Water And Its Benefits On Your Skin


There are many tips on what to drink to live a healthy lifestyle. This can include orange juice, carrot juice and the like. But did you know that there is something extremely beneficial, and vital for our body that we definitely need to consider drinking every day? You guessed it! Water!!!

How Much?

It is well known that water helps in maintaining our hydration and keeping our organs in tip-top shape. In fact, it is recommended that men need roughly 13 cups (3 liters) of water a day while for women, it is recommended to drink about 9 cups (2.2 liters) of water a day. This of course depends on the temperature of the climate, how active the individual is, and so forth. Well that’s all nice and dandy, but what’s in it for your skin care for African American skin?

Consequences Of Lack Of Water

First off, let’s look at the negative effects if the recommended amount of water is not consumed daily. Since your body is constantly renewing itself, it needs the energy to continue on. Water, is one of those sources of energy. Also, water is constantly flushing out of your body from sweat, breathing, urine, and bowel movements. Because of this, you definitely need to constantly be replenishing your body. Some risks that you may have if your water intake does not equal your output are higher health risks, a slower metabolism, and constipation. Lastly, and this is the one consequence that may hurt us the most, our skin appears more wrinkled. How is this possible? Your skin is made up of plenty of water, and works as a protective barrier to prevent further water loss. If there is not enough water to help the skin do its job, the skin will appear drier, making it susceptible to wrinkles.

Benefits Of Water

With all the negative consequences in mind, there is no surprise that water does in fact bring many benefits to our health (and our skin of course). But focusing on just our skin (since we are all trying very hard to prevent wrinkles from forming), drinking more water will improve our hydration. Being hydrated means having the appearance of plumped skin, with the fine lines and wrinkles filled, and having a brightened complexion.

It is clear now, that staying hydrated can bring benefits to a black skin care regimen. So next time you’re out and about, try to squeeze in a couple more glasses a day. Stay refreshed, and you will stay beautiful.

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