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As the temperatures begin to drop, what is your favorite product to use to preserve your skins moisture? What about to repair your skin from damage due to environmental stresses, age, or uncaring daily skincare routines? What if there was one product you could use to not only moisturize, but preserve your skins health, and still do more?  After enduring one of the most brutal summers in the 21st century history, it’s with almost unquestionable joy that I welcome the legitimacy of the colder months- but not at the cost of my skin. So I went ahead and did a little research, and figured out that it’s time to implement the holy grail of all multi-functional essential oils; olive oil skin care.

Often referred to as “liquid gold” in ancient times, the uses for this oil are absolutely endless, yet absolutely necessary. Let’s check them out:

Makeup remover: makeup-brush-1761648_960_720

Many of us are all too familiar with the pain of removing our makeup at the end of the day from our faces. Whether we use makeup wipes, clothes, or liquids, the roughness we apply to our skin, in tandem with the harsh makeup removing chemicals tend to take a toll on our skins surface. When we do this every day, our skin can really be affected. Often this manifests through irritation such as breakouts, red skin, sometimes even burning in some areas of our face.Luckily it doesn’t have to be this way, and makeup removal can actually be an easy and irritation free process! To avoid irritations, one can actually use olive oil to remove any makeup, pain-free. This is especially recommended for those of us who do wear makeup every day. This is because using Olive oil as a remover will ensure that your skin doesn’t lose its moisture from the alcohols and sulfates often contained within makeup removers. Its gentle quality will also not irritate your skin, which means there’s a less likely chance of red spots, burning or breakouts following your removal process. Using olive oil to remove makeup is especially beneficial in sensitive areas such as the eyes, who are susceptible to dryness and irritation due to its thin skin than anywhere else on the face. Just make sure that once you use this method of removal, you always wash your face afterwards to ensure no excess oils remain on your skin and cause breakouts.


Shaving Cream:  shaving-brush-498215_960_720

This is a really cool use for olive oil as it performs 2 tasks at a time! By
substituting your shaving cream with olive oil, you get both a shaving  cream and an aftershave at the same time. This is because, the heat of  the water opens your follicles while the olive oil penetrates, producing  a very smooth and moisturized result afterwards. Using essential oil  for shaving is an excellent option if you have sensitive skin, or if you  just want to avoid using the drying and irritating chemicals contained  in many shaving creams and gels. Olive oil can be used on its own, or applied under your shaving cream. The oil will help the razor glide along your skin more easily, while also softening and moisturizing your skin; preventing irritation. This method does give a very close shave, so be careful, but enjoy the results!


Deep Moisturizing:    olive-oil-1433506_960_720

You’ve probably heard of people talking about the craze of olive oil as conditioners, and pre-  shampoos, and even If you haven’t, I’m here to tell you it’s completely true and it works.  Using an olive oil treatment before washing your hair will help to prevent dryness after your  wash, resulting in nourished and shined follicles, and an overall healthier appearance of the  hair shaft. When used as a pre-shampoo, the oil contents will not weigh down on the hair,  and instead produces a healthy shine to the hair rather than a greasy look. This works best  for those who have straighter hair, as the hair shaft tends not to take well to heavier oils on  the hair. For those with hair that feels dry, have flaky scalps, or even just simply curlier hair,  we recommend adding olive oil to your conditioners. This will give your hair a deeper  moisturizing, which is needed for these hair types due to the delicateness of the hair shaft as  well as the tendency for frizz. Adding to conditioner rather than a pre-shampoo allows the  hair to retain the oil for a longer period, helping it feel nourished and producing a better appearance of the hair afterwards. These moisturizing qualities also apply to the skin. By adding olive oil to your lotions and creams, especially in drier or colder months, it helps the skin to receive a deeper penetration and nourishment for softer and smoother skin. Make sure you also apply this mixture on elbows and knees and other drier areas for the ultimate moisture treatment. Olive oil suits all skin types, so we encourage anyone from any skin type variety to try adding olive oil to their lotions and creams this season.


Nail treatments: hands-1751637_960_720

It sucks seeing our cuticles get dried out over the course of time.  Even  after putting ample amounts of lotion they still seem to run  dry and  produce hang-nails, broken nails and other unsightly  appearances on  our nails. Facts have shown, that daily  application  of olive oil to nails  and cuticles actually can improve  nail health  and appearance. Say  good-bye to dry cuticles and  brittle nail shafts!


As we only mentioned a few of the benefits of olive oil, the many conveniences of “liquid gold” are truly endless. From preventing wrinkles and stretch marks, to even aiding in cholesterol and diabetes, olive oil really works to aid the body in numerous ways. While we always encourage you guys to get creative and find ways to let olive oil into your lives in your own ways, we also offer olive oil products here at Clear Essence! Our favorite and most popular is the Olive Oil Soap Bar, which has been clinically proven to soften the skin and reduce the appearance of unwanted blemishes and dryness. Recently we also added our newest Olive Oil Body Cream, which helps to give the skin instant moisture for smoother, firmer, and younger looking skin. Please feel free to check both of the products out at, and tell us the ways you like to infuse olive oil into your daily life!