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Clear Essence Cosmetics USA, Inc dba Bluefield Associates, Inc. is proud to offer a Contract Manufacturing Program tailored for our Distributors worldwide. The debut products to be available in this program are 1, Skin Beautifying Milk, an all over body complexion lotion, and 2, Skin Smoothing Crème, for smoother and clearer skin. and the 3, Vitamin E Complexion Bar. These three products were reformulated and can now be packaged for Distributors on a contract manufacturing basis to accommodate their special needs that may be unique in the respective Distributors’ territories such as Goverment packaging regulations or simply to satisfy end users particular needs. Once again, this program demonstrates yet another example of Bluefield Associates, Inc. commitment to its customers by creating tailored programs suitable for specific regions world wide.


Recently a distributor in the Sub-Saharan region of Africa approached us to develop and manufacture a mass market skin care product that will compete with products packaged in other parts of the world. Our Research and Development Department immediately took on the challenge, and while taking into consideration the tropical nature of the region, came up with the Maxi-Tone® skin care line of products namely; Complexion Clarifying Fade Cream, Complexion Clarifying Skin Lightening Lotion, Complexion Clarifying Skin Lightening Soap and Complexion Clarifying Vanishing Cream. All products are manufatured in our FDA approved facility.


In a continued effort to always seek improvement and provide our end-user with latest advancements in formulations, Bluefield Associates, Inc. launched the Specialist Skincare Body Oil, Baby by Clear Essence and Solutions for Men. Extending our products into both the Baby and Men of Color markets gives our clients an upper hand and leading edge on the market.


Distributors can contact our International Department with their Contract Manufacturing requirements or to receive additional information regarding this program. Email:

Private Label Manufacturing Services


To contact Manufacturing please: call 1.909.476.6027 ext. 228 l fax 1.909.476.6084

Clear Essence Cosmetics Private Labeling

Research & Development

Our Research and Development laboratory is staffed by highly trained scientists who keep pace with the latest advances in science and technology in an ever changing industry to assure delivery of safe and effective products. Our skilled Chemists are capable of developing a wide variety of products. whether it’s creating a new remedy for a troublesome skin condition or developing a new signature packaging, our team of professionals consistently meets and exceeds the expectations of our customers.


To contact Research and Development please: call 1.909.476.6027 ext. 227 l fax 1.909.476.6084


Our new FDA approved state-of-the-art manufacturing facility assures efficiency, consistency and quality. Our dedicated and courteous staff is committed in delivering products that meet or exceed your expectations. We will bring to your projects the same enthusiasm, creativity and experience that have helped to make the Clear Essence brand a top selling ethnic skin care system around the world. We have the expertise and willingness to respond to your needs quickly for large or small production runs.


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