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No matter which way you approach it, learning a language is not easy. You can take classes, buy programs, and try learning from friends, but who really has time to learn a language? So if you can’t find a way to learn a language like Spanish, then how are you supposed to find a way to learn the language of skincare and cosmetics? Octyl Methoxycinnamate, Oxybenzoen, and Benzophenoe are all words which are more complex than most languages, but Clear Essence Cosmetics is here to help you learn the meaning behind some of the most popular skincare and cosmetics terms out there!



For those of you that want to lighten your skin without bleaching your skin or getting too light, Hydroquinone is the answer. Does the name, “Hydroquinone”, scare you? With thousands of articles online and in print attacking Hydroquinone for being detrimental to a person’s health, I wouldn’t be surprised if it scares you; but it shouldn’t, especially when formulated in Clear Essence Cosmetics. Hydroquinone is an active ingredient that reduces the production of melanin in the skin, thus causing the skin to become fairer. Yes, in 2006 the FDA banned the use of Hydroquinone, but that is simply because it wasn’t being used correctly by doctors and companies around the globe. But soon enough the FDA became aware that in a less concentrated state, Hydroquinone is far less dangerous and just as effective. So this is why today, Clear Essence Cosmetics is here to offer you our skincare lines with 2% Hydroquinone so you can quickly lighten your skin without worrying about any damaging effects to your body or overall health. Our customer’s safety is a top priority for Clear Essence Cosmetics; which is why we test every batch of our product to insure that it is safe and effective. If you have sensitive skin; though, get a dime-sized drop of our product and rub it on your skin and wait 24 hours to see if any irritations arise. If one does arise, Clear Essence Cosmetics will gladly replace your product with something that is safer for your skin! Feel free to contact us today and we can consult you into having the best skin of your life!


Alpha Hydroxy Acid:

If you’re looking for unwrinkled, glowing skin without going through the hassle of visiting a dermatologist, then Alpha Hydroxy Acid, or AHA, is your solution. AHA is an over-the-counter treatment that has been proven countless times throughout history for being extremely effective; all without catching any negative attention like Hydroquinone has in the past. AHA is proven to be safe and does not take much more than some patience to get the results you are looking for. If this sounds enticing to you, then be sure to try Clear Essence Cosmetic’s Alpha Hydroxy Series. This is a skincare line specifically formulated with AHA in order to provide our customer with a cheap, safe, and effective way to combat dry, faded, and wrinkled skin. AHA does cause sensitivity to sunlight; though, so be sure to apply a SPF 10 or SPF 15 sunscreen after use. Be sure to go online and check out our products, or give us a call or email to try a sample of our product today!



For many, Glycerin sounds like a chemical produced at an oil refinery, thus piggybacking a terrible connotation to an ingredient that is extremely safe and effective to use. In a basic definition, Glycerin is a light, organic, non-greasy fatty acid used as a lubricant and moisturizer, but why is it so effective? Glycerin is effective because of two characteristics: it’s highly hygroscopic and it’s a skin-identical ingredient. Being hygroscopic, Glycerin pulls water from the outside (humidity) and from the rest of your body. Pulling water from lower levels of skin up and from the outside air sounds like a good idea, but it ultimately leads to dry skin because if there’s no water below your layer of skin or outside, then you will be left dry, but that is not the case with Glycerin. Because Glycerin is a skin-identical ingredient, meaning it is found naturally in the skin, the body works very effectively with the ingredient and helps to prevent skin from drying-out or scaling. Glycerin is cheap, effective, and available in several of our lines, so go out and try the effects of Glycerin!


As we’ve said time and time again, Clear Essence Cosmetics is here to offer you the cheapest, most effective, and safest skincare products on the market. At any time you can contact us for a free skin consultation and we can help you find which of our products will work best for you. If you still feel shaky about our products, we can offer you free samples and any information you may have about our products because we are made in the U.S.A. and are there for every step of the process. Love the skin you’re in and try Clear Essence Cosmetics today!








