Treat Your Feet! Skin Care for Your Wheels

Have you been looking everywhere for African American skin care? In this process, you are constantly on your feet, applying all levels of pressure upon them everyday.

Clear Essence Cosmetics wants to step in and help you with the introduction of the Adure Anti-Flamme Herbal Massage Relief Creme, which will cure any foot pains or bruising for all skin types before it can even start. Created with natural therapeutic skin healing herbs and plant extracts, your feet will receive the natural skin care treatment they deserve after a long day.

Exclusively ours and available now at Adure, Anti-Flamme Herbal Massage Relief Creme.

For more information on the complete Adure line visit us at—women-1.html.

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  1. Looking for meaningful posts like this as they dont exist as much anymore, its refreshing to finally read someone who knows what they are talking about.

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