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Across the globe, people are being crippled by the internal and external effects of eczema; cornering them into a life surrounded by covering rashes and spending ridiculous amounts of money to cure them of their condition. With 30 million Americans alone suffering from this condition, it’s no surprise that the National Eczema Association was put in place. With no clear cure for eczema, we must learn how to combat eczema in the most efficient, cost-effective manner; and that is where Clear Essence Cosmetics is here to help.


To this day there is no known cause of eczema. We aren’t really sure how eczema is spread and transmitted either, but regardless of its origins, we know how to combat it. A majority of people wait until the effects of eczema are unbearable to act upon it; paying hefty price tags for prescription creams and ointments, but the real, long-lasting treatment for eczema is changing your lifestyle into a skin-conscious lifestyle. Learning to recognize things that irritate your skin, taking warm showers with non-soap cleansers, keeping your skin constantly hydrated and moisturized, and avoiding rapid changes in body temperature are all ways to insure that you will stop eczema now, and hopefully forever.


You may be thinking, “Of course I’ve tried cleansers and moisturizers, but those never work!”, but that may be because you never fully understood what you needed from an eczema-fighting cleanser and/or moisturizer. In terms of moisturizers, you’re going to want to find a thick, oily cream that can sufficiently hydrate your skin for an extended period of time. A nice example of this is Clear Essence’s Olive Oil Body Cream. Harnessing the age-old power of Olive Oil, Clear Essence’s cream powers through dry, damaged skin and sufficiently rejuvenates the skin with its powerful hydrating capabilities. As for cleansers, you should be looking for non-soap cleanser bars or washes that are low pH, fragrance-free, and dye-free. Luckily for you, Clear Essence carries various cleanser bars and washes in several of its lines; such as the Platinum Line, the Vitamin-C Line, and even the Men’s Chimere Line. Apply these great moisturizers with bathing, moisturizing, and cleansing tips from our other blog posts to insure that you are eczema free now and forever.

Ashy skin has been an issue for people; especially people of color, for generations. We’ve all seen and heard jokes about ashy skin on countless television shows, movies, and radio, but it is no laughing matter. Across the globe, there are people who are desperately looking for a solution to rid them of their severely ashy skin so they can finally put on a tank top or pair of shorts again without being scared to expose ashy ankles, elbows, etc. With a few tips and a few Clear Essence Cosmetics products, you will be well on your way to preventing and treating ashy skin today!


As you may suspect, ashy skin is a result of excessively dry skin. When your body naturally replaces your dead skin with new, healthier skin, that dead skin may refuse to strip away from your body, and accumulate on your skin to create an “ashy” appearance. With correct hydration, exfoliation, and moisturization; though, this accumulation of dead skin will not occur. Remember that water is your best friend and greatest ally when combating dry skin, so allow yourself to drink 8-9 glasses of water a day and to shower in shorter increments with cooler water. Proper exfoliation once or twice a week is also extremely crucial for removing the build-up of dead skin on your body. Also, don’t forget to moisturize your skin after showering and exfoliation, as well as all day long, in order to prevent and treat dry, ashy skin.


Moisturization is vital to preventing and treating ashy skin, but with a sea of products and treatments at your fingertips, which ones do you choose? This is where Clear Essence Cosmetics is here to help. It’s a pain to see so many consumers purchasing products that state they “hydrate” the skin, but contain ingredients like alcohol and SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) which excessively dry-out your skin. Look for products like Clear Essence, containing ingredients such as lactic acid, AHA (alpha hydroxy acid), and butters and oils that can guarantee hydrated by years of research and practice. So head on over to (or a store near you that carries Clear Essence Cosmetics) and put our tips to work to help you prevent and treat ashy skin today!


When Life Gives You Lemons

“Lemonade! Come get your Lemonade!” is what many of us yelled when we were younger and wanted to earn some money. I bet as a child you didn’t know that those lemons you used to make that lemonade are actually good for your health. Well they are, and they can help you in many other ways as well. They are very helpful for around the house and you can use them as a beauty component. No wonder why people used to give lemons as a gifts to kings.

