5 Reasons to Always Wear Sunscreen

Skin Beautifying Milk for Black SkincareProtecting your skin from the sun is extremely important for many reasons. Just to give an idea of how important this Black skin care product really is, we explain the top reasons that you should always wear sunscreen!

No one wants skin cancer!

One of the most serious reasons to protect your skin from the sun is to aid in skin cancer prevention. It is a huge myth that people with more melanin in their skin are exempt from getting skin cancer. While skin cancer in Black skin care is uncommon compared to other ethnic groups, it is still problematic. The main skin cancer that darker skinned people get is called Melanoma. It is actually the most dangerous form of skin cancer and leading disease in deaths related to skin. For this reason, it is absolutely essential that we get passed the notion that Black skin care does not require sunscreen.

Other products may require sun protection.

Do you read the description on all of your products? If not you may be missing an important note reminding you to use with sun block. Some Black skin care products contain ingredients that make the skin sensitive to sun damage. If you do not use the right protection with these products, the product may not work the way it was intended. It may be more convenient to use a product that already includes sun protection. The Clear Essence Platinum Link Skin Beautifying Milk with Sunscreen is one among several of the Clear Essence products that contain sunscreen. These are awesome because you don’t have to worry about forgetting sunscreen.

Your tattoos will thank you!

If you have tattoos and you are planning on spending a lot of time in the sun, it’s best that you apply a generous amount of sunscreen. UV rays drain the tattoo’s vibrancy and darkness. Extreme sun exposure to a tattoo can cause it to fade, become spotty, and look much older than it actually is. It’s also important to remember that sun exposure takes place even when it is overcast. For safekeeping, it is beneficial to use sun protection anytime your tattoo is exposed outdoors.

The sun can cause premature aging.

Sun exposure is one of the main causes of premature aging skin. In African American skin care we often hear the phrase “Black don’t crack”, but if we do not properly protect our skin, Black will crack, peel, and even age. The sun’s harsh UVA and UVB rays hurt the skin, and over time start to leave traces of damage. Discoloration, a big problem in Black Women’s skincare, is one of the ways those UV rays can affect the skin. Extreme sun damage can also give the skin a leathery texture that screams skin damage.

It is the first step to preventing and fighting hyperpigmentation.

Sunlight stimulates the skin’s production of melanin—the pigment that gives the skin its color. By using sunscreen as a barrier between your skin and the sun, you can limit the melanin production. Sunscreen will also prevent existing hyperpigmentation from getting darker. Some individuals avoid sunscreen because of the white cast it can leave on dark skin. Try using a broad-spectrum sunscreen, since they leave less residue than other sunscreen products.

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