Platinum Skin Beautifying Milk (Maxi-Tone)

For a Full Body Even Skin Tone in only 4-6 weeks!

Clear Essence® Platinum Skin Beautifying Milk (Maxi-Tone) is our most popular moisturizing body toning lotion that eliminates dry skin and dark spots to reveal a youthful, bright, and natural skin tone. Locking in moisture and reducing transepidermal water loss, this effective moisturizer for dry skin contains a blend of emollients, hydroquinone, and botanical extracts which fade uneven patches such as elbows, knees, knuckles, feet and skin discolorations.

Skin Concern: Uneven patches and discolorations, dry skin, dull complexion
Recommended Skin Type: All skin types, specifically dry skin
Used For: A full body even skin tone and moisturized glow
For Use On: Body, light moisturizer for face if dry skin
Product Form: Lotion
Capacity: Total Volume: 8.0 ounces
Dermatologist Tested*Use of this product is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

(36 customer reviews)


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Weight 0.666875 lbs
Dimensions 2.125 × 2.125 × 8.125 in


Gently massage a thin layer of the lotion for dark spots onto the face or body. For a visible difference, apply twice daily for 4-6 weeks or as directed by your doctor.

Once desired results are attained, continue to use once daily after bathing to soften skin, correct dark spots and maintain an even glow.

Follow with sunscreen when venturing into direct sunlight every 1-2 hours to prevent re-darkening of discolorations.


To brighten, lighten, and even out the skin tone, first cleanse the face and body with the Medicated Cleansing Bar with Exfoliants (Extra Strength)

Follow cleansing with treatment of trouble spots with Medicated Fade Creme with Sunscreen for dry skin or small spots on the hands or body and the Skin Lightening Serum for oily skin types.

Finish by applying the Clear Essence® Platinum Skin Beautifying Milk as a face and all-over body moisturizer.


Essential Ingredients:

Hydroquinone 2%, Purified Water, Petrolatum, Propylene Glycol, Stearic Acid, Isopropyl Palmitate, Cetyl Alcohol, Ammonium Lauryl Sufate, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Glyceryl Stearate, Diazolidinyl Urea, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Sodium Metabisulfite, Dimethicone, Octinoxate, Ascorbic Acid, BHA, Propyl Gallate, Trisodium EDTA, Citric Acid, Fragrance.

Hydroquinone: The only FDA approved safe and effective skin lightening agent in a cosmetic formulation.

Isopropyl Palmitate: Reduces skin dryness and flaking; aids in healthy cell reproduction.

Cetyl Alcohol: A fatty alcohol used for its lubricating and moisturizing properties.

Dimethicone: An organic silicone used as a skin protection and moisturizer.

Ascorbic Acid: An organic Vitamin C used to help prevent free radical damage to the skin.

Citric Acid: A natural microbial agent to inhibit the growth of skin bacteria that causes acne or pimples.

36 reviews for Platinum Skin Beautifying Milk (Maxi-Tone)

  1. neaubian queen

    Length of ownership: more than 1 year

    Pros: this is wonderful i so love this product it works well an say if you have a brown face an dark neck it will even it out to match your facial tone try it u wont be disappointed. an for best results use with the complexion soap. works wonders. an you don’t even have to order off the net if your not sure you can buy it in your local hair& beauty shop how good is that. wow theres so much i want to say in so little space. try it u wont be sorry.

    Cons: if cream or soap gets into your eyes it stings a little so i have to rest a cold flannel over my eyes to cool it down wen it happens which is not very often

  2. JANE

    Length of ownership: 1 week-1 month



  3. Bushman

    Length of ownership: 1 week-1 month

    Pros: All I can say is that it works, it functions and it’s real good. I’ll keep using it.

    Cons: I’ve not found anything all that discouraging about it than it’s price. Something have to be done about it.

  4. sandyf

    Length of ownership: 1 week-1 month

    Pros: it works. i have been looking for a good creme that will suite my colour for long; my face has been rough sort of not up to my test, but i just bought clear essence not up to 2 weeks and i have already seen the difference. thanks a lot. i am happy with you. i promise to use both the cleander and the soap. it is a great product

  5. Antoinette

    Length of ownership: more than 1 year

    Pros: I highly recommend this product to anyone who have uneven skin/skin discolouration promblem. This product really works!!!. I also like the fact that I didn’t have to wait a long time to see result. I love this product so much, that I got my local ethinic/beauty store to now carry it full time, and the sale on it is off the hook!!! I use it on a regular basis and will never go back to anything else!!!!

    Cons: Can’t think of any..

  6. EPrice

    Length of ownership: 1 month-1 year

    Pros: I so love this product. First its not that expensive. Second, its a simple process (no messy liquid). Third, It works!!! I get compliments on my skin all the time! It looks even, smooth, and flawless!!

  7. QA

    Length of ownership: more than 1 year

    Pros: I have used this product for over 5 years and it really works. I’m known as the “lady with the beautiful skin”. It makes the skin really soft, clear and bright. I found it safe to use through my pregnancy and even after. I would encourage all women of color with hyper pigmentation and skin discolorations to try it.

