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What's My Skin Type?

There are six different skin types and they are classified as dry skin, normal skin, oily skin, mature skin, combination skin and sensitive skin. It is important to identify your true skin type so you are able to select the most effective skin care products for your special skin care needs. Determining your skin type is easy, and the information will help you when choosing the right Clear Essence skin care products for your specific skin type. Answer the questions below to help identify your skin type.

Skin Type Quiz:

 1. What is your skin like when you first wake up?
a. Normal - very little change from the night before
b. Tight and flaky
c. Oily all over
d. Red and blotchy

2. After you wash your face, wait 15-20 minutes. What is your skin like then?
a. Comfortable - not too oily and not too tight
b. Very tight and dull looking
c. Oily around the nose, forehead, chin and spreading to the cheek area
d. Red and itchy

3. The pores on your face are ________
a. A little noticeable around the nose
b. Barely noticeable, if at all
c. Large and noticeable with blackheads, especially around the nose then spreading to the cheeks

4. I would describe the condition of my skin as ________
a. Pretty good - sometimes a little oily around the t-zone & sometimes a little dry in the cheek area
b. Uncomfortable - dull, itchy, flaky
c. Problematic - tends to breakout often and is flaky at times
d. Challenging - I have bad reactions to products often, gets red and blotchy with certain food & beverages that I consume, etc.

* If you answered mainly "a", then you have normal or combination skin
* If you answered mainly "b", then you have dry to very dry skin
* If you answered mainly "c", then you have oily skin
* If you answered mainly "d", then you have sensitive skin