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To Our Valued Customers:

Clear Essence Cosmetics USA, Inc. (CEC USA) dba Bluefield Associates, Inc. announces the unveiling of the newly reformulated and repackaged Skin Beautifying Milk with Alpha Hydroxy Acid.

The development of the new formulation and packaging reflects CEC USA’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service and support. CEC USA solicited input from markets around the world to aid in the development of the formulation and design to ensure broad acceptance and appeal.

“This is the year everyone will know about Clear Essence,” said CJ Obioha, Brand Marketing Manager, CEC USA. “The new formulation and packaging design will provide customers globally with a consistent look for all Clear Essence Alpha Hydroxy Series products that will easily be recognized and distinguished from competing products.”

Not only will the outward appearance of the product be noticeably different, customers will also appreciate the enhanced physical characteristics. The new packaging is made from composite material that is more durable and holds up better under a variety of handling conditions.

The new look-and-feel is a significant improvement over the old formulation and packaging. Brand names are more dominant on the front of all packages, reflecting the superior identity and performance associates with Clear Essence products.

The newly reformulated and repackaged Skin Beautifying Milk with Alpha Hydroxy Acid is available for order now! We are confident in the markets’ acceptance and positive feedback on this new packaging outlook.

Thank you very much for all our customers for your years of suggestions and recommendations. Rest assured that CEC USA values each and every comment from our loyal customers.

Please join us in our excitement towards the launch of our new packaging of the CLEAR ESSENCE 4OZ SKIN BEAUTIFYING MILK WITH ALPHA HYDROXY ACID!

Sincerely Yours,
Clear Essence Cosmetics USA, Inc.

Ontario, California – March 13th 2018

Contact: 800-423-0306,

Mr. K.C Obioha, President of Clear Essence Cosmetics USA, Inc. headquartered in Ontario, CA was one of the members of a panel invited to the 2018 Harvard Business School, African Business Conference. The event took place in Cambridge, Massachusetts from 2-4 March 2018. The African Business conference is a gathering of HBS students, alumni and others who share interest, passion and commitment to the African continent. This year’s conference not only focused on opportunities and development happening in Africa but also focused on how individuals, businesses, and the continent at large engage within the global ecosystem.

The Clear Essence brand of skin care products has been at the heart of this conversation as Clear Essence products are manufactured in US based, FDA certified factory in Ontario, California and exported and distributed to over 20 countries in Africa since 1995. As part of this panel, Mr. Obioha was able to share a wealth of information based on extensive trade experience in this region.

Furthermore, the Clear Essence brand is specifically formulated to treat skin care issues of men and women of African descent. Treatment of razor bumps, dark sports, hyper-pigmentation and dry skin has made the Clear Essence brand, the expert on this particularly niche segment of skin care. Sharing our success in sales and marketing with an eager audience provided an amazing opportunity for the President as well as the audience to learn, expand, and network with their peers and other industry professionals.

To learn more about the event and the Clear Essence skin care brand, please visit, and




Contact: Clear Essence Cosmetics USA, Inc.

Tel: 800-423-0306



Due to the efficacy and popularity of Clear Essence skin care products, some companies are marketing fraudulent and counterfeit items disguised under the Clear Essence and Maxi-Tone brand names. These companies disregard the core fact that all Clear Essence skin care products are FDA approved, hence manufactured under pharmaceutical guidelines of the United States. These fake products often look genuine, but in fact do not follow the same formulas and care of true Clear Essence products and may be harmful to your skin. Using fake cosmetics rather than authentic Clear Essence items can lead to serious skin and eye problems and provoke allergies that may persist even when people buy real products in the future. If a product looks counterfeit, they probably are!


Please note the below tips to prevent purchasing these counterfeit items and keeping yourself safe against fake products:


Check your product and its packaging for the following clues that we give customers:

  • The Bluefield Associates logo should be printed in black on the back panel.
  • There should be a silver holographic/shiny circular sticker on the back panel displaying a tiled image of this same logo.
  • On the very bottom of the package and bottle itself should be the lot number and expiration date printed in black. Ensure the product is not expired or close to expiration.
  • Stay up to date on current and new products released by Clear Essence by subscribing to our email newsletters, following us on social media or checking our website,, for images of authentic Clear Essence products.

