Spring Skin Essentials: Vibrant Skin for the New Season


Spring is here! The weather is getting hotter, and sun stays out to play longer! We start planning more adventures to the beach, mountains, around the city, and more. Here are some spring skin essentials to keep your skin smooth and refreshed on your spring break getaway:

For all-over moisture with the added benefit of sun protection, pack our Moisturizing Body Lotion with SPF 15 from our My Natural Beauty Skin Tone Line. It’ll keep your skin soft and moisturized while you relax. Also, it’s not greasy. So it’s perfect for people prone to oily skin!

And when you’re ready to cleanse away the excitement of your spring adventures, use our My Natural Beauty Carrot Oil Soap to enhance your skin with carrot seed oil, which stimulates skin cell growth to rejuvenate wrinkled, dehydrated skin, and repair sun damage. The added Vitamin A and Beta Carotene maintain skin tone and elasticity to give your skin a radiance that matches the new season!

Spring time also means we get to take in Vitamin D from the sun, but did you think about revitalizing your skin with natural Vitamin C? Our Lemon Plus Vitamin C Skin Care Line offers a blend of Vitamin C, lemon extract, ginseng, aloe, green tea, and more to revive your skin and help achieve an even, cleaner tone. It’s a perfect hydroquinone-free solution for a smoother complexion that will leave you looking and feeling great this spring season!  Try our Lemon Plus Vitamin C Body Oil as an intensive moisturizer. It will give you silky, smooth skin with added SPF 10 protection!

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