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How is Men's skin different from Women's?

There are four main differences between men's skin and women's skin:

  • Men have thicker skin (although many women would beg to differ.)
  • Men have oilier skin. Men's skin have smaller sebaceous glands.
  • Men's skin is also more delicate than women's. Yep, you heard right! The daily shaving ritual that men undergo aggravates the skin, destroying the hydrolytic film on the skin's surface and thus creating razor bumps which increases dryness and reduces the skin's natural protection.
  • Also, men- especially outdoor men- tend to expose their skin to a torturous array of damaging conditions including sun, wind, water, salt, building products, chemicals, cuts, scratches, and grazes.

It's no wonder, then, that the man of today is more concerned about his skin than ever before. Like his level of fitness and health, his apparel, and his grooming, a man's skin says a lot about him. As it turns out, men need skin care just as much as women; maybe even more so! Men need a tailor-made skincare range. So when it comes to skin care don't settle for second best. A man's skin needs a natural men's skincare range - a range which reduces dryness and irritation, replenishes natural defenses, enhances skin rejuvenation, and makes his skin all around more touchable. This is all achievable with Clear Essence's Chimere line for men!

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ChiMere™ Face & Body Cleansing Set for Men
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ChiMere™ Men's Grooming 3 Step Kit
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ChiMere™ Bump Control After Shave Gel (4 oz.)
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ChiMere™ Triple Action Body Wash for Men (5.2 oz.)
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ChiMere™ Bump Control Cleansing Bar (5 oz.)
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