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Bust Boosting

are great, but as we women get older, gravity seems to kick in. Saggy boobs are not as attractive as when they are when they are perky. Younger people may wonder, “Why do I have saggy boobs? I’m not even that old.” Well age is not the only reason your girls become droopy. In fact, there are many reasons that may be causing this unwanted situation and there are ways to reverse this problem without going to your close by plastic surgeon.

But before explaining at home remedies and products that you can try; let’s talk about the how and why. If you are dramatically losing and gaining weight all the time, your breast tissue is beginning to have more slack. If you happen to be a smoker, smoking can cause your skin to age by decreasing the blood supply to the skin surface. Skipping sunscreen when going out in the sun, causes the skin to stretch out collagen and it damages your skin. Wearing a bra that does not have enough support, and causes your breast to bounce up and down a lot, causes more stress on the breast skin and collagen. Even wearing a bra may have an effect on your boobs; studies have been shown that people that haven’t worn a bra have less saggy boobs. If you’re not drinking enough water, it doesn’t just effect your weight or skin, it also effects your boobs – so drink that magical liquid. You are going through menopause. Last but not less, you are pregnant or have been before. Being pregnant causes ligaments to stretch, especially in the breast because once the baby is born that is going to be his or hers source of nutrition.



Now, how can you fix this at home? Well, you can start by doing exercises. Especially, exercises that focus on your chest. Some of these exercises include, the T-Plank, The Pec Pushup, The C-Sweep, and etc. You can also try a breast massage while using an infusion of 30g rosemary, 30g wild thyme, and 30g thyme. Let it cool to room temperature; after applying it, let it sit for 15-20 minutes then wash it off with cold water. Another remedy that you can try is called hydrotherapy. Rinse with warm water for 30 seconds then rinse with the coldest water that you can tolerate for 10 seconds. Alternate between the warm and cold water for a couple minutes. This helps increase blood circulation, thereby stimulates the synthesis of elastic and collagen –both making your breast firmer and perkier.

A product that you can use to help with making your girls look happier is by using Clear Essence’s The Adure Bust Boost Firm and Lifting cream. It offers a non-surgical solution to attaining a fuller, firmer bust area. It uses natural Chinese herbs such as Dong Quoi Extract, Ginseng Extract, Wild Yam Extract and other natural plant extracts to stimulate the development and growth of bust tissue by improving circulation of nutrients and balancing the activity of local hormones. The enhancing effects of these herbs have been used in folk medicine for many centuries. Dong Quai is an aromatic herb that grows on the high plateaus of northwest China and is known to promote the circulation of blood and to boost the overall female reproductive health. Wild Yam is a widely used herbal tonic for women’s health and is rich in phytol-estrogen nutrients that promote healthy breast tissue growth. For more information please visit And always remember that no matter what, you are beautiful.

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