Father’s Day is Coming Up!


When thinking about our bodies and taking care of our bodies, the importance of skin care is often neglected. The main proposes of skin is to cover and protect our bodies from infections as well as provide a thermal layer to keep us at temperature equilibrium. Why not try to help protect and promote what defends and encourages our thriving bodies?

This Father’s Day, let’s help our fathers’ transition into implementing simple skin care regimens that they can easily follow and commit to. Women have actively adopted and tend to follow complete skin regimen, but most men have not conformed to the notion that skin care is more than just “looking pretty.” Men have different skin than women and could actually require more maintenance. Men have a propensity to have more oily skin than women. This is why it’s imperative for them to follow a basic routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Clear Essence Cosmetics has devoted two product lines to the advancement of  skin care for men of color: the Chimere line and Solutions for Men line.

Dealing with the effect of weekly or even daily shaving can be very traumatizing for skin. Men with black skin may experience rough skin, dark spots from bearded areas, or even razor bumps (which is very common amongst ethnic skin), it may also be essential to pay more attention to how you shave and using the right after shaving products. Whether a man is sporting a full beard or bald face, Clear Essence Cosmetics offers many products to help control those issues such as the Solutions for Men ‘Facial and Bald Head Shave Gel’ and the Solutions for Men ‘Skin Renewal Booster After Shave’. Both products, under the Solutions for Men line, will help fade dark spots, smoothen and soften skin, and minimize the appearance of razor bumps, while controlling mild acne and evening skin tone.

Just in time for Father’s Day, June 19th, Clear Essence Cosmetics is currently offering the Chimere Bump Control Skincare Gift Set at a discounted price you can not miss. This is the time to help our Fathers, and get them on a skincare regimen that they will love!

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  1. David Alston says:

    I “discovered” the Bald Head Shave Gel last year when I was visiting a friend in Baltimore. Bought a tube at the local beauty supply store. I’ve only been shaving my head for the last 8 years.

    I can tell you unequivocally that this stuff is the BEST SHAVE GEL KNOWN TO MAN!! When you shave with this gel, your head/skin feels like glass. I’ve never seen anything like this stuff in my life! And it’s cheap as sin!

    The only other product I “swear buy” are German cars. ‘Cause I own one. And I “swear” by Bald Head Shave Gel too! ‘Cause I use it! This stuff is “amazing!”

    You can check me out by Googling this story: White House Looks For Faster Top-Secret Clearances. You’ll see my pic. The story is unbelievable too! I wouldn’t lie because I’ve been polygraphed several times in my life.

    This shave gel is incredible!

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