Love Your Body

Love Your Body

As women in today’s society we strive for the perfect body, because we are constantly told through media that our current body is not “hot”. So we do diets, count our calories, have surgeries done, take diet pills, and etc. Some of us may want that “perfect body” so much that we starve ourselves or make ourselves sick. Well stop and listen, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. You may not have a size 2 waist, but you are still you, no one else is you. You are unique. You are special. Instead of trying to be skinny, let’s start being healthy because it will make you feel better on the inside and you will see results.

Some struggles that women have are eating disorders. According to, “In the United States, 20 million women and 10 million men suffer from a clinically significant eating disorder at some time in their life.” As you can see not only are women affected by this urge of wanting to be thin, men are too. Also, you are not alone. There are people out there that can help you. Two of the main eating disorders are Anorexia and Bulimia. Anorexia is when you stop eating, and starve your body. Doing this will slow down everything in your body in order to conserve energy. Bulimia is when you eat but you make yourself throw it up afterwards. This disorder creates a chemical and electrolyte imbalance in your body. Also, you can ruin your teeth because of the stomach acid which is in your vomit. With these eating disorders you may lose weight fast but is it worth harming your body?


Another thing that people do when they are not satisfied with their bodies is plastic surgery. Plastic surgery has many risks, and very expensive. Some of the risks are: 1.) Undergoing anesthesia (there are always risks when going under), 2.) Bleeding and infections 3.) Numbness or change to skin sensitivity. However, if you have the money it will solve your problem fast. If you do decided to get surgery such as liposuction, you will have to change your eating habits as well as exercise because the fat can come back.


Exercise is a great thing to do. It helps with losing weight, reducing stress, gives you energy,
and combats health conditions and diseases. Exercise is a must in life and is everywhere. Going to the mall and walking from store to store is exercising. Taking the stairs instead of the escalader or elevator is exercise. All it takes is getting up off the couch and moving your body. Also another good incentive for working out is putting that spark back into your sex life. So go out there and move your body. You won’t regret it, I Promise.



Platinum Line

Platinum Line

While getting the body that you want you might as well get the skin you want too.  Clear Essence is a full skin care line scientifically formulated for people of color, whether African American, Hispanic, Asian, or Middle Eastern. A lot of products on the market currently do not address the skin care needs of those with darker complexions such as hard-to-treat dark spots, hyper-pigmentation, blemishes and dry skin tones. Clear Essence also has a Natural Beauty Skin Tone Line which is for all skin types and is made of all natural ingredients. Clear Essence’s Platinum line is the core product of this company. It contains 2% of Hydroquinone which is used to lighten skin and is FDA approved. For more information please go to And no matter what you do, always remember you are beautiful.


Moles; they happen to everyone, and I’m not talking about the little rodent tearing up your yard. Moles come in all shapes and sizes and happen to anyone, from anywhere, of any color, and their level of beauty changes drastically from culture to culture. For some cultures, moles are seen as ugly blemishes that taint the beauty of one’s skin, but in the United States, moles are seen as beautiful. Countless celebrities; such as Eva Mendes and Mariah Carey, have beauty marks, and have helped define the beauty of moles in our society today. Regardless of their aspect of beauty, moles are seen by many as random, harmless blemishes on the skin; which is entirely false. Sure, for most, moles are harmless, but more often than you think, moles can be extremely dangerous and even deadly. Extreme cases of skin cancer can erupt from a mole that becomes a melanoma (a cancerous mole). In 2012, 232,000 cases of skin cancer spawned from a melanoma, and these cases resulted in 55,000 deaths. These numbers are simply staggering, so in order to protect yourself, it’s important to know how to prevent, check, and spot potentially dangerous moles on the skin, and Clear Essence Cosmetics is here to help.

In order for one to be able to spot potentially harmful moles, one must have a clear understanding of what a standard, run-of-the-mill mole looks like. Normal moles can be described by an acronym called “The ABCDE’s of Moles”. A is for Asymmetry, meaning that the mole looks the same on both sides. B is for Border, meaning that the mole has a clear, clean border that is consistent all around the mole and is not smudgy. C is for Color, meaning that the mole is a similar color to all the other moles on your body, and is free of odd colors such as blue, pink, etc. D is for Diameter: no mole on your body should be any larger in diameter than a standard #2 pencil and should be of similar diameter to all the other moles on your body. And lastly, E is for Evolving, meaning that no mole on your body is changing shape, size, border, or color. If any mole on your body has a characteristic that violates “The ABCDE’s of Moles”, then immediately go to your doctor and request an examination and/or biopsy.