Lemons have a tart taste to them, but they are very good for you. Since lemons contain Vitamin C, lemons help keeps your immune system stay strong, and lower your blood pressure. Lemons can also boost your metabolism, by helping you regulate your bowel movement. Lemons also carry Vitamin P which helps strengthen your blood vessels. Lemon has also been discovered to have 22 anti-cancer compounds. These include limonene that slows down the growth of cancer tumors and flavonol glycosides that can stop cell division in cancer cells.

After using that lemon juice in your water, you might as well use the rest to freshen up your house. You can use lemons as both an air freshener and a cleaner. You can clean up your sink by using it on the faucet, in the garbage disposal, or on any stains you may have on your sinks with them. You can clean your wooden cutting board by using salt and lemons. As well as your microwave, by using a microwave safe glass bowl, squeeze some lemon juice in water. The lemon water will boil and make those cooked on spots come right off with a towel.

With seeing how helpful lemons are so helpful, it’s no wonder that lemons can be a beauty component. If you ever want to lighten up your hair you can use lemon juice. With olive oil, raw honey, and lemons; you can make a conditioner that is great for dry and damaged hair. If your nails are weak, grab a bowl filled with lemon juice and soak them for 10 minutes, then place them in a mixture of water and vinegar. Lemons also help with removing excess oil from your skin, remove scars, lighten blemishes, and reduce acne.

A company that actually has a whole line dedicated to the extracts of lemons, is Clear Essence. Clear Essence Vitamin C line is made with a blend of Vitamin C, emollients, extracts of lemon, licorice, ginseng, gentian, aloe, green tea, and sea kelp. It treats excessive pigmentation due to medication, pregnancy, cosmetics, hormone imbalance, and sun exposure. For more information go to And remember when life gives you lemons, you are unstoppable.

In almost all complex societies that we’ve seen to date, one factor has been the key to determining the level of “manliness” of a man: hair. Beards have served to exhibit wisdom and strength, chest hair has portrayed the power of a man, and arm pit hair has stood as the threshold between adolescence and adulthood; but things are beginning to change. A clean-shaven man, from head to toe, has previously been seen as a symbol for metrosexuality, homosexuality, and feminism, but as our civilization continues to embody ideals surrounding the drive to become a perfect human,  more men are beginning to indulge in hair removal treatments; whether that is through waxing, sugaring, shaving, trimming, tweezing, etc. Braun, a leader of the men’s shaving industry, has recently found that 62% of men “manscape” (a term used for the hair removal of men) regularly now, and us at Clear Essence are here to help you explore several options to remove unwanted hair on your body today!




It’s clearly obvious that shaving is a major time consumer. In the 10-20 minutes it takes you to shave in the morning, you could be eating your breakfast on a table rather than in your car or catching up on some much needed sleep; so why continue to shave? You shouldn’t. With replacing shaving for waxing or sugaring, you will not only have to remove hair less often, but your hair will also grow exponentially thinner, virtually eliminating the need for hair removal over a long period of time. Waxing and sugaring are able to do this by pulling hair straight from the root, forcing a longer process than usual for hair to grow back. Waxing and sugaring also reduces the chances of ingrown hairs. As the saying goes, “beauty is pain”, so be warned that although waxing and sugaring are extremely effective, they are also very painful, as seen when they rub hot wax or sugar paste on your body, lay a cloth or muslin on top of the wax or paste, and rip the hair out of your follicles with one swift and fluid motion. Being one of the cheapest and most effective forms of hair removal, go ahead and try waxing or sugaring today!





If waxing and sugaring sound too archaic for yourself, maybe electrolysis is a better fit. By applying a super-thin needle to your hair follicles and zapping the hair at the root, electrolysis severely weakens hair at the root, and can eventually permanently eliminate hair growth in the affected regions. This may sound exciting, but the price tag and duration of this treatment may steer you away fast. Along with that, electrolysis is usually only used for small areas such as the feet, toes, eyebrows, and knuckles because the needle must zap each individual hair follicle; which is extremely time-consuming. Be sure to thoroughly research electrolysis treatments near you before accepting the treatment.


