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Natural Skin Care

So you want great skin, but you’re unsure where to begin? No need to worry. We’ve figured it out for you. Simply follow the easy steps below. Under each skin type, we will specify the types of products each skin type requires. Soon, you’ll be on your way to healthy, glowing skin.

Daily Skin Care Regimen
1. Cleanse (AM and PM)
2. Tone (optional, depending on skin condition)
3. Treat (AM and PM, different products for AM and PM)
4. Moisturize (AM; PM may be optional depending on Step 3)
5. Protect/Sunscreen (AM; may be combined with Step 4)

Weekly Skin Care Regimen
1. Exfoliator (if your Daily Regimen is not exfoliating)
2. Mask (no need for Exfoliator if mask is exfoliating)

Product Tips for each Skin Type

Normal Skin: Skin with a clear, supple surface that is neither dry nor oily. 
Use products that don’t strip your skin of moisture. Mild cleansers and light moisturizers with sunscreen work best. Clear Essence Skin Beautifying Milk with SPF 15 is the perfect moisturizer for any skin type to even out the skin tone while being light enough for AM and PM use. Toner isn’t required. Treatment creams can vary with normal skin types depending on how aggressive you would like to be. Try Clear Essence Medicated Cleansing Bar with Exfoliates to remove dead skin cells once a week or daily depending on your preference and your skin’s reaction.

Oily Skin: Skin with overactive sebaceous glands; often with enlarged pores.
The key to achieving balanced skin is using the right products to help your skin maintain the ideal amount of oil in the skin. Toners often help to remove more oil that cleansers alone remove. Try Clear Essence Anti Aging Toner Astringent with Alpha Hydroxy Acid to keep skin matte and oil-free. Look for light, oil-free moisturizers with sunscreen, or try a powdered sunscreen. The challenge with oily skin is to find a SPF that doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and create more oil. Clear Essence Skin Beautifying Milk with SPF 15 combines your moisturizer and SPF into one making it easy to protect your skin and not feel oily all day. For a treatment when fading dark spots and hyperpigmentation, use a gel or serum based product such as Clear Essence Advanced Complex Fade Gel or Clear Essence Skin Lightening Serum.

Dry Skin: Skin that produces a low level of sebum and struggles to retain moisture.
By using the right moisturizing products, you can trap water in the skin and even repair the damaged lipid barrier. Stick with gentle, creamy cleansers and look for moisturizers with Vitamin E or natural oils. In the evening you can use a heavier cream to help boost the moisture in the skin. Clear Essence My Natural Beauty Moisturizing Lotion with SPF 15 not only hydrates the skin but it help to transform the skin.

Combination Skin: Skin that needs both moisture and oil to reach a healthy balance.
Combination skin often experiences oiliness in what is called the T-zone area. This can include the forehead, nose, and chin. The cheeks are often dry or very dry. The right products are essential to achieve balance without over-drying or over-moisturizing the skin. Gentle foaming cleansers work best. Moisturizers vary, depending on which side of the combo side you lean to, oily or dry. For the cleanser try Clear Essence Blemish Control Wash Formula. This cleanser will help balance the skin while keeping it clean without stripping the skin of all it’s moisture.

Sensitive Skin: Skin that is thin or fine-textured and is prone to irritation and/or allergic reactions.
Sensitive skin may be easily irritated for a variety of reasons. Being aware of how your skin reacts to specific products and making sure you limit those reactions will keep your skin happy. Always test products on a patch of skin other than your face, such as the elbow or inside of your wrist, when first trying a product. Look for products that specifically say, “safe for sensitive skin” or “all natural ingredients.” Chemical-free products also tend to cause fewer reactions. Clear Essence Lemon Plus Vitamin C line is perfect for those with sensitive skin due to its all natural ingredients. The main active ingredients include lemon extract, licorice extract and of course, Vitamin C.

