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Ontario, California – March 13th 2018

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Mr. K.C Obioha, President of Clear Essence Cosmetics USA, Inc. headquartered in Ontario, CA was one of the members of a panel invited to the 2018 Harvard Business School, African Business Conference. The event took place in Cambridge, Massachusetts from 2-4 March 2018. The African Business conference is a gathering of HBS students, alumni and others who share interest, passion and commitment to the African continent. This year’s conference not only focused on opportunities and development happening in Africa but also focused on how individuals, businesses, and the continent at large engage within the global ecosystem.

The Clear Essence brand of skin care products has been at the heart of this conversation as Clear Essence products are manufactured in US based, FDA certified factory in Ontario, California and exported and distributed to over 20 countries in Africa since 1995. As part of this panel, Mr. Obioha was able to share a wealth of information based on extensive trade experience in this region.

Furthermore, the Clear Essence brand is specifically formulated to treat skin care issues of men and women of African descent. Treatment of razor bumps, dark sports, hyper-pigmentation and dry skin has made the Clear Essence brand, the expert on this particularly niche segment of skin care. Sharing our success in sales and marketing with an eager audience provided an amazing opportunity for the President as well as the audience to learn, expand, and network with their peers and other industry professionals.

To learn more about the event and the Clear Essence skin care brand, please visit, and




Contact: Clear Essence Cosmetics USA, Inc.

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Due to the efficacy and popularity of Clear Essence skin care products, some companies are marketing fraudulent and counterfeit items disguised under the Clear Essence and Maxi-Tone brand names. These companies disregard the core fact that all Clear Essence skin care products are FDA approved, hence manufactured under pharmaceutical guidelines of the United States. These fake products often look genuine, but in fact do not follow the same formulas and care of true Clear Essence products and may be harmful to your skin. Using fake cosmetics rather than authentic Clear Essence items can lead to serious skin and eye problems and provoke allergies that may persist even when people buy real products in the future. If a product looks counterfeit, they probably are!


Please note the below tips to prevent purchasing these counterfeit items and keeping yourself safe against fake products:


Check your product and its packaging for the following clues that we give customers:

  • The Bluefield Associates logo should be printed in black on the back panel.
  • There should be a silver holographic/shiny circular sticker on the back panel displaying a tiled image of this same logo.
  • On the very bottom of the package and bottle itself should be the lot number and expiration date printed in black. Ensure the product is not expired or close to expiration.
  • Stay up to date on current and new products released by Clear Essence by subscribing to our email newsletters, following us on social media or checking our website,, for images of authentic Clear Essence products.

We also suggest purchasing from our authorized retailers and distributors, which can be found on our store locator at

These locations will always carry authentic Clear Essence products.


If you require further assistance, please contact Clear Essence Cosmetics USA sales offices or authorized sales representatives as to whether the suspected products are genuine. Please email images of product to We will do our best to ensure your safe purchase of the Clear Essence brand of products.

When it comes to summer, sales of sunblock dramatically increase due to the presence of the sun; it’s the time of the year that sunblock should be worn. But, did it ever occur to you that maybe sunblock should be applied every day of the year? Although summer is supposed to be the hottest time of the year and Earth is closer to the sun, the sun still shines every day, so why not wear sunblock every day? And even when the sun doesn’t shine, there are other factors that cause damage to our skin. Therefore, it is important to use sunscreen, not just in in the summer, but every single day of the year, even when it’s cold out, because beautiful, radiant, and healthy skin depends upon it.


Why wear sunblock?

The obvious reason to wear sunblock is to prevent damaging our skin, however, there are certain myths that prevent people from applying sunblock. According to Huffington Post Dr. Wendy Roberts, a board certified dermatopathologist, states the benefits of sunblock such as:

  “1. The ozone layer is depleting and your body needs shielding from         harmful rays.