So now that you understand what the common mole looks like, and what to look out for, it’s time to learn how to check moles on the body. Start by stripping yourself of your clothing, and finding a large mirror. Check every part of your body, regardless of how odd of a spot it is. Most people think moles can only appear on sun-exposed parts of the body like the arms, face, and neck, but in actuality, moles can appear under your fingernails, the soles of your feet, and the back of your knees; so don’t forget to check your body everywhere possible. If you can’t physically check a part of your body, like your scalp, then ask a family member or friend to assist you; being thorough in checking your body for cancerous moles is crucial. For men, the most common spot for a melanoma to form is the back, and for women it is the lower leg. Be sure to check your body for cancerous moles every 3 months; unless your family has a history of skin cancer or melanomas, then check your body every month.

Clear Essence Cosmetics is proud to serve you the knowledge to check and spot dangerous moles, but did you know that we are also here to help you prevent moles (and darkspots) in the first place? Moles are caused by exposure to UV (ultraviolet light), and the easiest way to protect yourself is through the use of sunscreen. Many sunscreens; though, have terrible odors, dry your skin, and can irritate your skin, so why not try a product that protects your skin from UV exposure, smells great, and moisturizes your skin while preventing and getting rid of dark spots, acne, and any other blemishes on the skin? That product is Clear Essence. Check out any of our lines (the Platinum Line, the My Natural Beauty Skin Tone Line, and many more) which contain versions of our products formulated with SPF 15. Look through any of our products online or in-store today, and love the skin you’re in with Clear Essence Cosmetics products today!


Alpha Hydroxy AcidThere is a wide variety of products for the perfect skin care regimen. Many of the products contain ingredients such as vitamin C, vitamin E, Collagen, and many more. This is why it is important to know what those ingredients are and what it can potentially do for your skin. Keeping yourself well informed about these ingredients can help you make the decision of whether a product is right for you.

One of the main ingredients added to the products can be alpha hydroxy acid. But what is alpha hydroxy acid? Alpha hydroxy acids are a group of natural acids that include citric, glycolic, lactic, and malic acids that work together to shed skin cells from the epidermis. Or in English, alpha hydroxy acids are acids derived from foods such as oranges, sugar cane, and milk that help make your skin look younger. It really is that simple. But how do you know if the use of alpha hydroxy acid is the right choice for you?

Think about the benefits alpha hydroxy acid can provide for you. We have already established that alpha hydroxy acid can be used as an anti-aging agent because of the natural exfoliation it provides (Too Young for an Anti-Aging Regimen?). But what else can this natural ingredient do for your skin?

There has been research proving that alpha hydroxy acid lotions or creams can help improve the condition of acne of the skin. Alpha hydroxy acids can also be used when treating acne scars as well as improvement in skin pigmentation. Lastly, alpha hydroxy acid can help increase sunscreen absorption by opening up the skin to allow sunscreens to penetrate more deeply, giving the skin more protection. Of course, this depends on the type of skin that you have. Women with oily skin should opt for using products such as gels containing alpha hydroxy acid while women with dry skin should be on the lookout for creams containing alpha hydroxy acid.

Now that you know the benefits, carefully consider what kind of results you would like for your skin and you can decide if alpha hydroxy acid is right for you. Clear Essence Skincare offers a complete line of products dedicated to anti-aging which consists of products containing Alpha Hydroxy Acid. Clear Essence’s Anti Aging Line has been uniquely formulated for mature people of color. The combination of unique plant proteins and fruit extracts create a powerful complex of ingredients, which targets and treats specific skin care concerns.  The products fade discoloration, even out skin tone, and add moisture to the skin to maintain a healthy supple texture.

