ChiMere™ Bump Control Cleansing Bar (5 oz.)

Eliminate razor bumps and ingrown hairs!

The first step to an effective bump free shaving routine by breaking down pore clogging residue and debris which block razor blades from cutting hairs without friction. A cleansing wash with this facial exfoliating men’s soap bar leaves skin feeling fresh, clean, comfortable and even-toned. It is used for the treatment of acne; deep cleanses to remove dirt, bacteria and oil; and exfoliates dead skin cells for a radiant blemish free clear complexion.

Skin Concern: Razor bumps, Ingrown hairs and Uneven skin texture
Recommended Skin Type: Oily to Normal skin
Used For: An even complexion, cleansing away dirt and oil, eliminating bumps from shaving
For Use On: Face, neck, chest and back
Product Form: Soap Bar
Capacity: Total Volume: 5.0 ounces
Dermatologist Tested
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Additional information

Weight 0.383125 lbs
Dimensions 1.375 × 3 × 4.375 in



Lather over face and entire body then rinse and towel dry. Cleanse twice daily. Use as pre-shave treatment to open pores and exfoliate dead skin cells for a close and clean shave free of nicks or razor bumps. 





Essential Ingredients:

SulphurTriclocarban, Water (aqua), Sodium Tallowate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Tetrasodium EDTA, Glycerin, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Bamboo Carbon, Fragrance.

Sulphur: A natural substance traditionally used for problem skin, especially skin prone to rashes, acne and breakouts.

Triclocarban: An antibacterial agent

Glycerin: A light, organic, non-greasy fatty acid used as a lubricant and moisturizer

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for ChiMere™ Bump Control Cleansing Bar (5 oz.)

  1. Domo

    Length of ownership: 1 week-1 month

    Pros: My razor bumps are bad and this soap has really helped.

    Cons: Nada

  2. Loui

    Length of ownership: 1 week-1 month

    Pros: I bought this soap at a show for my razor bumps and I can see that they are already gone.

    Cons: None

  3. Omar

    Length of ownership: 1 week-1 month

    Pros: I first tried the chimere shave gels because I heard they help with razor bumps. Now I use the soap after I shave for extra cleansing and my skin is starting to look better and clearer.

    Cons: N/a

  4. Fox

    Length of ownership: 1 month-1 year

    Pros: The product provides a lot of balance for African American men with sensitive skin needing a good cleanse. Works very well.

    Cons: Scent could be better. Nothing other than that!

  5. Don

    Length of ownership: 1 week-1 month

    Pros: I tried this Soap out and won’t be needing anything else. The packaging is dope.

    Cons: Soap leaves black charcoal

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ChiMere™ Bump Control Cleansing Bar (5 oz.)ChiMere™ Bump Control Cleansing Bar (5 oz.)

Availability: In stock