Black Men’s Skincare: Tips to Avoid looking Tired

We all live for those extra 5 minutes of sleep after hitting the snooze. But there are several steps you can take as an African American man to look refreshed and ready to conquer the day. Check out these skincare tips below to see if you’re making yourself look more tired than you actually feel.



Coffee may wake you up and give you added energy for the day ahead but it also dehydrates you causing dull, dry skin and wrinkles. Health officials warn against drinking more than 4 cups a day. A healthy alternative is green tea as it has much less caffeine and is packed with antioxidants that are great for your skin.


Processed Foods

Refined sugars and carbs are obviously bad for the body and health but they also do a large amount of damage to the skin as well. Improper diet can cause inflammation, collage breakdown, and wrinkles. You can also expect a weakened immune system, which will make your skin look less fresh. Avoid anything high in fructose, white flour or hydrogenated oils. We know the stereotypical roles but try cooking from scratch every now and then!


Sleeping on your Stomach

Lying on your stomach every night can allow fluid to pool around the eyes creating puffiness or bags. Try to sleep on your back with a one to two pillows under your eyes to drain your body’s fluid away from the head.



Congestion and build up of fluid can create darker pigmentation around the eyes making them look sunken and tired. If you have a history of allergies, take medication even when you don’t have symptoms to prevent dark circles from forming.


Dry Indoor Area

We know dryness can cause skin to peel, crack and have a dull appearance. African American men’s skincare is all about bring life to the skin and creating an even and flawless complexion. Dry air not only harms the skin but can also create bloodshot eyes in the morning. Try sleeping with a de-humidifier to eliminate the dryness in your bedroom. We’ll go into more steps on softening the skin and exfoliating to remove dry skin in another article!

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