    Cons: I don’t like the smell but can’t complain. It works!!!!!!!

  8. Deymolar

    Length of ownership: more than 1 year

    Pros: For a guy, i most say i’m really impress. This is my 8th year using this product, i even introduced it to my wife and she is looking good as ever even with our pregnacy.

    Cons: Dont have any.

  9. christine

    Length of ownership: more than 1 year

    Pros: For me is a need, i got all the collection from the platinum line to adure skin care range,the most honest brand name ever live. I love it cant stop smiling.

  10. 1st Lady

    Length of ownership: 1 month-1 year

    Pros: I used to have big visible dark spots from pimples on my face. I lost my self-confidence due to the dark patches I got from other products which resulted into my face getting darker than my entire body.Thanks to my spouse who introduced this product to me. Now am loving my face and body like never before and can stand out tall wherever with smiles on my face. Thanks to Clear Essence Platinum Line Skin Beautifying Milk with Maxi-Tone.

    Cons: Can’t dream of any.Just love it.

  11. Miraclebaby

    Length of ownership: 1 week-1 month

    Pros: I use the skin beautifying milk along with the medicated fade cream and complexion soap and it has my skin looking great a lot of my dark marks have gone away and all of these products work great.

    Cons: There aren’t any, it does wonders for your skin…

  12. Grateful

    Length of ownership: 1 month-1 year

    Pros: I started using this product on January 3, 2010 and my skin is 90% clear and today is February 11, 2010. My face was way darker than the rest of my body because of the acne scarring but it’s cleared up dramatically; I used to wear multiple layers of foundation to cover up my spots and I don’t even need any foundation now. I’m so grateful for this product. I use the complexion cleaning soap; blemish wash; advanced complex fade gel and then the skin beautifying milk. I apply just as the instructions say; twice a day.

  13. sims

    Length of ownership: 1 week-1 month

    Pros: This is the best lotion ever….it took at least 2weeks for me to notice results but now my skin is soooo clear,smooth,soft,flawless…I can go on and on. Don’t think twice this product is great and I keep using it. I just hope they don’t stop making it.

    Cons: No sunscreen in it ,so best to use it at night. I love this product

  14. Miss T.

    Length of ownership: more than 1 year

    Pros: With this product, the difference is extremely clear. I have been using and I’m still using this product for a period of 8years going to 9years now…It’s perfect for me…Everywhere I go I’m spotted why? because the difference is clear….Clearessence…

  15. GlutaGyalxx

    Length of ownership: more than 1 year

    Pros: I actually cant beleive how much of a beautiful one base yellow complextion this product gave me all over my body!!! I used it from 6-9 months of my pregnancy. I was 6 shades lighter especially my feet. I stopped using it cos of the garlicky onion background smell! but sooorryyy i had to come back!! I ordered 2 beautifying mils and two gels, i just mix it up in the beautifying milk container. I LOVE IT!! CLEAR ESSENCE FOR LIFE!!!!!!!

    Cons: just the background smell of it, it does go down after a while of applying it tho, so its not too bad.

  16. Lala

    Length of ownership: 1 week-1 month

    Pros: leaves skin soft

  17. St

    Length of ownership: more than 1 year

    Pros: I have been using this product for some time although it has been an on and off kind of thing. I cannot compare it to any of these expensive products on the market yet they dont work.

    Cons: No SPF in this one…going to get the SPF version next.

  18. Destiny

    Length of ownership: 1 week-1 month

    Pros: I use this product every other day and it works amazingly. I wouldn’t consider using anything else.

    Cons: its smell before using

  19. Dora

    Length of ownership: 1 month-1 year

    Pros: I use this product every day as a moisturizer and it works amazingly! I don’t think I’d be able to use anything else even if I tried!

    Cons: the smell is distinct.

  20. shyz

    Length of ownership: more than 1 year

    Pros: love this product its the one product that delivers what it promises a beautiful even tone skin and it fades blemishes.i swear by it cos I’ve used it for 11 years now.I’ve tried other skin products but I keep coming back to it.i haven’t tried the one with extra strength yet I’ll be looking out for it.

    Cons: the onion galicky smell & sometimes I can’t tell the original from the fake.

  21. MrsB

    Length of ownership: 1 month-1 year

    Pros: I used this while I was in school and I stopped (I’m still trying to figure out why) I returned to this about 2 months ago and even with my not so constant use (like thrice or twice a week) I’ve seen fantastic results. It doesn’t make me sweat, it disappears into my skin immediately after application. My skin is even, and so clear! I keep getting compliments with people asking me what cream I use. Lol I use this with the medicated soap and the combination is awesome. Thanks Clear essence!

    Cons: I would have to say the “onion-y” smell but it fades almost immediately so its no big deal.

  22. Kenni

    Length of ownership: more than 1 year

    Pros: i have been using this product for 3 years now. it is excellent.i give it a 98% approval.

    Cons: do away with the parabens in this product it is not healthy.

