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The Platinum Line is amaziiiing! I used Clear Essence products in my late teens but I moved to the UK and laying my hands on them was a nightmare. Eventually I switched to Clinique which turned my face into a minefield of blackheads and spots. A month ago after I'd had enough, I decided to place an international order for some products on the Platinum Line. Best decision I've made in 2011!!!! I got the products 8 days ago and have used them since and guess what? My skin has changed dramatically!!!! It's smoother, the dark spots are fading and the blackheads are gone. I will never stop using Clear Essence.
Who ever came up with this idea of this product am so grateful to them.I have been using this product since 1998 and it has been mind blowing and I gave birth to my daughter that is what she is using now thank you guys you are the bomb.
Mrs Ifeoma Iyk Edwin
After suffering many years of melasma, dark patches on my face i have been first time using the Clear Essence Products with incredible resuts.The product Stimulate the renewal of my skin cells.I got smooth more youthful looking,brown complextion ..All my Spots where gone.The product change the way i look in as little as a few weeks..iam writing to let you know that Clear-Essence is a very good Product.I felt better about my self,others admired me for my healty looking skin. Nothing compares to Clear Essence.Its the best product for woman of color.
Eva (Germany)
I am writing to let you know how impressed I am with the Clear Essence Platinum Line Skin Lightening Serum. I have dark circles and within a week of using the serum, my dark circles have visibly lightened. I fully recommend this product to anyone who suffers from dark circles - it really works. Thanks
Thank you Clear Essence!!!! I had been searching high and low for some type of soap to help me keep my face clear of acne. When I started using the complexion soap with alpha hydroxy acid I saw improvement within days. I have been and will be a loyal customer for a long time. I even got some of my friends and family to start using it and they love it as well. THANK YOU AGAIN CLEAR ESSENCE! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK FOR THE BEAUTY OF COLOR PEOPLE.
i have been using clear essence beautifying milk for almost 2 months now and already people are noticing a difference. Everywhere i go i get positive remarks already- everyone wants to know what i have done to my face because of its glowing complexion thanx so much for this product.
Lucia ( Mafikeng, South Africa)
I am so glad that someone has developed a great product for people of color. I have recently started using your products and will continue to use these products for years to come. I have used other products that were very expensive that just didn't produce the results that your product does. I am also glad that someone has produced a product for men of color.
Ken (Richmond, California)
Just to thank you for your vitamin c lemon plus product,it has worked for me after several years of trying many products.Clear Essence for life.I will not use anything else
Diana Akinyi
About five years ago, I was using other products and they messed up my face so bad because I have very sensitive skin. I couldn't go out without people asking me, What's wrong with your face? My wife's friend encouraged me to try Clear Essence and it worked for me. I was very grateful to know that there are products out there that could help me. Thank you so much!
Fred (Woodbridge, VA)
I was introduced to Clear Essence by one of my colleagues. I've been using it since then and the products have treated hyper-pigmentation on my face. Everywhere I go I receive positive feedback on how beautiful and radiant is my skin is.
Tebogo (Pretoria, South Africa)
I used Clear Essence for a couple of years a while back. I introduced my friends to it as well. There were times I opted for facial peels, which didn't do much for my hyper-pigmentation and acne marks. I have also tried other products but have come to realize that Clear Essence works best for me. In short, Clear Essence is the ideal product for women of color.
Alecia (Birmingham, AL)
My order came quick and it was just as described. I love the Skin Lightening Serum and have used it for over a year. My face is a lot clearer and brighter. I saw results within the first 60 days.
Princess (Scottsdale, AZ)
When I met my husband in 2004, he introduced me to the Clear Essence lotion he was using. After a week of applying the product, my skin changed forever. I continue to use the Clear Essence lotion today!
Glenda (Attapulgus, GA)
Whenever I use Clear Essence, I feel good about the way my skin feels. I have used this product for over 10 years now. Whenever I switch to something else my skin never feels the same so I always end up using Clear Essence again. Clear Essence is the best thing that ever happened to my skin. My face and body feel smooth and radiant, and it makes me feel good. Nothing compares to Clear Essence.
Anita (Brooklyn, OH)
I have been using your product for about 1 and a half years now. For 20 years I have had the worst case of acne. My skin was a mess. I used to wear make-up to hide the discoloration on my skin. Your products not only cleared my acne problem but it also rejuvenated my skin. Congratulations.
Ollie (Richmond, VA)
I have been using Clear Essence soaps for several years now and I highly recommend them. They are part of my daily regimen.
Sharon (Laurel, MD)
I am writing to let you all know how amazed I am with your products. I have been dealing with a skin condition for over two years and after just using your products for less than a month my skin is quickly on the road to recovery and almost back to normal. I had acne, dark circles under my eyes, and skin darkening on the sides of my face. I've tried almost every product out there on the market and paid major dollars for a dermatologist help, but all to no avail. My sister started using your products about a year ago and I noticed such a difference in her skin. She kept recommending Clear Essence to help with my skin condition but I did not listen. I finally realized all this money I was paying to the doctors and still my skin was not getting any better that I needed to make a change because my method was not working. On top of that, my skin feels so soft and smooth. I am a customer for life and recommended and will continue to recommend Clear Essence to all my family and friends. I really want to thank you guys for helping me because I thought I was going to be stuck with this condition for the rest of my life. I LOVE CLEAR ESSENCE!
Veronica Richardson
I was not expecting the products to work so fast because they were easy to use and felt light on my skin. After one month, my skin complexion and acne cleared up and people were complimenting me on how good my skin looked. I shared the products with my sisters and friends and now they are just as pleased as I am with the results. I love your products. I love the fact that I was able to purchase these products when I was completing my military tour in Yokosuka, Japan. Six years later, I am still amazed by people's comments about how clear and beautiful my skin is. My self-esteem has sky-rocketed and I am so thankful for the love and patience your company devotes to making quality products for women of color. I thank you and will always continue to use your products and spread the word on how Clear Essence products saved my self-esteem.
Stacey (Glendale, AZ)
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