  1. Skin cancer rates are on the rise and sunscreen has been proven to decrease the development of skin cancer.

  1. It helps to prevent facial brown spots and skin discolorations.

  1. It slows down the development of wrinkled, premature aging skin.”


Although global warming is a separate issue at hand, it individually affects us because of our skin’s reaction to the extent of the ozone layer letting in more rays that may potentially cause more damage to our skin now more than ever. Therefore, wearing sunblock is essential and should be worn everyday because every season fluctuates as the ozone layer continues to diminish. Everyone should also be well aware of the permanent damage to your skin—skin cancer. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, “each year there are more new cases of skin cancer than the combined incidence of cancers of the breast, prostate, lung and colon.” It is more likely for someone to get skin cancer, than any other form of skin cancer, meaning the protection of our skin needs to be a priority for every single person. By being aware of the risks of skin cancer, such awareness can help save someone’s life, from possible skin cancers such as melanoma; so start applying! Another benefit from skin cancer, as mentioned from Dr. Roberts is the prevention from dark spots and discolorations. Although discolorations do not exactly harm your skin, it does take a long time for the discolorations to go away, therefore by using sunscreen, there is no need to even worry about such spots. However, according to

black-woman-1425438_1920“Hyperpigmentation can affect all skin tones—but it runs rampant in those with darker skin. The reason: the darker the skin, the more active the melanocytes are because of naturally high melanin levels. ‘The cause of it doesn’t influence the severity of your discoloration but the severity of your hyperpigmentation is shaped by your skin tone,’ says Washington, D.C., dermatologist Elizabeth Tanzi, MD.”

Although every skin tone and skin type is likely to get discoloration and hyperpigmentation on the skin, dark skin is more likely to get hyperpigmentation on the skin, compared to other skin tones because of the melanin levels that dark skin tones contain. So the myth that “the darker the skin, the less you need to wear sunscreen” is false! Everyone, especially dark skin tones should be wearing sunblock. Women’s Health states, “Black skin has the equivalent of about an SPF 13.4 (compared with 3.4 for white skin).” So although the minimum SPF worn should be SPF 15, it is better safe than sorry to wear sunblock because our skin needs to be protected, and sometimes, our skin may not be enough to get the job done. Lastly, let’s not forget that sun damage creates premature aging, and although aging skin is beautiful, many would love to prolong visible signs of aging. CNN explains that “regular sunscreen use protects against photoaging: the wrinkling, spotting and loss of elasticity caused by exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation.” So again, the amount of sunscreen worn and wearing it earlier in life benefits skin from aging at a faster rate. So now that that’s out of the way, let’s look at the types of sunscreen that are provided to us.


What kind of sunscreen and other sun protection should I use?

Although the face and body tends to be the number one priority for sunblock, it’s not the only part of the body that gets sun damage. Apart from applying sunblock, on the body, there should be protection from the very roots of your hair, all the way down to the toes on your feet. Although a hat would be best recommended, in the instance where a hat is not the best accessory for the outfit of the day, Essence has provided tips for protecting your hair for preventing sun damage such as:

  “1. Use SPF! Use hair products with SPF in them, they will coat the cuticle in order to shield from harsh rays. Be sure to use a clarifying shampoo once a week to get rid of any build up.

  1. Try Shower Filters!Some of our showers have chlorine in them, try adding a shower filter for when you are washing your hair. The chlorine will strip hair of the moisture it needs to stay healthy.
  2. Rinse With Cold Water“After you condition or co-wash, rinse with cold water to close the cuticle, that way nothing can penetrate the cuticle to damage the hair,” says Redway.”