Between Botox and plastic surgery, it can be hard to distinguish a 30-year-old from a 45-year-old, and a 55-year-old from someone in his or her late 60s. All too often, we associate gray hair, wrinkled skin and facial lines with the elderly. But in reality, these signs of aging can come about much earlier in life. Sure, genetics play a part, but so do other changeable environmental factors like a person’s lifestyle. Here’s things you can rid yourself of to making aging come a little later in life.

Sedentary lifestyle
People who lead a sedentary lifestyle often age faster than those who are active. According to Roy Elam, MD, associate professor of medicine at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and medical director of the Vanderbilt Center for Integrative Health, those who are inactive have more cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and strokes, along with a higher incidence of cancer, memory loss, diabetes and depression.

Exercise stimulates the neural peptides in the brain, which helps the brain make changes, such as growing new memory cells, Dr. Elam explains. “It doesn’t matter if it’s climbing the steps at work, mowing the lawn, swimming, hiking, gardening or working out at the gym—physical activity is very good for you,” he says. “More is better, but even 30 minutes of exercise, three times a week, can make a difference.”

While it’s known that obesity promotes diabetes and cardiovascular disease, mounting scientific evidence suggests the aging process may also be affected. A 2005 study by University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey found a link between increased body weight and accelerated cellular aging. Focusing on the telomeres—caps on the ends of chromosomes that shorten every time a cell divides—of participants’ white blood cells, researchers discovered a correlation between increased weight and decreased telomere length. When the telomere lengths—which serve as a cell’s life timeline—of obese and lean participants were compared, obese cells appeared between eight and nine years older than their leaner counterparts. Again, exercise and mindfulness can help a person to lose weight and improve his or her quality of life, Dr. Elam says.

As associated with anxiety and depression, stress tends to cause a person to overeat and can be damaging to his or her overall health. Dr. Elam says stress increases the body’s “fight or flight” hormones, which release cortisol—a chemical that can have adverse effects on the memory center of the brain. Stress also makes people more prone to cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and strokes, and can contribute to premature death.

“Relationships are most important in reducing stress,” Dr. Elam says. “Exercise, laughter and mindfulness (learning to be in the present) can also diminish stress.”

Excessive alcohol use and/or drug abuse
One glass of wine at dinner may be good for you, but five every night is not. According to Robert Clinton, MD, of Coressence Laser & Skin Center in Fayetteville and Pinehurst, North Carolina, excessive consumption of alcohol and/or drug use causes the breakdown of organs, in addition to liver problems and pancreatic, kidney and reproductive failure. “It can cascade into big, life-changing problems, resulting in decreased energy levels, restricted diet and activities, financial hardship, family struggles and an increased dependence on medicine,” he says.

Besides staining the teeth and making you cough, smoking causes emphysema, lung cancer, heart attacks, strokes and cancer of the throat. More precisely, Dr. Elam explains, the nicotine damages the body’s blood vessels and the smoke harms the lungs. “You can get lung cancer from secondhand smoke,” he says. “The farther away from smoking you are, the better your health will be.”

It’s never too late to stop smoking and reclaim a few years of your life. Smoking cessation classes, the nicotine patch and Chantix—a prescribed drug that minimizes cravings—are just a few ways you can stave off addiction.

Sleep debt/insomnia
“We age faster without proper sleep,” Dr. Elam says. “There is evidence that it may alter the immune system.” Lack of sleep can affect the circadian rhythm, which regulates hormones control, and can create anxiety, depression and a diminished quality of life. The solution is simple: Get more sleep! What could be more important than your health?

Increased sun exposure
Spending too much time in the sun or tanning bed breaks down collagen, causes sun damage and predisposes your skin to cancer, Dr. Clinton says. Sun damage can result in increased wrinkles, deflation of youthful contours, hollowed eyes, deep lines, crow’s feet, sunspots and sunken cheeks.

“Most of the damage is done when you’re young, but often it doesn’t show up until 20 years later,” he says. “It’s never too early or late to start good habits, such as applying sunscreen every couple of hours and wearing at least SPF 15 or 30.” Clear Essence Cosmetics offers many SPF 15 products such as its Skin Beautifying Milk, Medicated Fade Cream and the My Natural Beauty Moisturizing Lotion all containing sunscreen properties.

