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January Article 3We all come across a time in our life when we need a specialist to treat our skin. We need something more than just a skin clearing face wash or a lotion that evens skin tone. We seek out something more effective, instead, like a facial or medical treatment. Searching for a spa or a specialist to handle our more demanding skin care needs may be tricky. However, with the right research, you can treat the more delicate issues that your skin faces.

When it comes to medical treatments for skin care, it is not always necessary to seek out a dermatologist. If you have a concerning mole, for example, your general practitioner will remove and examine it right when you go in for a check-up. They can often prescribe treatments for eczema and other skin-related problems, as well. If a general practitioner needs a specialist to examine an issue, he or she will refer you to a dermatologist.

If you seek an esthetician for beauty related needs, consult sites like Yelp to see which services may be right for you. Yelp is a great tool to see which spa or esthetician is of high quality. Smaller spas may have poor practices and service, but may also pamper you more if you are a loyal client. Bigger franchises often have good standards, and follow a set of rules to offer the best service.

Last, but not least, be an informed client. If you are getting a pedicure, for example, you need to know how to protect yourself from infections. If you shave your legs the day of, and have an open wound, you are at risk of contracting bacterial infections when you get your feet scrubbed. Also, be aware of whether or not the person handling your care is using proper hygiene. Make sure they wash their hands, or wear gloves if needed. Check to see if they are using brand new tools, or reusing old ones. Being an informed, aware client is essential to receive proper skin care.

Having a good skin care routine, such as washing daily and moisturizing consistently, is important all year round. But it is also crucial to feed your skin. How you look on the outside is highly reflective of what you put on the inside. Consuming the right foods and drinks will give you that youthful, fresh skin that you are seeking.

Although there is not much research as to whether or not the consumption of water improves the skin, there are clear benefits to staying hydrated. According Women’s Health Magazine, Rachel Nazarian, M.D., states that “water makes a big difference in skin health. Without adequate water intake, skin appears duller, and wrinkles and pores more prominent.” Hydration leaves the skin supple. Make sure to drink plenty of water after drinking caffeine, which further dehydrates the body. If you would rather not sip on water consistently, you can even hydrate yourself with fruits and vegetables that are packed with water.

Fruits and vegetables not only hydrate the skin, but contain nutrients that benefit the skin by keeping it youthful and radiant. Vitamin A is a nutrient that not only protects the health of your eyes, but the health of your skin, as well. According to Elle Magazine, it “regulates cell turnover in much the same way that a topical retinol-A does, albeit gentler.” Vitamin A is found in papaya, tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, collard greens, and much more. Some fruits and vegetables also contain a nutrient called anthocyanins, which controls the formation of wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. This is found in blueberries and red cabbages.

There are many more of benefits of fruits and vegetables for your overall health and appearance. It is important to take care of your skin from the inside as well as on the outside. Make it a goal to incorporate at least one fruit or vegetable with a meal daily. Your habits today will shape how you will look and feel in the future!


635850197284573487-484381917_Setting-Goals-for-2016January marks the beginning of a brand new year – a fresh start, a new chapter, however you look at it! People start setting goals that they would like to achieve, or continue to improve on goals made in the past. One common resolution is to be healthy. People start working out more, eating better, and taking care of their overall mental and physical health. The main objective of these goals is to look and feel your best. Proper skin care is also a goal for many. Skin care not only helps the look of your skin now, but it sets you up for youthful, radiant skin for years to come.

There are some easy ways to maintain good skin. The key is to be consistent with your skincare routine. Make sure you wash off all makeup and dirt from your face before bed. Also, do not forget to moisturize after washing your face. For people with oily skin, use a toner before you moisturize. For everyone, no matter what skin type, make sure to use SPF lotion or sunscreen before going outside. Constantly reapply sunblock if you know you will be outdoors for an extended period of time. Sun damage comes in all forms, from sunspots, to premature wrinkles, and worse, cancerous moles. So make sure you are constantly protecting your skin!

There are some common skincare mistakes that people make. For people with oily skin, do not wash your face with a cleanser in the morning. Simply wash your face with warm water. Washing your face with a cleanser in the morning throws off the pH balance in your face and strips away natural oils, which causes your face to produce excess oil. So sometimes using less products is better than using more! Also, it is important to read the ingredients of skincare products, especially if you have specific allergies.

Along with mistakes, people have habits they know are wrong, but do them anyways. One common bad habit is not washing off one’s makeup before bed, and even before the gym. Sweating causes pores to open up, so dirt and oil will build up if there is makeup on top of your skin. It is better to work out with a clean face – the makeup will be ruined anyways if you’re working out hard enough! A final common bad habit to rid yourself of this New Year is picking or touching your face. Even resting your hand on your cheek can be transferring bacteria and dirt onto your skin! A lot of us do it out of habit and without even thinking about it, but it is something to be conscious of in order to prevent future breakouts.

A new year brings lots of excitement and the possibility to redefine yourself, however you may see fit. If skin care is one of your biggest concerns, we invite you to continue following our weekly skin care tip articles and try Clear Essence skin care products. Clear Essence is a leader in ethnic skin care and has delivered effective and results driven skin care products for over 20 years. We hope our weekly advice columns help you learn more about our products and how to best achieve your skin care goals!