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Patch Testing ThumbnailYour skin is your body’s biggest organ. It works hard to protect the rest of your body from dangerous particles and pathogens in the environment and acts as a living anatomic barrier from outside forces. As much as your skin takes care of you, it’s important to take care of your skin so that it can continue to keep you healthy. This includes being careful when it comes to products for your skin. How can you tell if a product is safe to use on your skin and what can you do to make sure it’s good for you? Learn about patch testing and how to determine if a product is right for you!


Before you go out to buy new skin care products, you need to know exactly what your skin needs and what kinds of products and ingredients will help you the best. Knowing your skin type is a great way to make sure you only choose products that will give you the best results. Pay attention to your skin. Is it oily and prone to frequent breakouts? Does your skin start to look dry and flaky in the middle of the day? Or, maybe your skin is sensitive to the environment and to products you apply on your skin and you need to take extra care to avoid redness and irritation. In any case, your skin will always show you exactly what it needs by the way it reacts to your day to day routine. When you identify a persistent characteristic in your skin, you’re ready to identify your skin type and start looking for products that will improve your unique skin issue.


But, even after you find and select products that are tailored for your specific skin type, you still need to be careful before you introduce a new product formula to your skin. This is where patch testing comes in. A patch test is the act of applying a small amount of a substance on a section of your skin to test how compatible it is with your skin. Patch testing is especially important to check for any possible allergic reactions and for those with sensitive skin. You should generally wait 24 to 48 hours after patch testing a product to determine if it’s safe for use on your body. Your testing area should be small enough to deal with quickly if there is a reaction and in a place that won’t be subject to excessive friction from hair or clothing. Try using the inside of your wrist to test a product before you risk using it all over your skin.


Whether you’re typically reaction-free or have highly sensitive skin, it is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the potential health of your skin. One way to ensure this is to look for tested products made for sensitive skin. Our Sensitive Skin Care line uniquely addresses special skin needs by effectively blocking common irritant agents that cause flare-ups in sensitive skin. Let safer skin habits and Clear Essence Cosmetics guide you to smoother, healthier skin that will protect you for years to come!

Choosing the right skin care regimen for your needs can sometimes feel like a difficult task. There is a vast variety of skin care products available in stores, and with the growing popularity of do-it-yourself beauty trends, it can be hard to decide what is best for you and your skin. What are the differences between homemade and over the counter skin care products and how can you decide which is the right choice? Use this guide to measure the benefits and drawbacks of each to help you choose the right skin solutions for you!


Homemade skin care solutions are getting more popular and there are a number of reasons why. Do-it-yourself recipes give you the comfort to know exactly what you’re putting on your skin and the freedom to change the ingredients whenever you want to, something that can’t be done with most over the counter products. It is also easier to ensure you’ll have more natural ingredients in your products. There’s no room for confusion about any mystery chemicals in your soaps, lotions, or scrubs because you control what goes in and out of you recipes.


The downside to DIY skincare products is that for solutions to treat specific skin issues, it can be difficult and expensive to find all the necessary ingredients to completely and effectively treat a skin issue. Also, the time and preparation it takes to make certain products might be inconvenient for someone who would want immediate access to their creations. For example, homemade soap can take anywhere from three to six weeks to fully cure before it’s safe for use, infusing oils may take four to six hours and lotion can take up to an hour to prepare depending on your ingredients.


The biggest benefit over the counter products offer is that they are immediately ready for use. There is ease and plenty of variety to try different products that have been researched and tested for safety and effectiveness that won’t strain your wallet. If product works for you and you want to stock up, it’s as simple as going to your nearest beauty store. Likewise, if something doesn’t work for you, it is easy to research a different product and purchase it rather than going through the hassle of writing, preparing and making a brand new recipe.


My Natural Beauty LineThe most important thing to think about when selecting a skin care regimen is identifying what your specific skin care needs are and how you want your products to benefit your skin. Our My Natural Beauty Skin Tone line contains a number of all-natural products that cleanse, treat and moisturize to uncover your skin’s natural radiance. This line is formulated with the finest natural ingredients including aloe vera, shea butter, pure olive oil, carrot seed oil, lavender, rosemary oil and more for powerful, organic treatment with a luxurious feel. Find the best of both worlds with Clear Essence Cosmetics!