Clear Essence Skin Care Essentials Line

Not all of us have flawless skin. However, one can improve the appearance of his/her skin by following a daily skin care regime. Remember, everyday your skin is affected by harsh environmental pollution, dietary choices, and stress. You should take a good care of it to delay aging, improve appearance, and fade dark spots or marks by Natural Skincare for African Americansusing Clear Essence Olive Oil or Carrot Oil soaps. These soaps maintain your skin tone while adding moisture. Our Olive Oil Soap helps to soften rough skin while carrots have been proven to add elasticity and leave skin looking radiant and firm. There are many benefits to regular facial care.

Regular skin care stimulates and improves metabolism and functions of the dermal tissues. This improves the appearance of the face and keeps it healthy and glowing. For glowing smooth moisturized skin try Clear Essence Specialist Skin Care Body Oil. Not only is it a moisturizing body oil, but it also helps to fade stretch marks and scars on the body, especially for darker skin tones. It helps to improve the skins appearance and elasticity over time.

Clear Essence’s Moisturizing Body Lotion with SPF 15 helps to protect the skin from sun rays, while keeping the skin soft and moisturized. With routine skin care using Clear Essence’s Skin Essentials Line, you can keep yourself beautiful and reap the benefits of radiant skin!

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