Laser Treatment


The effects of electrolysis sound and look amazing, but the lack or area it can treat may be disappointing. So if you’d like these same effects; while covering a larger area, try hair removal laser treatments today! The heavy price tag may make some cringe, but the effects are astounding. By totally killing your hair follicles, effected regions will most likely never grow hair again. Be sure to ask your doctor if you make a good candidate; though, because most candidates should have fair skin and darker hair; lighter hair doesn’t absorb the laser energy very well. Being tan or darker than most also immediately eliminates you as a candidate, as these skin conditions could lead to blistering and permanent skin discoloration after the laser treatment.


Aside from the options laid out before you, there are countless hair removal treatments out there; it’s just a matter as to what works best for you. Always talk with professionals and experts in order to find the right solution for you to save time, money, and disheartening experiences from ineffective products or treatments. Never rule out classic hair removal methods like shaving, creams, trimming, threading, and tweezing as options, as those may be the best treatments for you. Always remember to moisturize before and after hair removal treatments with Clear Essence products in order to increase the ease and effectiveness of your treatment, and to avoid ingrown hairs and cuts from shaving. Now get out there, and shave your body clean!

Is that a... ZIT???? :(

Is that a… ZIT???? 🙁

To go through life without ever getting scars would be just short of a miracle, so instead of being unconfident because of the look of your scars, make a change in your life and use Clear Essence products today in order to treat and prevent scars. Scars happen to everyone: celebrities, politicians, me, and even you. Scars happen for several reasons-acne, wounds, abrasions, burns, etc.




Acne Breakouts

One of the easiest ways to scar your skin is by popping a pimple. We’ve all been told by countless people in our lives to just leave the pimple alone, but when your skin becomes red and irritated at the beginning of a growth of a pimple, it feels almost impossible to not try to pop your pimple. So if the cause of us popping our pimples is redness and irritation, then how do we prevent those symptoms? The answer to your question is Clear Essence’s Platinum Series. Within the Platinum Series lies our Medicated Cleansing Bar which contains Sulfur, a natural, active ingredient that diminishes the pimple and it’s symptoms before you can even think about popping it. Sulfur also helps general problem skin issues; such as rashes. Coupling Sulfur with other active ingredients like Lavender Extract and natural oils, the Clear Essence’s Platinum Series works hard to prevent and treat acne and other skin problems that can cause, and have caused, scaring in the skin to insure you that you will earn back your beautiful, healthy skin that you had before!


Acne Scars

If you previously didn’t know how to prevent yourself from popping pimples, then you’ve probably popped a fair share of pimples in your day; but how do you treat or prevent scarring now that you’ve actually popped your pimple? The answer is simple and always right in front of your eyes: exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! You can never be told enough to exfoliate, and hopefully you learn to accept this advice. Proper exfoliation will help to rejuvenate and renew your skin, causing your skin to turnover and replace your old, acne-scarred skin, with beautiful, healthy skin. Exfoliating with gentle ingredients such as Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid, and Citric Acid speeds up the process or skin cell turnover process and treats and prevents deep skin depressions left over from damage of the skin. Luckily for you, almost all the products on Clear Essence’s website ( contain Lactic Acid, and several products also contain the Glycolic and Citric Acids mentioned above.

Complexion Soap

Also try Clear Essence’s Alpha Hydroxy Line which contains Alpha Hydorxy Acid (AHA); which works just like the acids mentioned above to treat and repair damaged and scarred skin. A popular product from this line is our Complexion Soap with AHA which is suited for all skin types to cleanse away dead skin cells that hold hyperpigmentation and help reveal naturally radiant skin.



After exfoliating its important to use a product containing a lightening ingredient such as hydroquinone, lemon extract or licorice. Clear Essence has affordably priced effective skin care solutions to treat hyperpigmentation and acne scars quickly. For treatment in only 4 to 6 weeks use our Platinum Line Products. These products contain hydroquinone, the only FDA approved skin lightening ingredient, and help smooth and brighten skin for a flawless complexion.

If you have sensitive skin but still would like the same benefits as these fast acting products we suggest our Lemon Plus Vitamin C line or Sensitive Skin Care line. These products work in 6-8 weeks but still provide the same great results. Regardless of which line you choose we suggest cleansers and serums for oily skin types and lotions and creams for hydrating dry skin types. Remember this important distinction will help prevent overly drying dry skin or clogging pores on oily skin.

