Should You Tone Your Skin?

There has been a long-standing debate in the skincare industry for years: To tone or not to tone… that is the question!! Some professionals swear by this protocol while others claim it is a waste of money. Let’s examine who could benefit from a toner and who might skip this step in their skin care regimen.

In the past toners were very astringent, alcohol based products used to remove the heavy film left on the skin after using a cold cream to “cleanse” the skin. If you didn’t remove the remaining cleanser product, your skin would feel very greasy and there would be a fair amount of makeup still on the skin. Years ago there were not many options for different skin types or conditions. Today it is very different and currently there are a myriad of toners for every skin type and every budget. Clear Essence tries to stay at the forefront of toning for uneven skin, dark complexions and black skin types while staying affordable within the market.

Cleansers are often pH balanced and don’t leave that greasy film on the skin. Today, toners often add an element of treatment rather than finishing the cleansing process. If you have healthy, normal skin you are welcome to skip the toner. But you might be skipping an opportunity to add essential moisture or extra antioxidants to boost your skin health.

Those with combination skin, oily skin, acne prone skin, or dehydrated/dry skin will benefit greatly from a toner. This step will ensure that the cleansing process is complete, and add active ingredients that treat acne, minimize fine lines and wrinkles and supply topical hydration to the skin.

We recommend using an alcohol free toner so that the pH of the skin is not irritated. Alcohol based toners tend to strip the skin and as a result the skin produces a sudden rush of oil to restore better balance. This creates a vicious cycle of feeling oily, using an excessively strong toner, and then feeling the need to remove the surge of oil production with more toner. Focus on gentle products that can be used once or twice a day for maximum benefit. Look for a toner that fits your skin type and condition- not a “one size fits all” product. We base ourselves on not fitting a “one size fits all” stereotype by creating multiple lines for different skin types and being targeted for a demographic that has limited options when it comes to skin care. African American skin and other dark complexions including Asian, Hispanic and Middle Eastern, suffer from unique problems that we strive to combat with our ingredients and products formulated especially for the amount of melanin found in their skin types. Try our Exfoliating Facial Cleanser Toner Astringent to remove excess oils, refine pores, and clarify the skin. We also carry our Lemon Plus Vitamin C Multi-Active Toner for sensitive skin types. This all natural ingredient formula cleanses and prepares the skin for treatment or nourishing.

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