Certain laser treatments can resurface the skin, thickening the collagen and removing precancerous lesions, but prevention is key.

Maybe you work a lot, live far away from family and don’t have time to date. Those excuses may seem sufficient, but your body doesn’t care—simply put, it doesn’t like feeling lonely. “Humans are ultra-social organisms who thrive on relationships,” Dr. Elam says.

Those who are lonely are more likely to be depressed or anxious, eat lower-quality food and exercise less. “Laughter—often the result of interaction with others—is incredibly important because it helps diminish anxiety and depression, encourage sleep and improve happiness.”

And you thought there was nothing that could be done to avoid aging. Well, take down that white flag and take action! With the right tools and the right mindset, turning back the clock is easier than you thought. And with so many reasons to stay healthy, looking good as you look to the future shouldn’t be that hard. Maybe you’re genetically predisposed to gray hair, but if you treat your body right, you might be able to postpone the aging process—at least for a little while. So exercise, eat right, avoid too much sun and most of all, lighten up and spend time with others. Your body will thank you for it.

Have you ever given much thought to your skincare regimen before bed? Most of us are in the habit of cleansing and moisturizing our skin before leaving the house in the morning, but there are some things you can do at bedtime to make sure you wake up looking your best. Take a look at these simple tips to see how easy it is to be a sleeping beauty every night!

  1. Read the labels- many of us wake up to darkness under our eyes. There can be a big difference in treatments options- if your problem is related to poor blood flow, look for creams that strengthen capillary walls. However, if the skin under your eyes has darker pigment, you would get more help from an eye cream with hydroquinone to erase hyperpigmentation, like Clear Essence Skin Lightening Serum for the treatment of stubborn or hard to fade skin discolorations, especially for delicate areas such as around the eyes.
  2. Fight skin dehydration by running a mister or humidifier in your bedroom. Humidifiers are inexpensive and allow you to wake up to softer skin, especially during harsh, cold weather.
  3. Wash up….remove daily pollutants, cosmetics, dirt and oil before going to bed. If you don’t cleanse your skin each night then debris stays with you and clogs pores. If you like a low maintenance routine, then use Clear Essence Medicated Cleansing Bar which is a sulfur based cleanser that won’t strip your skin and removes bacteria and germs that cause acne and blemishes!
  4. Apply a moisturizer to bind moisture to your skin all night long. We like our Lemon Plus Vitamin A Body Crème which is lightweight to keep skin hydrated. Not too thick and not too thin- this moisturizer is just right!
  5. Waking up looking puffy around the eyes? Keep 2 spoons in the fridge and apply them to the eye area while you wait for your coffee to brew. And try sleeping on your back with 2 pillows propping you up at night – this will keep fluids from pooling and creating puffiness.
  6. To avoid damaging your skin and hair, sleep on satin pillow cases. No more face creases in the morning! This affordable luxury is a must for every sleeping beauty- so sleep well!

True or False? The best time to wash your face is in the morning after or while you are taking a shower or bath. This is of course true, but not entirely. Many people forget that  you should wash your face right before you go to sleep to rid of unseen sweat or dirt that has accumulated over the day and may still be hidden.

We know that after a long day, the last thing you are thinking about before you head to bed is to wash your face, so  here are some tips to keep your ethnic skin care regime quick and easy.

  • Set an alarm on your mobile phone for a time close to your bed time that will remind you to wash your face. If bed times vary set a new alarm daily.
  • If you live with someone, tell them to read this and ask them if they would like to team up with you as it will make it more of an event.
  • Lastly, if you can, take a shower prior to sleeping so that you will automatically have to wash your.

To receive a light and refreshing cleanse right before bed use Clear Essence’s Lemon Plus Vitamin C Body Soap Scrub. The invigorating lemon scent will relax you and put you fast asleep in no time.

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