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Since the late 1980s, Clear Essence® Cosmetics has made a commitment to develop luxurious skincare products that nourish medium to dark skin tones. Today, we proudly stand as a world leader in the ethnic skincare market, filling a former void in the beauty industry. We offer affordable, high quality products that address skincare needs for people of color.

Each Clear Essence® product is specially formulated to remedy and lavish all skincare needs. Our chemists and cosmetologists carefully study the composition of skin types high in melanin as part of research and development. Melanin is the property in skin that produces pigmentation and impacts dark spots, acne, visible aging, hyperpigmentation and excessive oiliness or dryness. We have developed products that aim to correct the effects of melanin, hydrating and soothing skin to restore its healthy, natural glow.
At Clear Essence®, our goal is to create a skincare brand that caters to each and every skin type and texture. Quality products and innovation are only enhanced by superior service. We distribute worldwide at fair prices to ensure that everyone everywhere has a chance for their skin to achieve its ultimate potential.

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