We also suggest purchasing from our authorized retailers and distributors, which can be found on our store locator at

These locations will always carry authentic Clear Essence products.


If you require further assistance, please contact Clear Essence Cosmetics USA sales offices or authorized sales representatives as to whether the suspected products are genuine. Please email images of product to We will do our best to ensure your safe purchase of the Clear Essence brand of products.

webmail.cirkuit.netOn December 7th, 2014, Clear Essence Cosmetics attended the 80th annual Red Ribbon Affair Benefit Gala and Awards Dinner to bring awareness to the community on health issues that continue to plague the African American and Spanish community across the nation. The African American and Spanish communities are the largest population in the community with the highest number of preventable health diseases. Yet, the access to adequate health care is limited by their lack of knowledge and/or resources.

To better our community and give back to those in need, Clear Essence Cosmetics sponsored the event with gift bags for the 2014 honorees, event coordinators, and attendees. The goal in bringing the community together is to propel women and girls through increased knowledge, education, professional connections, and collaborations to gain experience and knowledge to further their development professionally.

Clear Essence supports the mission behind the National Council of Negro Women on empowering women of color by creating meaningful educational programs for women and their families in communities who are challenged by lack of resources and finances. By Clear Essence providing gift bags, it is our hope that we empower young women with solutions to all their skincare needs and embrace their natural beauty. The staff members at Clear Essence look forward to participating in next year’s event in helping the community address both health and skin care needs for people of color!

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The Black Women’s Network is a Los Angeles based women’s group that strives to bring together Black women for resource sharing, network building and mentor support. Their Annual Breakfast and Networking Forum is their biggest event of the year and was held October 25, 2014 at the Torrance Marriot. The theme was “I Believe in You…It’s Your Time.” Speakers focused on their personal stories of overcoming challenges and how they came into their positions of leadership. Although not advertised as a church event, the speeches all gave credit to God and emphasized prayer. There were also group sessions covering health and wellness, interviewing skills, and employment opportunities that gave tips on these important issues to the women in attendance. Within the hall ways of the hotel outside the large conference room were vendor booths. Vendors included clothing and accessories, jewelry, luggage and hand bags, coffee, candles and massage oils.


Clear Essence Cosmetics attended the event and passed out over 100 sample packs to men and women at the venue. Clear Essence staff members educated women on the products and informed them of the benefits of the skin care line to one’s complexion and over all confidence. As the overall theme of the event conveyed, Black women must connect with, influence and support one another to improve their opportunities within their communities and as business professionals. Clear Essence Cosmetics understands this goal and wants to put women at their best in terms of confidence and appearance. For this reason, Clear Essence continues to support Black women’s events similar to the Black Women’s Network’s Annual Breakfast and Networking Forum. Clear Essence Skincare products help to reveal a natural skin tone free of dark spots, blemishes or discolorations. The staff members will only continue to support the community of Black businesswomen in any way possible to ensure their success as confident professionals.

Clear Essence Cosmetics Staff, Renae Tate, passes out gift bags to families apart of the Black Infant Health Program.


Contact: Clear Essence Cosmetics

Tel: 909-565-4824



Clear Essence Cosmetics Gives During the Holidays


(Fontana, CA, USA) Clear Essence Cosmetics, a skin care line scientifically formulated for people of color attended the Black Infant Health Program’s 2013 Holiday Program and donated over 120 skin care samples to struggling mothers and 40 Baby Line product gift bags for their children. The event took place on December 19th, 2013 and showcased the Black Infant Health Program’s efforts throughout the year to help under privileged African American mothers living in Los Angeles, California. “Within a culturally affirming environment and honoring the unique history of African American women, the BIH Program uses a group-based approach with complementary client-centered case management to help women develop life skills, learn strategies for reducing stress, and build social support.” ( For this reason, Clear Essence Cosmetics saw this program as a deserving and well rounded charity to donate our products and time toward in support of African American women and mothers.

