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Skin Discoloration

Ingrown hairs are most common for those with darker skintones; especially within African American men’s skincare. Ingrown hairs appear as small, darken, and sometimes painful bumps on the skin. They occur from shaved hairs growing back into the skin. For this reason, it is most common for those with curly hair to suffer from these painful bumps. Ingrown hairs are most prevalent in shaved areas such as the beard, face, neck, armpits, and pubic region. There are a few steps you can take to prevent ingrown hairs. In a later article we’ll tell you how to treat them once you have one to prevent infection.


The first step in preventing ingrown hairs is a change in shaving habits. If you are prone to ingrown hairs it may be best to leave at least half an inch rather than shaving too closely. Close shaves leave hairs with a sharp tip, which allows them to pierce back into the skin. You may also want to switch to an electric razor as they prevent one from cutting underneath the hair follicles, which would create sharp tips under the skin.


Never shave dry! Water helps to lubricate the skin. Use Clear Essence Chimere Bump Control Shave Gel to soften the hairs before shaving. Make sure to use hot water as well to insure that the hairs are raised away from the skin. Always shave with the grain. This will mean that you won’t get as close of a shave but as mentioned previously, closer shaves mean more chance for ingrown hairs. Also, clean your blade regularly to eliminate a build up on your razor. After shaving, treat the skin with Chimere Bump Control After Shave to close your pores.


Another cause may be a build up of dead skin that blocks the hair follicle. This can cause hair to grown sideways into the skin. The best treatment for this cause of ingrown hairs is exfoliating the skin to remove dead skin cells and debris. Clear Essence’s Complexion Soap with AHA or Medicated Cleansing Bar will equally both aid in removing a build up of dirt, oil, bacteria and dead skin cells to reveal smoother skin.


You can also exfoliate the skin using a washcloth, sponge, body brush or soft bristle toothbrush before shaving to dislodge any hairs.


Although African American men’s skincare routines involve the care, prevention and treatment of ingrown hairs, there is still hope in eliminating the irritating bumps. Follow these shaving and skin tips and you should be seeing less ingrown hairs soon!

We’ve talked about preventing ingrown hairs by exfoliating the skin and shaving techniques for black skincare to make ingrown hairs less prevalent. But every now and again, you might still encounter a pesky bump or two. Check out the tips below to remove an ingrown hair and get bump-free, smooth skin again.


The first step in getting the hair dislodged is running the bump under hot water or using a warm washcloth as a compress. Warm water will soften the hair and bring it to the surface. Once you’re able to see the hair, use a set of tweezers to pull the tip out. Once the hair emerges do not pluck it out completely! Cutting a hair too short or removing it completely can allow for it to grow incorrectly again.


If warm water does not bring the hair to the surface, use a scrub to exfoliate the skin gently. You can use home ingredients such as salt or sugar. This will remove any dirt or oil that may be trapped with the hair. It may also force the tip of the hair out. You can also use Clear Essence Complexion Soap with AHA to remove the build up of dead skin cells that many block a hair follicle.


You can also try to use an acne treatment to reduce swelling and inflammation of an ingrown hair, as it is similar to a pimple if it contains pus. Try Clear Essence Blemish Control Wash Formula as it contains salicylic acid, which is a powerful ingredient in minimizing acne and blemishes. This may help the hair to grow out rather than in.


Another trick is to use the white membrane of an egg! Rub the membrane on the ingrown hair and allow it to dry and shrink on the skin completely. Once it has completely set, peel the layer off the skin and the hair should come out with it!


If none of these treatments help remove the ingrown hair or bring it to the surface, you may need to see a medical professional, as the bump may be something else such as staph infection, a boil or keloid. Ingrown hairs are pretty common in black men’s skincare, however, so most likely these tips should aid in removing any painful bumps that you are experiencing. Remember to check out our previous article on prevention so you don’t have to worry about developing ingrown hairs in the future!

Alpha Hydroxy AcidThere is a wide variety of products for the perfect skin care regimen. Many of the products contain ingredients such as vitamin C, vitamin E, Collagen, and many more. This is why it is important to know what those ingredients are and what it can potentially do for your skin. Keeping yourself well informed about these ingredients can help you make the decision of whether a product is right for you.

One of the main ingredients added to the products can be alpha hydroxy acid. But what is alpha hydroxy acid? Alpha hydroxy acids are a group of natural acids that include citric, glycolic, lactic, and malic acids that work together to shed skin cells from the epidermis. Or in English, alpha hydroxy acids are acids derived from foods such as oranges, sugar cane, and milk that help make your skin look younger. It really is that simple. But how do you know if the use of alpha hydroxy acid is the right choice for you?

