SPF in Black Skin Care

For some reason, there is this common misconception that individuals with darker skin do not get sun burnt, get skin cancer, and do not need to wear sunscreen. This idea probably originated from the fact that darker skin has more melanin, which gives some protection against UVA and UVB rays. However, it is still necessary to wear protection in extreme sun exposure even if your skin contains a lot of melanin.


What does SPF mean?

SPF is a confusing term when looking for Black skin care products with good sun protection. It stands for sun protection factor, but most of us are not sure what numbers 15, 30, 50 mean in relation to its use. It makes sense to think that the SPF 30 product offers twice as much as the SPF 15 product. That’s actually incorrect and a bit misleading. SPF shows the product’s ability to protect skin in comparison to the skin’s protection without SPF. For example, if your skin burns after 10 minutes of sun exposure, applying an SPF 30 product would protect your skin from burning for about 300 minutes. There are significant differences in protection between SPF 15, 30, & 50, but any product claiming to have an SPF over 50 will not make much difference.

What kind should I use?

Experts recommend using an SPF of 15 or 30 depending on your skin and time in the sun. If you are planning for a day out in the sun, make sure to apple a generous amount about every two hours. If you just need protection from everyday activities, try using Black skin care products that already have sun protection. Clear Essence Platinum Line Extra Strength Skin Beautifying Milk with SPF 15 (8 oz.) is perfect for Black women’s skin care as it adds hydration, an even skin tone, and has a built in SPF 15. If you wear foundation or face makeup on a daily basis, you may find it convenient to switch to a foundation with sun protection.


The biggest mistake people make when using sunscreen, is that they don’t reapply it. A product may not be as effective as it should be if we don’t apply it right or reapply it. After about two hours of being in the sun, it is time to add a new layer of sun block. This is going to provide a constant shield to protect your skin. Again, darker skin still needs protection from sun exposure, so apply your SPF and enjoy the sun!

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