Makeup Do’s and Don’ts: Tips for Beautiful Skin


When we look our best, we feel our best. It’s a fact of life that encourages us to take those extra steps to look and feel great when we prepare for our day ahead. For many of us, that includes makeup. But what happens when certain steps in our makeup routine take away from our shine? Learn some essential makeup do’s and don’ts to guarantee that you’ll look your absolute best when you do your makeup!


Cleanliness is key! We’ve discussed before how important it is to keep your makeup brushes and applicators clean, but it is also important to keep your makeup and makeup bags sanitary as well. For eye, lip and brow pencils, sharpen your products before each use to ensure a clean tip from your last application. With powders, compacts and palettes, use a cosmetic sanitizer spray or isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle to mist onto your products to kill bacteria and prevent contamination. Clean your makeup bags and containers regularly to avoid germ transfer onto your applicators and products. And, always remember to wash your hands before and after applying makeup.


Do not share products. Ran out of eyeliner, or forgot important makeup at home when running to meet with a friend? In any case, do not share makeup, especially eye products. You will be more prone to getting infections, like pink eye, or break outs. This includes using tester products in cosmetic stores.  While it is important to test products like foundation for color matching before you purchase them, it’s possible that hundreds of people have touched the same product and could be spreading germs. Ask if there are any beauty consultants that can assist you and check if they’re using clean or disposable applicators before you try them on your face. If it doesn’t seem safe, don’t risk it.


Also, do not forget that makeup products have expiration dates. Just like with our food, even if you don’t use a makeup product, after a certain amount of time the composition of the product can change, making it dry, less effective and more prone to harboring bacteria and dangerous to use on your skin. Pay attention to the expiration labels on your products. As a general rule, you should replace lipstick every one to two years, facial makeup and powders every twelve months, eyeshadow every six to twelve months and mascaras and eyeliners every three months to avoid eye inflammation and eye mites. Also, when using mascara, twist your wand instead of pumping it into your mascara tube to collect product. You can trap air in the tube, drying it out faster and exposing it to bacteria.


The biggest do when it comes to makeup is to make sure your skin stays protected and healthy. Healthy skin is the baseline to beautiful makeup that emphasizes your unique beauty. Our My Natural Beauty line is perfect for protecting and emphasizing the natural beauty you already possess. Always stay safe when it comes to your makeup and your skin so you can truly be the best you can be.





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