Exfoliation 101

skin-cleansing-264066_640Dull, dead looking skin is never a beauty goal for African American women’s skin care. Exfoliation is a way for us to avoid dead and dull looking skin. Exfoliation allows us to remove the dead cells that sit on the top layer of our skin. Once these dead cells are gone, it allows for our natural glowing complexion to shine through.

                Our face is usually where we focus most of our attention, but sometimes our bodies’ need a little bit of TLC as well. Just like our face, we also want our bodies to have a beautiful glow. To create this glow you should use products that specifically say body scrub or cleansing scrubs. Body scrubs should contain any of the following; beads, pits, sugar, salt, or another natural exfoliating substance. These scrubs are a little bit harsher on the skin, and should not be applied to the face. For the face, there are many different options for exfoliators. If you have sensitive skin, using a non-irritating daily cleanser with a washcloth should suffice. For normal skin, a mild exfoliator should be used. Most dermatologists recommend scrubs with jojoba beads or sugar, as they are less irritating. There are also facial peels called glycolic masks that may be used to exfoliate. These facial masks use chemicals such as alpha-hydroxy acid and beta-hydroxy acid, to gently exfoliate the skin.

Exfoliation should be done around once a week in your black skin care routine. If exfoliation is done more often, it can cause redness and dry out your skin. For the body, a loofa, body glove, or body brush, may be used with a body scrub to exfoliate the skin. These products should not be used on the face because they are too rough for the more sensitive skin that is on your face. To exfoliate the body you should take a warm shower, not hot because the hot water will dry out the skin. While in the shower rub the body scrub in a circular motion and then rinse well. To exfoliate the face with a mild scrub or cleanser a clean washcloth should be used. Place a small amount of product onto a wet washcloth. Then wash the face in gentle circular motions. You do not want to scrub your face, as that will cause irritation.

Exfoliation can reveal the true beauty in your skin. It wipes away all those dead skin cells to reveal a glowing complexion. Just be careful, as you do not want this great thing to go awry because of overuse.

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