Although it hardly ever gets mentioned, there are actual hair products that contain SPF! However, like makeup products, the lighter the SPF the higher the amount of application is needed, so if necessary, one can never go wrong with hat. If hats are still not convincing, look into cold showers and shower filters. When it comes to the water used for showering, in most cases it contains chlorine that damage hair, therefore reducing nutrients needed to protect hair follicles fro
m the sun. A filter would then strip chlorine from the water, so just try using cold water when conditioning, and everything else will be good to go! In regards to feet, dermatologist Leslie Baumann also explains on that “’The skin on the tops of the feet is thinner than the skin on legs,’ swoman-1149965_1920he explains. ’Sun damage here can range from rough texture and fine lines to pigment changes.’ If you spent most of your youth running around outside while barefoot, you can start to see premature aging as early as your 20s” Apart from other weird places to get sun damage, Baumann explains that feet can also get premature aging characteristics, which is why sunscreen is essential when wearing revealing shoes. It’s also easier to get sunburnt feet because of the skin is much thinner there, causing feet to be a lot more sensitive to the sun. Any kind of sunscreen can be used for feet, however, since it is a lot thinner skin, the higher the better! The world is seen through beautiful eyes, so protect them with sunglasses! Eyes are also at risk of eyelid cancer when not protected accordingly. Of course, many know that sunglasses are the best accessory to add to any outfit! Still not sure about what kind of sunscreen to use on your body? Check out Michelle Phan’s Guide to Sunscreen, which explains what to look for depending skin tone and skin type. However, the Skin Cancer Organization emphasizes that though darker skins tend to have that “chalky” characteristic when applying sunblock, the organization explains

“Darker-skinned people may also be wary of using physical sunscreens, especially titanium-based products, because they can look chalky and white on the skin. Newer preparations, however, tend to be micronized, which means the particles are small enough to allow them to blend in and disappear into the skin. Chemical sunscreens are also an option; look for a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 15+.”

Therefore, when it comes down to shopping for a sunscreen, choose a product that’s uniquely crafted based off the skin tone and skin type that best fits. If still unsure, feel free to consult with a physician, or dermatologist.

When should I use it?

Again, there’s a myth that summer is the only time to use sunscreen, but in reality, it should be used 365 days a year. Every season though, winter can be cold and snowy, should have sunblock included in a beauty regime. Why? According to Vogue, deroffice-730681_1920matologist Dendy Engelman, found that “pigment cells can be stimul ated not only by the sun’s bright UV rays, but even by lower doses of ambient and infrared light, emitted by your computer screen or overhead lamp.” Construction or office job, sunscreen should be applied daily. Not only can computer rays, affect the skin, but society today relies heavily on cellphones, so people who use cellphones with a high brightness, beware—this can damage skin cells. Now it does sound silly and possibly a little extreme, but the evidence is there, being in an office environment can potentially lead to skin damage if sunscreen is not applied. Let’s not also forget the drive home, where the sun may give just the right lighting for a nice selfie, but that lighting is strong enough to create skin damage. Therefore, it is recommended to try to reduce exposure from the sun mid-afternoon, the time when it is more likely for high sun exposure.

Does Clear Essence carry SPF products?

Clear Essence works hard to help people with dark skin find products that not only have SPF 15 but also help with hyperpigmentation from sun damage. Below is a list of products that contain SPF 15 and help reduce scars from sun damage:Medicated Fade Creme

Clear Essence Platinum Line Extra Strength Medicated Fade Crème with SPF 15

Helps lighten and brighten areas of hyperpigmentation for all skin types while working to protect the skin from UVA/UVB rays to help prevent skin darkening from reoccurring.beautifying milk spf (2)

Clear Essence Platinum Line Extra Strength Skin Beautifying Milk with SPF 15

The inclusion of sunscreen protects and shields skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays that tends to cause problems with pigmentation and uneven darkening of dark skin tones. The Skin Beautifying Milk effectively smoothes and fades away skin discoloration.


My Natural Beauty Moisturizing Body Lotion

After using Clear Essence Skin Beautifying Milk, use this all over body lotion to protect and maintain your skin tone. This specially formulated blend has added SPF 15 to prevent future discolorations and damage from harsh elements and the sun’s UV rays. This is the perfect daily moisturizer to keep your skin silky, smooth, and even-toned.

webmail.cirkuit.netOn December 7th, 2014, Clear Essence Cosmetics attended the 80th annual Red Ribbon Affair Benefit Gala and Awards Dinner to bring awareness to the community on health issues that continue to plague the African American and Spanish community across the nation. The African American and Spanish communities are the largest population in the community with the highest number of preventable health diseases. Yet, the access to adequate health care is limited by their lack of knowledge and/or resources.