Love the skin you’re in, and embrace the affordable, effective treatments that Clear Essence has today to treat and repair damaged, scarred skin, so that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to pay for expensive laser treatments, prescriptions, and over-the-counter medications. You don’t have to live with the scars on your skin, so try Clear Essence products today in-store or online!

As people age, hair loss is inevitable; whether you like it or not. Generally there’s two camps in the debate about hair loss: people who try to cover, prevent or stop hair loss with expensive creams or treatments, and people who embrace their hair loss and shave it off. Regardless of which side of the spectrum you’re on, spreading the message of proper bald head care is extremely necessary in order to prevent dry scalp, skin damage from the sun and discoloration of the skin. Your head always had a blanket of hair to protect you and keep you warm, but now that it’s gone, it’s time to put those matters into your own hands.


Just because your head is now shiny, smooth, and bald doesn’t mean that you can forget about shampoo and conditioner. You may look hairless, but in actuality you still have millions of hairs that are invisible to the human eye. If you disregard the maintenance of these small hairs, then you will experience dry scalp, dandruff and irritation of the scalp; so remember to keep using your shampoo and conditioner as regular as possible in order to keep your head looking better than ever.


Another key aspect of bald head care is hydrating your body inside and out. Don’t hold back when applying your favorite moisturizers, oils or lotions that work best to keep your head looking radiant and smooth as possible. As your hydrating the outside of your skin, don’t forget to consistently hydrate your body with a frequent consumption of water. Countless celebrities and beauty guru’s advise that hydration is the best way to achieve and maintain beautiful skin. After you’ve hydrated your skin inside and out, don’t forget to protect the beautiful skin that you worked so hard to obtain with generous amounts of sunscreen daily, and thick hats and beanies to keep your head protected from the cold.


Now that you know how to properly maintain and protect your bald head, put that knowledge to use by trying Clear Essence products today so you can go out and show your scalp off to the world! Famous men and women across the globe make a bald head look beautiful, and you can too with Clear Essence!bald-head-1-1436556


There are many tips on what to drink to live a healthy lifestyle. This can include orange juice, carrot juice and the like. But did you know that there is something extremely beneficial, and vital for our body that we definitely need to consider drinking every day? You guessed it! Water!!!

How Much?

It is well known that water helps in maintaining our hydration and keeping our organs in tip-top shape. In fact, it is recommended that men need roughly 13 cups (3 liters) of water a day while for women, it is recommended to drink about 9 cups (2.2 liters) of water a day. This of course depends on the temperature of the climate, how active the individual is, and so forth. Well that’s all nice and dandy, but what’s in it for your skin care for African American skin?

Consequences Of Lack Of Water

First off, let’s look at the negative effects if the recommended amount of water is not consumed daily. Since your body is constantly renewing itself, it needs the energy to continue on. Water, is one of those sources of energy. Also, water is constantly flushing out of your body from sweat, breathing, urine, and bowel movements. Because of this, you definitely need to constantly be replenishing your body. Some risks that you may have if your water intake does not equal your output are higher health risks, a slower metabolism, and constipation. Lastly, and this is the one consequence that may hurt us the most, our skin appears more wrinkled. How is this possible? Your skin is made up of plenty of water, and works as a protective barrier to prevent further water loss. If there is not enough water to help the skin do its job, the skin will appear drier, making it susceptible to wrinkles.

Benefits Of Water

With all the negative consequences in mind, there is no surprise that water does in fact bring many benefits to our health (and our skin of course). But focusing on just our skin (since we are all trying very hard to prevent wrinkles from forming), drinking more water will improve our hydration. Being hydrated means having the appearance of plumped skin, with the fine lines and wrinkles filled, and having a brightened complexion.

It is clear now, that staying hydrated can bring benefits to a black skin care regimen. So next time you’re out and about, try to squeeze in a couple more glasses a day. Stay refreshed, and you will stay beautiful.

Parece que todas las celebridades tienen la piel que es perfectamente radiante algo que parce es imposible para el resto de nosotros de lograr. Aunque nadie tiene la piel perfecta, podemos mostrarle cómo conseguir piel con increíble luminiscencia que siempre vemos en los medios de comunicación. En el cuidado de la piel afroamericana, siempre estamos buscando maneras de eliminar la piel opaca, y promover una piel hidratada y brillante. La mejor manera de lograr esto es exfoliar, exfoliar, exfoliar!

