ChiMere™ Skin Care for Men

ChiMere™ Skin Care for Men offers healthy and natural men’s skin care products that specialize in men’s grooming & skin care solutions. ChiMere means “A Gift of Creation”. ChiMere Skin Care for Men is a gift that feature products for men of color such as shaving cream, after-shave and body spray. These Black men’s skin care products will create skin free of razor bumps. ChiMere is the complete grooming line designed for men of color.

The process in creating a luxurious and effective Black men’s skin care collection began with the thorough understanding of the roots of men’s grooming concerns. Once that was understood, we applied our expertise in providing solutions using nature’s bountiful resources. Clear Essence embarked on a mission to discover regional and local remedies for the problems that face men of color. ChiMere became a global venture as our journey to create a treatment for razor bumps, blemishes, pigmentation, and in-grown hairs led us to Africa, Asia, South America and Australia. Our men’s skin care solutions spawned from herbal extracts, plant derivatives and natural elements based on the accumulated knowledge from generations of local practice.

In essence, “ChiMere™” is a celebration of masculine strength. Created to address the unique grooming concerns (razor bumps, dark spots, in-grown hairs) that plague the men of color, it is sophisticated, yet simple to use. Without being too elaborate, ChiMere™” provides the necessary treatment draped in the luxuries of its natural and rejuvenating skin care formula. ChiMereTM” delivers the luxury and efficacy that has come to define Clear Essence’s men’s skin care products. A gift of ancient times recreated for the modern man!

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