To better our community and give back to those in need, Clear Essence Cosmetics sponsored the event with gift bags for the 2014 honorees, event coordinators, and attendees. The goal in bringing the community together is to propel women and girls through increased knowledge, education, professional connections, and collaborations to gain experience and knowledge to further their development professionally.

Clear Essence supports the mission behind the National Council of Negro Women on empowering women of color by creating meaningful educational programs for women and their families in communities who are challenged by lack of resources and finances. By Clear Essence providing gift bags, it is our hope that we empower young women with solutions to all their skincare needs and embrace their natural beauty. The staff members at Clear Essence look forward to participating in next year’s event in helping the community address both health and skin care needs for people of color!

IMG_2167 IMG_2155 IMG_2156 IMG_2158


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The Black Women’s Network is a Los Angeles based women’s group that strives to bring together Black women for resource sharing, network building and mentor support. Their Annual Breakfast and Networking Forum is their biggest event of the year and was held October 25, 2014 at the Torrance Marriot. The theme was “I Believe in You…It’s Your Time.” Speakers focused on their personal stories of overcoming challenges and how they came into their positions of leadership. Although not advertised as a church event, the speeches all gave credit to God and emphasized prayer. There were also group sessions covering health and wellness, interviewing skills, and employment opportunities that gave tips on these important issues to the women in attendance. Within the hall ways of the hotel outside the large conference room were vendor booths. Vendors included clothing and accessories, jewelry, luggage and hand bags, coffee, candles and massage oils.


Clear Essence Cosmetics attended the event and passed out over 100 sample packs to men and women at the venue. Clear Essence staff members educated women on the products and informed them of the benefits of the skin care line to one’s complexion and over all confidence. As the overall theme of the event conveyed, Black women must connect with, influence and support one another to improve their opportunities within their communities and as business professionals. Clear Essence Cosmetics understands this goal and wants to put women at their best in terms of confidence and appearance. For this reason, Clear Essence continues to support Black women’s events similar to the Black Women’s Network’s Annual Breakfast and Networking Forum. Clear Essence Skincare products help to reveal a natural skin tone free of dark spots, blemishes or discolorations. The staff members will only continue to support the community of Black businesswomen in any way possible to ensure their success as confident professionals.

Clear Essence Cosmetics Staff, Renae Tate, passes out gift bags to families apart of the Black Infant Health Program.


Contact: Clear Essence Cosmetics

Tel: 909-565-4824



Clear Essence Cosmetics Gives During the Holidays


(Fontana, CA, USA) Clear Essence Cosmetics, a skin care line scientifically formulated for people of color attended the Black Infant Health Program’s 2013 Holiday Program and donated over 120 skin care samples to struggling mothers and 40 Baby Line product gift bags for their children. The event took place on December 19th, 2013 and showcased the Black Infant Health Program’s efforts throughout the year to help under privileged African American mothers living in Los Angeles, California. “Within a culturally affirming environment and honoring the unique history of African American women, the BIH Program uses a group-based approach with complementary client-centered case management to help women develop life skills, learn strategies for reducing stress, and build social support.” ( For this reason, Clear Essence Cosmetics saw this program as a deserving and well rounded charity to donate our products and time toward in support of African American women and mothers.

Clear Essence Staff, Renae Tate, poses with Dia Hall, Black Infant Health Program Coordinator.

