Black Men’s Skincare: Ingrown Hairs Treatment

We’ve talked about preventing ingrown hairs by exfoliating the skin and shaving techniques for black skincare to make ingrown hairs less prevalent. But every now and again, you might still encounter a pesky bump or two. Check out the tips below to remove an ingrown hair and get bump-free, smooth skin again.


The first step in getting the hair dislodged is running the bump under hot water or using a warm washcloth as a compress. Warm water will soften the hair and bring it to the surface. Once you’re able to see the hair, use a set of tweezers to pull the tip out. Once the hair emerges do not pluck it out completely! Cutting a hair too short or removing it completely can allow for it to grow incorrectly again.


If warm water does not bring the hair to the surface, use a scrub to exfoliate the skin gently. You can use home ingredients such as salt or sugar. This will remove any dirt or oil that may be trapped with the hair. It may also force the tip of the hair out. You can also use Clear Essence Complexion Soap with AHA to remove the build up of dead skin cells that many block a hair follicle.


You can also try to use an acne treatment to reduce swelling and inflammation of an ingrown hair, as it is similar to a pimple if it contains pus. Try Clear Essence Blemish Control Wash Formula as it contains salicylic acid, which is a powerful ingredient in minimizing acne and blemishes. This may help the hair to grow out rather than in.


Another trick is to use the white membrane of an egg! Rub the membrane on the ingrown hair and allow it to dry and shrink on the skin completely. Once it has completely set, peel the layer off the skin and the hair should come out with it!


If none of these treatments help remove the ingrown hair or bring it to the surface, you may need to see a medical professional, as the bump may be something else such as staph infection, a boil or keloid. Ingrown hairs are pretty common in black men’s skincare, however, so most likely these tips should aid in removing any painful bumps that you are experiencing. Remember to check out our previous article on prevention so you don’t have to worry about developing ingrown hairs in the future!

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