or eat them raw as a snack, just make sure you’re getting this antioxidant-rich food in your diet.



Because of its acidity and anti-bacterial properties, yogurt is a great way to prevent and treat acne. It can also be made into D.I.Y. Black skin care product by combining it with skin-friendly foods. When applied to the skin, yogurt can treat dry skin and sun damaged skin.



Kiwi is often overlooked when it comes to skin-friendly foods in Black skin care. This exotic fruit actually contains more vitamin C per ounce than any other fruit. Its fuzzy skin acts as a barrier and keeps the vitamin C from evaporating, like it does in other fruits.



Avocados are an awesome source of biotin, which is not only good for African American skin, but for African American hair as well. You can use the avocado as a facemask for an instant burst of hydration, or incorporate it into your diet to improve your skin from the inside out.


Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are a hidden gem in African American skin care. The antioxidants and phytochemicals in bell peppers have anti-aging properties that keep the skin appearing youthful. They also have anti-bacterial properties that can help fight blemishes and acne.



Spinach is another Black skincare super food, as it benefits the skin in a number of ways. It can be applied topically to cleanse the face, or it can be consumed to treat acne and give the skin a healthy glow. Eating spinach can also give your skin a boost in vitamin B, which adds protection from UV rays. Although there are many more, one last benefit of spinach is that it helps two repair and increase growth of skin cells at the same time!


Green Tea

Drinking green tea is not only relaxing, but it can also improve the skin’s health. The tea’s anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce acne and give the skin a nice glow.



Almonds are a great snack and are dense with vitamin E, a much-needed antioxidant in Black women’s skin care. Vitamin E adds protection against the sun and free radicals that can cause wrinkles and fine lines. Using Almond oils on the skin also improves wrinkles and sun damaged skin.


Dark chocolate

Yes! Chocolate can be good for you. Dark chocolate, specifically, contain an antioxidant called flavonol. Flavonols have a multitude of benefits for the skin, but in Black skincare, we love that they give the skin a dewy glow. They also have been proven to help keep the skin retain moisture, which will also help with dewy skin.

Parece que todas las celebridades tienen la piel que es perfectamente radiante algo que parce es imposible para el resto de nosotros de lograr. Aunque nadie tiene la piel perfecta, podemos mostrarle cómo conseguir piel con increíble luminiscencia que siempre vemos en los medios de comunicación. En el cuidado de la piel afroamericana, siempre estamos buscando maneras de eliminar la piel opaca, y promover una piel hidratada y brillante. La mejor manera de lograr esto es exfoliar, exfoliar, exfoliar!

Nuestra piel está constantemente generando nuevas células, lo que deja las células muertas de la piel para amontonarse en la parte superior de la piel. La exfoliación elimina las células muertas de la superficie y revela nueva y piel fresca. Este proceso, de deshacerse de la vieja piel, y revelar piel nueva puede solucionar muchos problemas de la piel y es necesario en su régimen de cuidado de la piel. Exfoliación maquinal y exfoliación con sustancia química son los dos tipos de exfoliación que se pueden utilizar para tratar la piel. Ambos son efectivos, pero funcionan de manera diferente, así que aquí está la diferencia:

Exfoliación maquinal acaba con las células muertas de la piel mediante el uso de una herramienta o un producto que tiene cualidades abrasivas. Al frotar la herramienta o producto en la cara, la fricción se desprenderse de la epidermis, la capa más externa de la piel. El truco es usar algo que no va a ser demasiado abrasivos e irritar la piel. El uso de un producto o herramienta que causa mucha fricción en realidad va a contrarrestar sus esfuerzos para lograr un cutis radiante. Comience con productos para la piel morena como el jabón de Clear Essence llamado Medicated Cleansing Bar Extra Strength. Es un jabón para la cara y el cuerpo que es ideal para la exfoliación diaria. Herramientas de lavado de la cara son también muy eficaces a la frotación de la piel vieja, pero tenga cuidado de no ser duro cuando se utiliza este tipo de aparato. Hay una cosa tal como demasiada exfoliación, así que presta atención a su piel y sólo use herramientas de limpieza intensa, según sea necesario.

Exfoliación con sustancia química pretende hacer lo mismo que la exfoliación maquinal: revelar piel fresca por la eliminación la piel muerta. La diferencia es que la exfoliación con sustancia química utiliza las propiedades de los productos químicos para hacer el trabajo. Un ingrediente común usado en este proceso es el ácido láctico, o AHA. AHA puede penetrar más profundamente en la piel, y trabajar más rápido que cualquier exfoliación maquinal. Es un ingrediente muy poderoso de cuidado de la piel morena, ya que elimina la piel vieja y la acumulación mientras que estimula la producción de nuevas células de la piel. En este artículo, nos centraremos en cómo la exfoliación puede reducir la piel opaca, pero AHA también se puede usar para tratar otros problemas de la piel como el daño del sol y las arrugas. Clear Essence tiene toda la línea de productos utilizando la AHA, que se conoce como la línea de cuidado de la piel contra el envejecimiento (Anti-Aging Skin Care Line). Exfoliantes con sustancias químicas pueden ser sumamente útiles cuando intentando lograr un cutis radiante.

Ahora que los beneficios de la exfoliación son claras, elija un método que funciona para usted, y empezar a trabajar hacia esa piel brillante. Hasta la próxima vez las damas, siempre recuerde … “Piel fresca, sólo labios!”