Muchas personas con tonos de piel más oscuros creen que protector solar no es necesario debido a la falta de una quemadura de sol. Es cierto que la pigmentación de la piel más oscura actúa como un bloqueador solar natural de los rayos ultravioletas. Un estudio encontró que la piel más oscura tiene un SPF natural de 13 lo que significa que un individuo puede estar en el sol 3-4% más sin daño significativo de alguien de piel clara. Sin embargo, con el tiempo el daño a la piel puede ser evidente en la forma de arrugas, manchas y cáncer de piel. Cuidado de la piel de los hombres todavía debe incluir bloqueador solar para proteger la piel contra los rayos dañinos del sol.


Un estudio reciente encontró que el 80% de daño a la piel y las arrugas eran el resultado de la exposición al sol. El estudio también señala que sólo 2% la cantidad de daño a la piel es necesaria para hacer unos edad aparecen 3 años más viejo. Este envejecimiento visible debe ser una razón principal en no omitir protector solar como parte de su régimen diario.

Sunscreen for dark skin tonesLa Hiperpigmentación

Aquellos con piel más oscura estará de acuerdo que la cicatriz y desarrollar manchas oscuras debido a cualquier corte o mancha. Sin embargo, esto puede fácilmente evitarse con el uso de protector solar. Cuando se expone al sol, estas marcas y abrasiones pueden empeorar y volverse difíciles de curar. Con la protección del filtro solar, marcar con una cicatriz puede ser reducido.

Cáncer de Piel

Aunque no puede ver daños inmediatos del sol en forma de enrojecimiento o dolor, los efectos duraderos serán siendo notables para el cuidado de la piel de hombres en el futuro años. Cáncer de piel es la mayor amenaza de abstinencia persistente de protector solar. El melanoma es la forma más mortífera de cáncer de piel y se encuentra más comúnmente en tonos de piel oscura. Esto es debido a las malas interpretaciones sobre la piel más oscura en el sol. Por el momento que estas personas buscan el conocimiento sobre su piel, han ya dejado que el cáncer de piel propagar sin saberlo. A pesar de pigmentación más oscura ofrece cierta protección, cáncer de los rayos UV puede empezar aún en las palmas, manos, pies y otras áreas de piel más claros.


Estas tres razones solas significativamente pueden explicar una vida útil más corta y más rápidos signos de envejecimiento. Protector solar es tan importante para los hombres y sus rutinas de cuidado de la piel como cualquier otro individuo. Recuerde siempre utilizar un protector solar con al menos un SPF de 15.

Stretch marks affect tons of people and they seem to have so many unanswered questions. Why do we get them? Are they curable? Are they permanent? Anyone who has had stretch marks has probably asked themselves these questions. Once you understand the causes of stretch marks in African American skin care, it will be much easier to treat and prevent them in the future.

What exactly are stretch marks?

Stretch marks are a type of scarring that occurs on the dermis—the outer most layer of the skin. They do not discriminate as you can find stretch marks on men, women, teens, and adults. While the appearance of stretch marks may vary depending on skin color, they affect all ethnicities and races. Because of their discolored appearance rippled texture, we aim to understand solutions to stretch marks in skin care for Black women.

What causes them?

Anytime the body goes through a rapid change in size or shape, it is likely that stretch marks will appear. The skin has a certain amount of elasticity, and when it is stretch beyond that amount, it tears. After the skin tears, it becomes very thin, allowing the color of the fat beneath the skin to show. This is why stretch marks are often a pale color. Some of the most common places we see stretch marks are in pregnant women, pubescent teens, and during excessive weight gain. During pregnancy, it is a no brainer that the stomach is going to expand and the skin is going stretch more than usual. During puberty, teens usually experience sudden growth spurts that do not give the skin adequate stretching time. The same goes for weight gain, when the skin is put under a lot of stress to expand in a short amount of time, the result is stretch marks.

One common misconception is that men do not get stretch marks as easily as women do. This is false. Men are just as able to get stretch marks as women, it just happens differently. Men often get stretch marks around their shoulders from lifting weights, as well as other parts of the body from rapid weight change.

Are they Permanent?

The way your body handles stretch marks is often hereditary. So, if your mother had a severe case of stretch marks that faded after pregnancy, chances are you will to. While, they may fade, it is true that the skin may never return to its exact state prior to having the stretch marks. Some have been able to make their skin almost identical its appearance before stretch marks, but there will always be a trace. There are a lot of products specializing in African American skin care that help to reduce stretch marks, and there are also different practices and procedures that can help treat stretch marks.


