Black Men’s Skincare: Simplistic Regimen

Most men are no-fuss and simplistic when it comes to their skincare routine. We’ve broken complex regimens into 5 steps: cleansing, shaving, treatment, moisturizing, and protection. Some days some steps will be unnecessary and if you use Clear Essence Skin Beautifying Milk with SPF 15 you combine moisturizing and protection into one! Black men’s skin care doesn’t have to occupy your full morning routine.



Washing the skin to remove dirt, bacteria and oil is the most important step in men’s skincare. Do this well and you may be able to skip other steps over time. Cleansing ensures the prevention of blemishes and acne which will reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation over time. Our Chimere Bump Control Cleansing Bar is ideal for reducing any imperfections. If your cleanser leaves any oil or excess dirt behind, try a toner such as Clear Essence Anti-Aging Toner Astringent. Toners can aid oily skin types in the build up of sebum which causes breakouts.



Every women loves that silky skin after a fresh shave. Our Chimere line not only carries a Shave Gel but also an After Shave to reduce razor bumps and ingrown hairs! We’ll give more shaving tips in later articles to keep your shave fresher, longer.



Dark spots? Hyperpigmentation in the beard area? Clear Essence has various quick treatments to fade these problems areas and create an even skin tone. As mentioned in previous articles: oily skin types use gels and serums while dry skin types need creams and lotions. Follow this along with sunscreen and you’ll have a perfect even skin tone in no time!



Excessively dry skin? A moisturizer is definitely in order to smooth out those scaly patches. For extra moisturizer try Clear Essence Specialist Body Oil added to bath water or applied directly to the skin.



As mentioned before, if using a moisturizer with sunscreen included, you already have this step covered! But if not, never forget to protect the skin as it is the most critical step in Black skin care. Many times we take our darker pigmentation for granted as it does not easily burn in the sun. However, Black skin can still be damaged by UV rays which will be apparent from fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots and age spots.


All in all, these steps can be varied depending on time and necessity. If your skin its very dry today, skip the moisturizer so as to not clog the pores. Only shave every other day? Great! More shaves equals more chances for ingrown hairs. The two steps we recommend never get skipped are cleansing and protection when it comes to African American men’s skincare regimens.

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