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Acne and Acne Scars

Nowadays almost every skin care brand offers a three step or multiple product system in order to treat various skin needs and problems. We have often believed that in order to see results all our skin care products must fall under one brand name in order to completely treat the skin.

Well what’s really the truth?

Should you use different products that match your skin care needs regardless of brand or is sticking with one skin care line the best way to ensure quality and skin receptiveness? Let’s check out the pros and cons below:



If you already have one skin care product you love, chances are you’ll probably love another product that brand offers. Brands that pride themselves on having sensitive skin care lines and natural-based skin care products can also encourage brand loyalty, as users want to ensure their skin does not have allergic reactions to new ingredients.


For those new to skin care, it can be easier to follow and adopt a skin care system that is already created by industry dermatologists and chemists. Many skin care lines’ goal is to remove the headache and confusion that comes with choosing products for your skin type.


Every Brand Can’t Have Every Product

While brands try to create multiple products for every possible skin issue or texture, it is impossible for a brand to have a solution for 100% of the market.

Lack of Individuality

Products that work for one person’s skin logically cannot work for every person on Earth’s skin. It may take mixing and matching skin care brands to find the perfect combination for your individual skin.

So what products do you choose?

Now, we’re not saying you have to run out and try every skin care brand or mix every last tube, jar, or vial in your medicine cabinet. Know what issues you’re wishing to treat along with your skin type to find products that are specifically meeting your skin care goals. Focus on the ingredients and reputation/reviews of the product from other users with similar skin (2)

Also, try to add new products into your routine slowly. Some products take a week or two for your skin to start showing results. Packing on tons of different products at once can make skin irritated. And since your assorted branded products don’t give you an order for mixing and matching, always follow the rule of layering products from lighter to thicker, i.e. a serum should go on the skin before a heavy cream. Your skin cannot tell the difference between brands. Until a company is able to make a miracle all-in-one solution for every possible skin type and texture, we may be resorting to mixing and matching for some time to come!

Before you begin your day, you apply sunscreen and makeup. Then, throughout the day, dirt and oil builds up, and sets in your pores. In order to protect your face over night before your start another day of packing your face with products, you need to start with a clean slate. This why doubling cleansing is an important night-time regime.

Double cleansing is pretty much cleaning your face twice. Simple right? But unfortunately, not everyone does it. Before you go to bed, you need to remove your makeup and clean your face with a cleanser. Removing your makeup will help you clean your skin directly. Your acne products and anti-aging serums will work more effectively when you use them on a clean face.

“Like dissolves like” is a phrase that we learn in basic chemistry. It is important to remove oil-based makeup with oil-based products. Use liquid makeup removers, or more convenient makeup removing wipes. This is the most effective way to ensure that all makeup gets removed from the skin. Then, clean your face with a cleanser of your choice. Try not to have too many nights where you simply remove your makeup with a wipe and knock out before washing your face in the sink. You will miss an important step to ensure the freshest face!

We have numerous cleansers that can fit your skincare needs. Our Platinum Line Blemish Control Wash Formula for Acne deeply cleanses and revitalizes the face by restoring the pH balance. We also have more gentle cleansers, such as the Olive Oil Soap and the Anti-Aging Complexion Soap with Alpha Hydroxy Acid. Soaps are usually harsh on the skin, especially the face, but these products leave the skin feeling fresh and supple. Start double cleansing tonight, and wake up with rejuvenated skin!