Nuestra piel está constantemente generando nuevas células, lo que deja las células muertas de la piel para amontonarse en la parte superior de la piel. La exfoliación elimina las células muertas de la superficie y revela nueva y piel fresca. Este proceso, de deshacerse de la vieja piel, y revelar piel nueva puede solucionar muchos problemas de la piel y es necesario en su régimen de cuidado de la piel. Exfoliación maquinal y exfoliación con sustancia química son los dos tipos de exfoliación que se pueden utilizar para tratar la piel. Ambos son efectivos, pero funcionan de manera diferente, así que aquí está la diferencia:

Exfoliación maquinal acaba con las células muertas de la piel mediante el uso de una herramienta o un producto que tiene cualidades abrasivas. Al frotar la herramienta o producto en la cara, la fricción se desprenderse de la epidermis, la capa más externa de la piel. El truco es usar algo que no va a ser demasiado abrasivos e irritar la piel. El uso de un producto o herramienta que causa mucha fricción en realidad va a contrarrestar sus esfuerzos para lograr un cutis radiante. Comience con productos para la piel morena como el jabón de Clear Essence llamado Medicated Cleansing Bar Extra Strength. Es un jabón para la cara y el cuerpo que es ideal para la exfoliación diaria. Herramientas de lavado de la cara son también muy eficaces a la frotación de la piel vieja, pero tenga cuidado de no ser duro cuando se utiliza este tipo de aparato. Hay una cosa tal como demasiada exfoliación, así que presta atención a su piel y sólo use herramientas de limpieza intensa, según sea necesario.

Exfoliación con sustancia química pretende hacer lo mismo que la exfoliación maquinal: revelar piel fresca por la eliminación la piel muerta. La diferencia es que la exfoliación con sustancia química utiliza las propiedades de los productos químicos para hacer el trabajo. Un ingrediente común usado en este proceso es el ácido láctico, o AHA. AHA puede penetrar más profundamente en la piel, y trabajar más rápido que cualquier exfoliación maquinal. Es un ingrediente muy poderoso de cuidado de la piel morena, ya que elimina la piel vieja y la acumulación mientras que estimula la producción de nuevas células de la piel. En este artículo, nos centraremos en cómo la exfoliación puede reducir la piel opaca, pero AHA también se puede usar para tratar otros problemas de la piel como el daño del sol y las arrugas. Clear Essence tiene toda la línea de productos utilizando la AHA, que se conoce como la línea de cuidado de la piel contra el envejecimiento (Anti-Aging Skin Care Line). Exfoliantes con sustancias químicas pueden ser sumamente útiles cuando intentando lograr un cutis radiante.

Ahora que los beneficios de la exfoliación son claras, elija un método que funciona para usted, y empezar a trabajar hacia esa piel brillante. Hasta la próxima vez las damas, siempre recuerde … “Piel fresca, sólo labios!”

Wrinkles are a major issue concerning women in today’s society. It is evident that the longing for flawless, young and desirable skin is a daily burden. Plastic surgery seems to be the only solution in this day and age, and even this, can leave lasting austere problems in the aftermath. However, with trillions of “natural” anti-aging products being released by the thousand, there still appears to still be no sufficient solution. So, out of all the natural anti-aging products, which is proven to be a solution to this dire problem?

Almond oil

As simple and almost effortless as this may be, this straight-forward solution is actually oblivious to many of society. Almond oil is proven to compress and cleanse the skin in order to reduce the appearance of visible lines and wrinkles while nourishing at the same time. It allows what used to be a ‘tired and drained’ appearance to now become a soothed and young layer by stripping the old dry cells and revealing fresher skin beneath. By immediately soothing away lines also, the prevention of any damage or problems to the skin is increased and in this way allows the skin to be moisturised and refreshed.

Sweet almond oil in general can repair signs of aging and is proven to allow the skin to carry a larger amount of moisture removing wrinkles in the easiest way possible. As proven the best choice for skin treatment, almond oil is highly recommended.

