Adure™ Skin Care for Women

In this fast-paced world of mass production, we at Clear Essence still know the importance of creating products that cater to the essence of individuality. With Adure™ by Clear Essence®, we have synthesized knowledge honed from ancient traditional remedies and utilized modern technologies to preserve the integrity of their healing properties.In this way, we created a therapeutic line, specifically designed, with the needs of women of color in mind.

Since the world marketplace is our arena, our first challenge was to select a name of distinction. “Adure” by definition means “Daughter of Grace, Elegance and Beauty.” It is derived from the Igbo tribe of Eastern Nigeria and it epitomizes the way we want our products to make women feel. Our second challenge was to understand the simple yet ingenious powers of Mother Nature. Our international team of experts embarked upon countless expeditions throughout the remote villages and rain forests of Africa, Asia, South America and Australia. They were committed to uncovering the mystery behind Mother Nature’s natural ingredients (derived from clay, mud, plants and fruit) could organically nourish skin.

Each expedition led to innovative discoveries based on the teaching of local herbalogists (heirs to generations of natural skin care knowledge). We returned with rare botanicals and skillfully incorporated them into the formulas that serve as the foundation for the Adure collection. The six products under the Adure™ banner are now available to safely and effectively address all the skin care concerns of today’s women of color. At Clear Essence®, we support a holistic approach to well-being. We hope that the Adure™ collection will inspire you to explore a similar approach to life, leading you to a harmonious balance of natural beauty and wellness.

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