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Dry Skin Care

As people age, hair loss is inevitable; whether you like it or not. Generally there’s two camps in the debate about hair loss: people who try to cover, prevent or stop hair loss with expensive creams or treatments, and people who embrace their hair loss and shave it off. Regardless of which side of the spectrum you’re on, spreading the message of proper bald head care is extremely necessary in order to prevent dry scalp, skin damage from the sun and discoloration of the skin. Your head always had a blanket of hair to protect you and keep you warm, but now that it’s gone, it’s time to put those matters into your own hands.


Just because your head is now shiny, smooth, and bald doesn’t mean that you can forget about shampoo and conditioner. You may look hairless, but in actuality you still have millions of hairs that are invisible to the human eye. If you disregard the maintenance of these small hairs, then you will experience dry scalp, dandruff and irritation of the scalp; so remember to keep using your shampoo and conditioner as regular as possible in order to keep your head looking better than ever.


Another key aspect of bald head care is hydrating your body inside and out. Don’t hold back when applying your favorite moisturizers, oils or lotions that work best to keep your head looking radiant and smooth as possible. As your hydrating the outside of your skin, don’t forget to consistently hydrate your body with a frequent consumption of water. Countless celebrities and beauty guru’s advise that hydration is the best way to achieve and maintain beautiful skin. After you’ve hydrated your skin inside and out, don’t forget to protect the beautiful skin that you worked so hard to obtain with generous amounts of sunscreen daily, and thick hats and beanies to keep your head protected from the cold.


Now that you know how to properly maintain and protect your bald head, put that knowledge to use by trying Clear Essence products today so you can go out and show your scalp off to the world! Famous men and women across the globe make a bald head look beautiful, and you can too with Clear Essence!bald-head-1-1436556