Vitamins A, C & E and Water

Eating the right foods and drinking enough water are essential to gaining desirable and flawless skin. I’m sure it is fairly obvious that wanting the perfect skin and binge eating and drinking sugary substances e.g. “Coca Cola”and “McDonalds” isn’t the right way of going about it. Vitamins A, C & E in particular are the essentials in everyday life, just by eating simple vegetables and fruits more than usual for a consistent period of time are bound to make your skin flourish, and also improve your body as an added bonus. Berry fruits are especially high in vitamins and anti-oxidants as this prevents wrinkles from appearing. Also, oily fish are beneficial as they moisturize the body from the inside…just by being eaten with a lovely marinade or however you desire. Vitamins can also be applied topically for the same effects. Try Clear Essence Lemon Plus Vitamin C line to add natural ingredients into the skin and prevent aging lines and wrinkles. Our Swiss Complex Collagen with Vitamin E Creme is a great moisturizer to replenish the skin with essential vitamins. From Clear Essence’s exclusive Adure Line, all three vitamins A, C and E are used within the Adure Natural Fairness Creme. 8-10 cups of water are expected to be consumed daily as this is how much the body desires in order to reduce any type of wrinkle.

Coconuts and Juice

By massaging coconut oil on the face each night, one can naturally and easily remove wrinkles. Like almond oil, it nourishes and moisturizes the skin allowing old skin cells to turn into fresh and developed skin. By mixing rose water, glycerine and lime juice in equal parts into a ‘face mask’ applied overnight and then washing in the morning with lukewarm water allows the mixture to seep in and moisturize every pore whilst sleeping.

Aging is inevitable, and as we get older, the effects of aging on our bodies becomes more apparent. Generally, our skin starts to age while we are in our twenties, but it should take several decades for that aging to catch up to us and become visible. Today, however, the effects of aging are usually all too visible for everyone to see.

Common effects of aging on the skin are wrinkles, age spots, and dryness. As we age, our skin produces less oil, which leaves our skin vulnerable to the climate and, therefore, extreme drying. People also generally experience thinner skin due to skin fat loss, which leaves skin with less volume and fullness. Unfortunately, gravity also has its effect, and begins to pull everything down. Clear Essence Alpha Hydroxy Line gives an immediate lift while building collagen, elastin and hydration and removing dead skin cells.

Contrary to popular belief, there are ways to combat the appearance and severity of skin aging. First and foremost is the regulation of sun exposure. Direct sunlight is one of the biggest contributors to premature aging. To avoid the effects of sun damage, wear an SPF of 15 or higher every day and wear protective clothing. The sun is potent all year long. Also, avoid false sunlight and UV rays in tanning beds and sun lamps. Such lights can prove even more harmful than normal sunlight. Clear Essence My Natural Beauty Moisturizing Lotion with SPF 15 is the perfect protection from harmful sun rays throughout the year and also aids in maintaining beautiful skin tones. Try Clear Essence Skin Beautifying Milk with SPF 15 to stay protected while evening out dark spots, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tones.

Cigarettes are arguably the biggest contributor to deep wrinkles and premature aging after sun exposure. Prolonged smoking and inhalation increases the number of visible fine lines and wrinkles, skin takes longer to heal, and pigmentation and age spots become apparent. Nicotine constricts the blood vessels and decreases oxygen flow to the skin, essentially cutting off a healthy nutrient supply. The best thing to do to combat the signs of aging that cigarettes create is by quitting.

If you have heard the myth that facial exercise will maintain facial health in the future, you should probably stop now. Studies have shown that repetitive facial motions only serve to increase fine lines and wrinkles in the future. Also, try to mix up your sleeping positions. If you always sleep with your cheek on the pillow in the same way, your skin will wrinkle easier as you age.

One of your best defenses against aging skin is a healthy, balanced diet. Keep your diet loaded with essential oils, fish, olives, nuts, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, total fats (as opposed to saturated fats), water, tea, reduced-fat dairy products and supplements such as Zinc. Furthermore, keep your skin hydrated at all times. This will aid in the skin’s natural defense system against damaging free radicals. To help hydrate your skin, try one of our Clear Essence Skincare Moisturizers that will lock in excess water to keep skin smooth and firm.

So, although we will all eventually experience aging, you can slow the process. Just be smart about what you are putting in your body, and be aware of what you are exposing your skin to.