While ingrown hairs are not detrimental to the overall bodily health, they are aesthetically displeasing and can cause a great deal of discomfort. There are plenty of steps that can be taken to prevent ingrown hairs, but these bumps are sometimes inevitable in African American skin care, so we are providing you with a few ways to treat them.

Oil & Sugar Scrub

D.I.Y. exfoliation treatments are great for treating and preventing ingrown hairs. Exfoliation helps to slough off any skin that may be blocking the hair in and removing any build up that may cause the bump to become infected. Oil and sugar scrubs are great because you will most likely be able to find all of the ingredients in your home already. Mix coconut oil and brown sugar in your hands, and use circular motions to apply it to the needed area. Coconut is a known moisturizer and helps to eliminate dryness. Brown sugar particles are softer and smaller than other sugars and salt. So it can be used on sensitive areas like the bikini line—a common area for ingrown hairs in skin care for Black women.


Using tweezers has been very popular when trying to get rid of ingrown hairs. However, if done improperly, the tweeze-and-pull method can actually worsen the razor bump. Before you even pick up the tweezers, make sure you use some sort of warm compress to open up the pores. This is going to make it easier to grip the hair without pain. Then use your tweezers to grab any hair you can see above the skin’s surface. Be careful not to grab or puncture your skin, to avoid further inflammation and scarring. Try not to completely remove the strand, as it will have trouble growing in completely. Instead, simply use your tweezers to pull the coiled hair from under the skin.


There are a good amount of products on the market that can help to reduce razor bumps. Try to look for a skin care product that caters to Black skin care for best results. Men, use a product that combats dryness and reduces inflammation like Clear Essence’s Chimere Bump Control After Shave Gel. This is going to reduce irritation after shaving while fight uncomfortable razor bumps. Ladies, try using a product gentle enough for daily use, but strong enough to show results. The Clear Essence Anti Aging Toner Astringent with Alpha Hydroxy Acid is an exfoliating cleanser that can help treat ingrown hairs. This product helps to improve the skin surface, making it easier for the hair to grow through the skin.

One of the first signs of poor nutrition is unhealthy skin. The saying “You are what you eat” is cliché, but true when it comes to African American skin care. The skin is a reflection of the body’s overall health so it makes sense that your diet will affect the appearance of your skin. We’ve included some foods and why they are good for your skin!



Good fats are essential for healthy and beautiful skin. Because our bodies don’t naturally produce these fats, we need to make sure good fats are incorporated into our regular diets. Healthy skin is able to retain water and, as a result, appears bright and youthful. Good fats strengthen the skin cells’ membrane to keep water and nutrients in and allowing any waste to filter out. Strong skin cell membranes also keep the skin firm and lessen the chances of getting wrinkles. Good fats also increase blood flow to the skin, which increases the amount of nutrient going into the skin. Since we know that more nutrients in the skin give the skin a healthy glow, make sure to incorporate good fat into your diet. They can be found in avocados, olive oil, nuts, and fatty fish.



Getting enough protein in your diet is essential to having healthy skin. Protein contains certain amino acids that increase the body’s collagen production. This is excellent for African American skin care as it helps to keep the skin subtle for longer. Not only does protein help the health of your skin, it helps hair and nail also! Eat poultry, meat, eggs, beans, and seafood to get your daily dose of protein!



Fibrous foods also play a role in healthy skin. These are foods like corn, beans, whole wheat bread, broccoli, apples, nuts, and berries. Fiber works by getting rid of toxins that affect the entire body. Toxins can cause acne and break outs on the skin. Incorporating more fiber into your meal plan can improve your entire health, and show huge improvements to be seen on the face.


Balanced Diet:

The not-so secret to attaining overall health is to maintain a well balanced diet. Getting the right amounts of the right food will automatically increase the health of Black skin. Daily vitamins also work to give the skin a boost of health.


Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA)

Alpha-hydroxy Acids are derivatives of fruit and dairy products and are found in many African American skincare products. AHA is a chemical exfoliant that can give the skin a more youthful appearance. By removing the outermost layers of skin, AHAs can remove the damaged skin. Another benefit of AHA is that it helps to increase skin cell production. Skin cell production decreases with age and is one of the main reasons we see wrinkles and other signs of aging in mature skin. Find ways to incorporate products with AHA into your regimen to treat aging. Clear Essence an entire line of skin care products that are anti-aging and feature AHA.


Retinoids are chemical compounds similar to Vitamin A. They are used in medicine for the way they affect cell growth. Retinoids increase cell production while decreasing cell loss. They also help lessen the deterioration of collagen and elastin in the skin, which is essential when fighting wrinkles. Depending on the level of treatment you are seeking, it is best to consult a dermatologist and see what type of retinoid product is best for you. Another way to gain the benefits of retinoids is through food. Beef liver and dark leafy greens are known to have significant amounts of retinoids and can help with aging skin.


Microdermabrasion works similarly to exfoliation. It is done by buffing a hard substance onto the skin, by which dead skin is rubbed off and collagen production increases. Similar to the way sandpaper makes a piece of wood smooth and splinter-free, microdermabrasion creates a softer skin surface with fewer wrinkles and lines. Often times, it is done my professional and takes a multiple sessions to see optimal results.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is great because it enhances the effects of all the above-mentioned methods. It can help to protect the skin, encourage collagen protection and enhance the effectiveness of exfoliation/ microdermabrasion. Products with vitamin C are excellent for African American skin because it can treat hyperpigmentation. To incorporate vitamin C into your daily skincare regimen, look for products like the ones in Clear Essence’s Lemon Plus Vitamin C Skin Care Line. The individual products in this line can makeup an entire regimen, and they all have vitamin C.

It seems that all the celebrities have this perfect glowing skin that is impossible for the rest of us to achieve. While no one has perfect skin, we can show you how to get that amazing luminescent skin we always see in the media. In African American skin care, we are always searching for ways to eliminate dull skin, and promote hydrated and gleaming skin. The best way to achieve this is to exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!


Our skin is constantly generating new cells, which leaves the dead skin cells to build up on top of the skin. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells from the surface and reveals fresh new skin. This process, of getting rid of old skin, and revealing new skin, can remedy many skin problems and is necessary in your skin care regimen. Mechanical exfoliation and chemical exfoliation are the two types of exfoliation that can be used to treat the skin. They are both effective, but work differently, so here is the breakdown:


Medicated Cleansing Soap Bar for Black SkincareMechanical exfoliation breaks down dead skin cells by using a tool or product that has abrasive qualities. By rubbing the tool or product on the face, friction will slough off the epidermis, the outtermost layer of the skin. The trick is to use something that won’t be too abrasive and irritate the skin. Using a product or tool that causes too much friction will actually counteract your efforts in achieving a glowing complexion. Start with Black skin care products like Clear Essence’s Medicated Cleansing Bar Extra Strength. It is a face and body soap that is great for daily exfoliation. Face scrubbing tools are also very effective to rub of old skin, just be careful not to be rough when using these sorts of tools. There is a such thing as too much exfoliation, so pay attention to your skin and only use intense scrubbing tools as needed.


Chemical exfoliation aims to do the same thing as mechanical exfoliation: reveal fresh skin by Anti-Aging Skincare for African Americansremoving dead skin. The difference is that chemical exfoliation utilizes the properties in chemicals to get the job done. A common ingredient used in this process is alpha hydroxy acid, or AHA. AHA can penetrate deeper into the skin, and work faster than any mechanical exfoliation. It is a very powerful Black skin care ingredient as it removes old skin and build up while stimulating the production of new skin cells. In this article, we are focusing on how exfoliation can reduce dull skin, but AHA also can be used to treat other skin problems such as sun damage and wrinkles. Clear Essence actually has entire line of products using AHA, which is known as the Anti-Aging Skin Care Line. Chemical exfoliants can be highly instrumental when trying to achieve a glowing coplexion.


Now that the benefits of exfoliation are clear, choose a method that works for you, and start working towards that gleaming skin. Until next time ladies, always remember…

“Fresh skin, Just lip!”