Think about the benefits alpha hydroxy acid can provide for you. We have already established that alpha hydroxy acid can be used as an anti-aging agent because of the natural exfoliation it provides (Too Young for an Anti-Aging Regimen?). But what else can this natural ingredient do for your skin?

There has been research proving that alpha hydroxy acid lotions or creams can help improve the condition of acne of the skin. Alpha hydroxy acids can also be used when treating acne scars as well as improvement in skin pigmentation. Lastly, alpha hydroxy acid can help increase sunscreen absorption by opening up the skin to allow sunscreens to penetrate more deeply, giving the skin more protection. Of course, this depends on the type of skin that you have. Women with oily skin should opt for using products such as gels containing alpha hydroxy acid while women with dry skin should be on the lookout for creams containing alpha hydroxy acid.

Now that you know the benefits, carefully consider what kind of results you would like for your skin and you can decide if alpha hydroxy acid is right for you. Clear Essence Skincare offers a complete line of products dedicated to anti-aging which consists of products containing Alpha Hydroxy Acid. Clear Essence’s Anti Aging Line has been uniquely formulated for mature people of color. The combination of unique plant proteins and fruit extracts create a powerful complex of ingredients, which targets and treats specific skin care concerns.  The products fade discoloration, even out skin tone, and add moisture to the skin to maintain a healthy supple texture.


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The Black Women’s Network is a Los Angeles based women’s group that strives to bring together Black women for resource sharing, network building and mentor support. Their Annual Breakfast and Networking Forum is their biggest event of the year and was held October 25, 2014 at the Torrance Marriot. The theme was “I Believe in You…It’s Your Time.” Speakers focused on their personal stories of overcoming challenges and how they came into their positions of leadership. Although not advertised as a church event, the speeches all gave credit to God and emphasized prayer. There were also group sessions covering health and wellness, interviewing skills, and employment opportunities that gave tips on these important issues to the women in attendance. Within the hall ways of the hotel outside the large conference room were vendor booths. Vendors included clothing and accessories, jewelry, luggage and hand bags, coffee, candles and massage oils.


Clear Essence Cosmetics attended the event and passed out over 100 sample packs to men and women at the venue. Clear Essence staff members educated women on the products and informed them of the benefits of the skin care line to one’s complexion and over all confidence. As the overall theme of the event conveyed, Black women must connect with, influence and support one another to improve their opportunities within their communities and as business professionals. Clear Essence Cosmetics understands this goal and wants to put women at their best in terms of confidence and appearance. For this reason, Clear Essence continues to support Black women’s events similar to the Black Women’s Network’s Annual Breakfast and Networking Forum. Clear Essence Skincare products help to reveal a natural skin tone free of dark spots, blemishes or discolorations. The staff members will only continue to support the community of Black businesswomen in any way possible to ensure their success as confident professionals.


anti-aging blogProducts aiming to fight against wrinkles have increased in popularity in the past years with many of them promising to reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate you skin.

But when is it too early to begin an anti-aging regimen?

For many African American women’s skin care routines, the steps towards anti-aging are reactionary rather than pro-active in preventing signs of aging. This does not have to be the case. Your black skin care regimen should be stopping the aging process in a few simple steps; exfoliation, moisturizing, and sun protection.


To begin with, it really comes down to a personal decision. An anti-aging regimen does not necessarily mean applying creams with magic potions to reduce the appearance of wrinkles that may already be there. Making a few changes for early prevention can be an example of an anti-aging regimen. For this case, it is never too early or too late to prevent wrinkles from forming. In fact, it is recommended that you protect your skin at the start of your twenties. The best thing you can do, no matter how young or how old, is protecting your skin from sunrays. Using a sunscreen with an SPF 15 or higher everyday can come a long way.


What about using products with anti-aging ingredients?

The most popular ingredient used for anti aging effects is alpha hydroxy acid. These ingredients bring additional benefits other than fighting against the appearance of aging. Alpha hydroxy acid is primarily used to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, two products that help reduce the appearance of aging. But it can also be used as an exfoliant that sheds off dead skin cells from the surface of the skin to allow new skin to grow. Since exfoliating is an important part of a skin care regimen, one does not have to necessarily be showing signs of wrinkles to use a product with alpha hydroxy acid. For example many Black women’s skin care regimen’s we recommend Clear Essence Complexion Soap with Alpha Hydroxy Acid. This exfoliating soap bar removes the build up of dead skin leaving the complexion smooth and radiant.


So can it be too early to use anti-aging products?

Not necessarily. It has always been recommended to use sun protection during the day and products with alpha hydroxy acid are not limited to just reducing the appearance of aging.  Therefore it is not such a bad thing to use an anti – aging product with alpha hydroxy acid because it brings benefits either way. In the end, it is just a matter of personal decision.