Thirsty? Hydrating Ethnic Skin Types

Low temperatures usually means dry weather, and with that comes chapped lips, dry skin and a constant thirst. Before picking up that hot cocoa or coffee, remember that the liquids you drink on a daily basis can not only affect your skin but your overall health.

Here are some quick reminders to help you make the wisest and healthiest choices for your skin this winter season.

  • Sugar sweetened soft drinks can cause wrinkles and promote acne. We know that soda goes with almost every meal but there are always better alternatives such as fresh juices or green tea.
  • Do you go out a lot? Alcohol dehydrates the skin. Remember to drink water before, during and after consuming alcohol to ensure hydration of your body including your skin.
  • Caffeine contributes to dark under eye circles. Limit your caffeine intake and reduce your chances of dehydration, insomnia, and increased stress from caffeine.
  • Drink fresh vegetable and fruit juices daily. Cold weather wears on the skin and the minerals in vegetables and fruits can help combat color loss and dryness.
  • Drink 8 cups of water every day!

Following some or all of these tips will insure you to have flawless skin throughout the winter.  Use our natural skin care to help with your hydration process.

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