Black Skin Care Tips: How to Prevent Ingrown Hairs


What are ingrown hairs and how do we get them?

Once a hair is removed from the surface, it should grow back through the skin as most hair normally does. Sometimes, however, the hair recoils and starts growing underneath the skin. This is especially true for those with coarse and tightly coiled hair, which explains why ingrown hairs are such a common occurrence in Black skincare. Ingrown hairs are hardly dangerous, but they can cause some discomfort and they certainly aren’t aesthetically pleasing. Luckily, there are a few measures you can take to reduce the chances of obtaining these unsightly bumps.


Tips for Prevention

Go with the grain

To commonly, we hear the best way to shave is against the grain. While you may be able to get a cleaner shave, it is a sure way to increase your chances of developing razor bumps. Shaving against the grain, especially in African American skin care, can lodge the hair in an opposite direction than it naturally grows. Once the strand starts to grow out, it will grow into the skin, causing an ingrown hair.

Never shave dry hair

Moisture makes the hair supple and easy to cut. Shaving dry, brittle hair can cause snags and jagged ends that are much more likely to grow into razor bumps. Applying an African American skin care product, such as a shaving gel or cream, can also help to get cleaner shave, and prevent ingrown hairs.

Use a sharp blade for shaving

If your skin seems to be developing more ingrown hairs than usual, try swapping your blade for new one. Shaving with a dull blade requires more passes over the hair and skin to get a clean cut. This is going to make each strand sharp enough to reenter the skin. By only running the blade over the hair once, you will notice a decrease in razor bumps, plus smoother skin!


Exfoliating your skin on a regular basis is a great way to treat existing ingrown hairs and prevent  new ones from developing. Often times, the hairs are trapped underneath built up dead skin. Exfoliation will remove the dead skin, and loosen up the hair’s tight coil. Try to use a product that is geared towards Black skin care to get the best results. The Clear Essence Platinum Line Complexion Cleansing Bar works well because the exfoliation beads light enough for daily use.

Try a different razor

There are tons of razors on the market and they all claim to have different benefits. Some people prefer razors with moisturizer built in, while some prefer a simple razor. If you currently use a razor with multiple blades, try switching to single blade. This will cause less stress on the skin, as it reduces the amount of manipulation.

Try a different method

If nothing seems to get rid of those stubborn razor bumps, try another method of hair removal altogether. Men, try a flat head electric shaver instead of a manual blade. These types of electric shavers have been known to cooperate with Black men’s skincare and cause less bumps. Ladies, try a method, like waxing, that pulls the hair completely out, rather than just cutting the hair at the surface.

Avoid tight clothing

Wearing tight clothing in the area that was shaved can also increase the chances of developing ingrown hairs. The constant friction between clothes and skin can make it harder for the hairs to grow correctly. Tight collars for men, and tight pants for women, are the types of clothes to be avoided after shaving.

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