The program included dancing, singing, motivational speakers and words of encouragement towards the Black Infant Health Program and its clients. The event hall was filled with generosity, and the same community feeling that is present in the BIH program throughout the year. Food was served and certificates were presented to the mothers that participated throughout the year to help themselves and their children sustain fulfilling lifestyles. Clear Essence Cosmetics donated over 120 skin care samples including the Clear Essence Complexion Soap, Clear Essence Medicated Fade Cream and Clear Essence Skin Beautifying Milk to give the mothers the confidence they need while supporting themselves and raising their children. Clear Essence Cosmetics also donated over 40 gift bags containing two full sized products from the Clear Essence Baby Line. These products will once again aid these mothers in providing their children comfort throughout early child development. Clear Essence Cosmetics is committed to serving its community and hopes to continue to be a part of similar efforts to support those in need.

BIH Staff and Clients

The Black Infant Health Program Staff

Natural skincare for African Americans


Contact: Clear Essence Cosmetics

Tel: 909-565-4824


Clear Essence Cosmetics Partners with Black College Today Magazine

(Fontana, CA, USA) Clear Essence Cosmetics, a skin care line scientifically formulated for people of color has partnered with Black College Today Magazine in several capacities that have already greatly impacted both companies. Black College Today Magazine works to inform today’s black college students of current topics such as job opportunities, black colleges, college sports, financial tips and more. Clear Essence saw this company as a perfect partnership due to the various products that it carries catering to African Americans, as well as people of darker complexions, and their unique skin care needs. College students are especially apt to skin care troubles due to stressful course loads, poor diet habits, and erratic sleep schedules.

Clear Essence has already started an ad campaign within Black College Today Magazine to inform the nation’s black college students of the skin care company specially formulated for their skin types. In August 2013, the skin care brand also participated in Black College Today Magazine’s Summer College Tour and distributed almost 5,000 sample packs containing samples of Clear Essence products to incoming freshmen students at Morehouse College, Clark Atlanta University, Spelman College, Texas Southern University, University of the District of Columbia, and Coppin State University. This partnership has not only benefited the Clear Essence brand in reaching the college-aged demographic, but also those students that read Black College Today Magazine and participated in their summer tour. These students are now informed of a skin care line specifically tailored to treat their skin care problems during their stressful college years. By using Clear Essence products, we hope these students will have a greater confidence to achieve their scholastic dreams and bring new ideas to our nation’s business industries.

Clear Essence BabyEnter to Win $500

Enter your baby today! The Clear Essence® “Cutest” Baby Photo Contest is open to boys and girls newborn to 3 years of age. Send a non-returnable 3”x 5” action photograph of your child. Recent photos only, photographs must have been taken within the past 6 months. To qualify for the contest, pictures must be postmarked between May 1, 2009 and before December 1, 2009. 1st prize winner will receive: $500, a year supply of Baby by Clear Essence® products, professionally framed picture of the winning photograph, and will be featured in press releases announcing the winning baby. 2nd prize winner will receive: $250, a 6 (six) month supply of Baby by Clear Essence® products, 3rd prize winner will receive: a 3 (three) month supply of Baby by Clear Essence® products. Winners will be announced online by December 15, 2009. For list of winners, parents may send a self addressed stamped envelope to: Clear Essence “Cutest” Baby Photo Contest List of Winners, 14900 Hilton Drive, Fontana, CA 92336. Parents may enter babies through Entry Forms, which can be downloaded from, and email baby photo and the form to, or mail to Clear Essence® Marketing Department, “Cutest” Baby Photo Contest at 14900 Hilton Dr., Fontana, CA 92336. No purchase required. Clear Essence will not responsible for late, misdirected, damaged or undelivered entries. The “Cutest” Baby Photo Contest is open to US Citizens/ Residents, except where prohibited by law.

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Clear Essence Cosmetics USA, Inc will be holding an in-store promotion this Saturday at TiGi Beauty Supply, Railto (6/18/2009) !!!! A skin care specialist will be on hand to provide a personalized skin consultation with the use of the Clear Essence skin care lines. A raffle drive with the opportunity to win $30 cash back and a free gift give away will also be available!!!!! So come in between the hours of 12-4 at 182 W. Baseline Road, Rialto. Ca 92376. Call (909) 820-4055 for store information and directions. The Clear Essence Team is looking forward to meeting you…..