Skin care for Black Men: Razor Bump Prevention

razorbumpsMany black men suffer from razor bumps within the beard area from shaving. Razor bumps are hair follicles that never make it out of the skin when growing after they have been cut. This results in raised, red and sometimes painful bumps. Prevention of these bumps can aid in skin complexion and smoothness. It all begins with the way you shave and what tools you use. Read on to learn more.


Your Tools

Ensure that the razor you are using is sharp enough to cut the hair on one pass. Running the razor multiple times over your skin leads to more chances for hair to grow improperly. Use a clear razor and rinse your blade after every stroke. Shaving cream and water are also necessary. Never shave skin dry, as the blade will need lubrication. It will also be easier to develop razor bumps and irritation when shaving dry skin. Many men overlook shaving gels. Try Chimere Bump Control Shave Gel as it help hair stand away from the skin. Shaving immediately after or during showering will help open your pores and make hair soft and easier to shave.


Your Technique

Shaving against the grain will allow for a closer shave, but it will also cause hairs to be cut too short allowing for issues when growing back. When cut shorter, hairs are able to curl back into the skin causing ingrown hairs. Shave with the grain, as this will prevent close shaves and the possibility of ingrown hairs. Another common practice is to pull the skin taut while shaving. Again this allows for a close shave but also razor bumps from running the blade along your skin.


Finishing your Routine

Rinse your face with cool water to close the pores and prevent dirt and debris from entering your freshly exposed skin. Finish off with Chimere Bump Control After Shave Gel to further refresh and tighten skin. This powerful formula also protects against future razor bumps and ensures that the hair will grow back out of the skin rather than forming an ingrown hair.


Prevention of razor bumps starts with your shaving routine. If you’re already suffering from these pesky bumps, we’ll discuss in our next skin care for black men article ways to treat them.

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