Stretch Marks in Black Skin Care: What are they? How do we get them?

Stretch marks affect tons of people and they seem to have so many unanswered questions. Why do we get them? Are they curable? Are they permanent? Anyone who has had stretch marks has probably asked themselves these questions. Once you understand the causes of stretch marks in African American skin care, it will be much easier to treat and prevent them in the future.

What exactly are stretch marks?

Stretch marks are a type of scarring that occurs on the dermis—the outer most layer of the skin. They do not discriminate as you can find stretch marks on men, women, teens, and adults. While the appearance of stretch marks may vary depending on skin color, they affect all ethnicities and races. Because of their discolored appearance rippled texture, we aim to understand solutions to stretch marks in skin care for Black women.

What causes them?

Anytime the body goes through a rapid change in size or shape, it is likely that stretch marks will appear. The skin has a certain amount of elasticity, and when it is stretch beyond that amount, it tears. After the skin tears, it becomes very thin, allowing the color of the fat beneath the skin to show. This is why stretch marks are often a pale color. Some of the most common places we see stretch marks are in pregnant women, pubescent teens, and during excessive weight gain. During pregnancy, it is a no brainer that the stomach is going to expand and the skin is going stretch more than usual. During puberty, teens usually experience sudden growth spurts that do not give the skin adequate stretching time. The same goes for weight gain, when the skin is put under a lot of stress to expand in a short amount of time, the result is stretch marks.

One common misconception is that men do not get stretch marks as easily as women do. This is false. Men are just as able to get stretch marks as women, it just happens differently. Men often get stretch marks around their shoulders from lifting weights, as well as other parts of the body from rapid weight change.

Are they Permanent?

The way your body handles stretch marks is often hereditary. So, if your mother had a severe case of stretch marks that faded after pregnancy, chances are you will to. While, they may fade, it is true that the skin may never return to its exact state prior to having the stretch marks. Some have been able to make their skin almost identical its appearance before stretch marks, but there will always be a trace. There are a lot of products specializing in African American skin care that help to reduce stretch marks, and there are also different practices and procedures that can help treat stretch marks.

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