Mature Skin

Aging is a long process that plays a major role in changing the skin's texture. As your age increases, wrinkles also increase, estrogen levels change, and the moisture of the skin starts to decrease. These are the reasons skin starts to lose its elasticity as well as its firmness. Sagging skin, wrinkles and age spots are all the visible signs of aging.

Aging skin needs the proper care and attention as well as any other specific skin type. Use Clear Essence Anti Aging Skin Care products to achieve a superb youthful appearance in a short span of time. Our impressive line of Anti Aging Skin Care products contain ingredients that the skin needs to encourage firm and youthful skin. Clear Essence's anti aging treatment products address the visible signs of aging such as lines, loss of firmness, appearance of stressed and tired looking skin. Made from botanical and many other rich ingredients, Clear Essence Anti Aging Skin Care products re-awakens the skin to restore skin vitality and youthful radiance. With Clear Essence Cosmetics® Skin Care products, you never have to go anywhere else in search of anti-aging skin care solutions.

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