Clear Essence Staff, Renae Tate, poses with Dia Hall, Black Infant Health Program Coordinator.

The program included dancing, singing, motivational speakers and words of encouragement towards the Black Infant Health Program and its clients. The event hall was filled with generosity, and the same community feeling that is present in the BIH program throughout the year. Food was served and certificates were presented to the mothers that participated throughout the year to help themselves and their children sustain fulfilling lifestyles. Clear Essence Cosmetics donated over 120 skin care samples including the Clear Essence Complexion Soap, Clear Essence Medicated Fade Cream and Clear Essence Skin Beautifying Milk to give the mothers the confidence they need while supporting themselves and raising their children. Clear Essence Cosmetics also donated over 40 gift bags containing two full sized products from the Clear Essence Baby Line. These products will once again aid these mothers in providing their children comfort throughout early child development. Clear Essence Cosmetics is committed to serving its community and hopes to continue to be a part of similar efforts to support those in need.

BIH Staff and Clients

The Black Infant Health Program Staff

Natural skincare for African Americans


Contact: Clear Essence Cosmetics

Tel: 909-565-4824


Clear Essence Cosmetics Partners with Black College Today Magazine

(Fontana, CA, USA) Clear Essence Cosmetics, a skin care line scientifically formulated for people of color has partnered with Black College Today Magazine in several capacities that have already greatly impacted both companies. Black College Today Magazine works to inform today’s black college students of current topics such as job opportunities, black colleges, college sports, financial tips and more. Clear Essence saw this company as a perfect partnership due to the various products that it carries catering to African Americans, as well as people of darker complexions, and their unique skin care needs. College students are especially apt to skin care troubles due to stressful course loads, poor diet habits, and erratic sleep schedules.

Clear Essence has already started an ad campaign within Black College Today Magazine to inform the nation’s black college students of the skin care company specially formulated for their skin types. In August 2013, the skin care brand also participated in Black College Today Magazine’s Summer College Tour and distributed almost 5,000 sample packs containing samples of Clear Essence products to incoming freshmen students at Morehouse College, Clark Atlanta University, Spelman College, Texas Southern University, University of the District of Columbia, and Coppin State University. This partnership has not only benefited the Clear Essence brand in reaching the college-aged demographic, but also those students that read Black College Today Magazine and participated in their summer tour. These students are now informed of a skin care line specifically tailored to treat their skin care problems during their stressful college years. By using Clear Essence products, we hope these students will have a greater confidence to achieve their scholastic dreams and bring new ideas to our nation’s business industries.

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Enter your baby today! The Clear Essence® “Cutest” Baby Photo Contest is open to boys and girls newborn to 3 years of age. Send a non-returnable 3”x 5” action photograph of your child. Recent photos only, photographs must have been taken within the past 6 months. To qualify for the contest, pictures must be postmarked between May 1, 2009 and before December 1, 2009. 1st prize winner will receive: $500, a year supply of Baby by Clear Essence® products, professionally framed picture of the winning photograph, and will be featured in press releases announcing the winning baby. 2nd prize winner will receive: $250, a 6 (six) month supply of Baby by Clear Essence® products, 3rd prize winner will receive: a 3 (three) month supply of Baby by Clear Essence® products. Winners will be announced online by December 15, 2009. For list of winners, parents may send a self addressed stamped envelope to: Clear Essence “Cutest” Baby Photo Contest List of Winners, 14900 Hilton Drive, Fontana, CA 92336. Parents may enter babies through Entry Forms, which can be downloaded from, and email baby photo and the form to, or mail to Clear Essence® Marketing Department, “Cutest” Baby Photo Contest at 14900 Hilton Dr., Fontana, CA 92336. No purchase required. Clear Essence will not responsible for late, misdirected, damaged or undelivered entries. The “Cutest” Baby Photo Contest is open to US Citizens/ Residents, except where prohibited by law.

doc-icon Please Click Here To Download the Enternce Form