Skin: The Foundation for Make-up

Makeup is evolving and becoming bigger than ever. It has become more than just beauty products; it has become a form of art, of self-expression and a life style for many.

The brands that exist are limitless. As well as the kinds of products that are on the shelves at your local Sephora, Ulta and drugstores. Thousands of Instagram pages, Twitter accounts, Pinterest posts and YouTube channels are created to help and inform makeup lovers on “how to achieve this makeup look” or “what kind of makeup suits your skin type”.

The very talented makeup artist, Kyne Onlinemakeup from YouTube and Makeupsocial, created a post titled, “The Metamorphosis”. The photo in the post depicts Onlinekyne’s face, one half beautifully done and the other half revealing his natural and makeup less face.

The photo received immediate feedback from followers. Many identified with the photo as it being a representation of what individuals with skin imperfections experience when wearing makeup.

The beauty of makeup is that it can do so many things for people such as transform their appearance whenever and to whatever they choose. Onlinekyne was able to perfectly portray the power of makeup and its metamorphosis abilities.

But in reality, makeup’s transformative abilities at times do not do enough, especially for ethnic skin. It doesn’t matter how good a makeup product is, can it really mask the skin imperfections that people with darker skin complexions are plagued with, like acne or discoloration? Yes, makeup products can cover blemishes but it does not solve or eliminate those ethnic skin problems. If we properly care for our skin, makeup doesn’t need to be used as a cover-up; it can be a beauty enhancer.

Our skin is the foundation for all makeup, which is why it is essential to properly care for it. Ethnic and darker skin complexions need extra TLC due to its sensitivity and its susceptibility to hyperpigmentation, dark spots and dryness. All of Clear Essence’s products target each and every one of those ethnic skin problems. For further information on Clear Essence’s skin care products visit

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