  23. lovelybody

    Length of ownership: 1 day-1 week

    Pros: Just bought this product, and can’t wait to put up another review in 4 weeks about how great it is. Its been three days and and am smooth already.

    Cons: Non

  24. Honest Reviewer

    Length of ownership: 1 week-1 month

    Pros: It does what it says it should do! Non-greasy and easy to apply. I have struggled with acne hyperpigmentation all my life. This product has accomplished what two or three prescription products could not.

    Cons: The smell is a little funky but only for a few minutes.

  25. T

    Length of ownership: 1 week-1 month

    Pros: i have been using this product now for 2weeks and I can see a difference not just using as it says on the bottle. I use it once a day and still works. I have suffered with acne since I have gotten older.

    Cons: none

  26. Fallen Angel

    Length of ownership: 1 month-1 year

    Pros: I’m in love with the Skin Milk! My friend from Africa told me about it and how it can help get rid of dark spots so I bought it and starting using it on my elbows and parts of my face. I have already seen results and still have a lot to use!

    Cons: Wish it had a more floral fragrance

  27. Airjoe

    Length of ownership: 1 week-1 month

    Pros: I just wanted to thank you clear essence you save my life i will use your platinum line for ever please don’t stop i had hyperpigmentation on my face neck and back this product gave me a yellow complexion now it matches with the rest of my body thank you clear essence love you…

    Cons: Nothing to say change my life smell perfection same for the texture

  28. Ekua

    Length of ownership: more than 1 year

    Pros: After wasting hundreds and thousands of dollars literally trying to achieve beautiful and even toned skin, I was introduced to Clear essence Maxi-tone beautifying Milk Lotion by my mum and I have never looked back since. After more than a year of using this product my skin is perfection. Clear Essence beautifying milk lotion is the best facial and body moisturizer I have ever used in my life and I’m being serious when I say this. I am one of those people who never write reviews but after the excellent results I have attained from using this lotion I couldn’t keep silent. Since using this lotion I have never looked back. And I get to save my hard earned money as it is very affordable. Now I have the skin I have always dreamed of silky smooth, soft, eventoned skin both on my face and body. Thank you so much clear essence for an amazing product!!! Please please never stop making this lotion. Please leave it as it is.

  29. Babirye

    Length of ownership: 1 month-1 year

    Pros: This product really works,it gives the skin a natural glow and gradually fades dark spots. It makes the skin soft and gives it an even brighter skin tone. This product will not clog the pores and easily penetrates into the skin.

  30. AISSATA clair FRANCE

    Length of ownership: 1 month-1 year

    Pros: très bon produit mais il serait temps d’amélioré le parfum ou le décliné sur plusieurs parfums au choix . very good product but it would be time to improve the perfume or declined on several perfumes to choose from.

    Cons: Le lait FONCTIONNE BIEN mais la senteur(parfum) est nulle. UN VRAI INCONVÉNIENT MILK WORKS WELL but the scent is nill

  31. Troubled skin

    Length of ownership: 1 week-1 month

    Pros: I love this lotion! For years I’ve tried different products for the scars on my back from acne, nothing helped the appearance of the dark spots, or the dryness if I used the wrong product. I’ve only used this lotion for a week and I’ve already seen visible improvement. The scars are lightening, the touch of my skin is softer and more moisturized, and even the acne isnt popping up as frequently as it usually does. I’m so hopeful that maybe this summer I wont have to cover myself in jackets and sweaters and never wear spaghetti strap tops or backless dresses without them. I’ve seen dermatologists, and tried prescriptions. This bottle of lotion has done more for my skin in one week than anything I’ve ever tried.

    Cons: The smell is hard to get used to at first, but it is well worth the results.

  32. Nk

    Length of ownership: 1 week-1 month

    Pros: Before I do suffered from acne but not any more since I started using this lotion. It’s really good, keep the quality up, no faking please. Thanks for the product

    Cons: But the smell is not too pleasant. If you can make it pleasant enough it will be perfect

  33. Starshineseverywhere

    Length of ownership: more than 1 year

    Pros: I have being using this since 2005 when I was a youth, it’s the best product for dark spot on the skin to fade away, the milky texture has made me a constant user just because its unique among other skin lotion globally.

    Cons: None

  34. Whitehead

    Length of ownership: more than 1 year

    Pros: I started using this product since I was a youth and lived in Lagos. when I moved to Akwa Ibom I stopped cos I couldn’t get it to buy and even when I find it, it’s adulterated, so I stopped and completely forgot about the product and started using a different product. I found out that my skin is missing something I cant replace and that’s clear essence beauty milk. I came up google to make enquiries to get the product. It’s good product for the aged.

    Cons: I’m convinced that the company knows what they’re doing

  35. vanessa

    I have been using this Clear Essence skin milk product for almost a year now, and I must say that it works very well! It tones my skin evenly, giving it a gorgeous, radiant look. Affordable and effective.

  36. Chimbuka Chibangulula

    This lotion really works wonders. I couldn’t be happier.

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Platinum Skin Beautifying Milk (Maxi-Tone) (8 oz.)Platinum Skin Beautifying Milk (Maxi-Tone)

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