Black Skincare Products for Dark Spots

Best Black Skincare Products for Dark Spots (#1 is Awesome)

Black Skincare Products for Dark Spots

The only thing scarier than watching the first few captivating scenes of Lupita Nyong’o’s “US” is waking up to find that your supple, fresh skin has been invaded by dark spots. These spots are common among people of color due to the presence of melanin in their skin. There are several ways to treat this skin condition but this article will focus on the top black skincare products for dark spots.

Black Skincare Products for Dark Spots Showcased In This Article

What is Dark Spot on Black Skin

Dark spots occur as a result of the overproduction of melanin in the skin. According to Dr. William C. Shiel Jr, melanin is the substance that is responsible for giving the human body its skin, hair, and eye color. It is usually more predominant among dark-skinned folks.

Although melanin has its benefits on the average African American’s skin, it, however, becomes a problem when an excess of it is produced in the body which usually leads to the formation of dark spots.

What Causes Dark Spots on Black Skin

Constant exposure to sunlight and some hormonal changes in the body can trigger the production of excess melanin. When this happens, mild skin inflammations such as acne, bug bites, skin reactions, and other skin conditions can leave unpleasant dark spots on your skin. Even regular skincare routines like scrubbing, shaving, and waxing can leave you with hyperpigmentation.

David E. Banks, a medical doctor at the New York Presbyterian Hospital validates this by stating that hyperpigmentation or dark spots can develop as a result of scars left by acne, overexposure to sunlight, or hormonal changes.

Furthermore, he added that there are certain creams and serums that can be used to alleviate the affected skin from dark spots. We will discuss some classic black skincare products for dark spots in a moment but first, what can we do to avoid having these blemishes?

How to Prevent Dark Spots on Black Skin

Truth be told, there’s really not much you can do to prevent dark spots from popping out of your supple black skin, especially when you realize that hormonal changes are one of the factors responsible for it.

However, there are some precautions you can take to prevent and or reduce the chances of dark spots appearing on your black skin.

  • Try your best to stay away from the sun between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm (when its intensity is highest)
  • Wear hats of the wide-brimmed variety and put on sunglasses as well
  • Use SPF-30 sunscreen on your skin when you’re outdoors even if the sunlight is low
  • Ensure you treat acne and other skin conditions with the right products to avoid inflammation

If you already have dark spots on your skin, all is not lost yet. The next post below discusses dark spot correctors for black skin which can alleviate the hyperpigmentation. 

Effective Dark Spot Correctors for Black Skin

A flawless, shiny, black skin is what most African-Americans strive to achieve. Unfortunately, dark spots come in uninvitingly to thwart their efforts. There is only so much you can do in terms of prevention and not many people are excited at the prospects of undergoing medical procedures to remove these spots or putting on PPE kits just to avoid the harsh rays of the sun.

Too bad you can’t conjure dark spots away in the same way they came – a simple chant of alakazam would have banished these buzz killers, however, there are certain routines you can take in your skincare journey to achieve your goal of getting that elegant, tender skin you have dreamed of and the most important of these routines is the use of effective dark spot correctors for black skin.

The use of dark spot correctors ensures that your black skin returns to its natural glow, devoid of those distasteful dark spots that once colonized it. Some dark spot correctors not only treat but even prevent the reappearance of those spots when used regularly.

If you’re looking for black skincare products for dark spots, then take a look at this selection of dermatologically tested dark spot correctors below.

1. Clear Essence Platinum Medicated Fade Creme (4 oz.) with Sunscreen

Brighten skin discoloration with the Clear Essence Platinum Medicated Fade Crème with Sunscreen. It is one of those trusted black skincare products for dark spots on the body, acne scars, sun damage as well as age spots.

This product contains the gold-standard hydroquinone that is potent for skin lightening. When used, the fade cream is rapidly absorbed by the skin and it actively works to rid it of dark spots or brown skin discolorations.

2. Clear Essence Platinum Skin Lightening Serum (1.7 oz.)

Puffy bags under the eyes and tired dark eye circles should not leave you looking like a reflection of Frankenstein. You can eliminate them today with Clear Essence Platinum Skin Lightening Serum.

It has been formulated to be gentle on the most sensitive areas of the skin including under-eye bags as well as the oily or acne-prone sections of the skin. This product can be used as a dark spot corrector for black skin or an all-over toning serum.

3. Clear Essence Lemon Plus Vitamin C Perfecting Fade Serum (0.5 oz.)

Containing relevant plants and fruit extracts, Clear Essence Lemon Plus Vitamin C Perfecting Fade Serum is one black skincare product you can use to lighten facial dark spots and discoloration from pregnancy, acne, hyperpigmentation, and melasma.

This product is gentle on your skin yet tough on dark spots. As a result of this, you can rely on it to effectively rid sensitive areas of the skin of dark spots.

4. Clear Essence Exclusive Extra Strength Medicated Fade Creme with SPF 15 (4 oz.)

Dark spots and hyperpigmentation should have no place on your appearance. That’s why Clear Essence Exclusive Extra Strength Medicated Fade Creme with SPF 15 is the right black skincare product for dark spots.

This particular formula doesn’t include hydroquinone but is quite effective in treating skin discoloration, dark spots, sun-damaged skin, age spots, and acne scars. The formula also comes with UVA/UVB SPF 15 which is also effective for preventing the reappearance of darkening skin or sunspots.

Healthy Black Skincare Tips

The way we treat our skin can either lift our self-esteem or make us cower in shame. Everyone has to follow a well-tailored skin routine that will enhance its health and appearance.

The African American skin, for example, is notable for its higher melanin concentration than those with lighter skin. Because of this, it should come as no surprise that these melanin-producing cells tend to be vulnerable to the aftereffects of inflammation or injury.

That is why scars from acne, discoloration, and many other inflammations are usually more visible in dark skin than its light skin counterpart. Aside from regularly using black skincare products, these are the other skincare routines you should engage in to keep that fresh dark skin looking as attractive as ever.

1. Make it a Habit to Cleanse and Moisturize Daily

Many people underrate the effects of cleansing and moisturizing their skin every day. When done regularly and in the right way, it can unclog the pores on the skin and prevent the appearance of acne. Try to use warm water when cleansing the skin.

Rather than rub, pat the skin dry with a clean towel. Dark skins tend to lose water rapidly so to avoid ending up with dry skin after cleansing, use a moisturizer that is formulated with humectants like glycerin or any other black skincare products containing it. This is necessary for retaining moisture in the skin.

2. Wear Sunscreen Regularly

There is a common misconception that black skin is tough and invincible to the effects of the sun. This has been debunked. Everyone needs adequate protection from the sun.

Indeed, dark-skinned people rarely develop any form of skin cancer as a result of exposure to the sun, however, if they eventually do, they are more than likely to die from it because it is harder to notice and diagnose.

Thus, African Americans are advised to always wear sunscreen or make use of products containing SPF. The AAD recommends the use of a waterproof sunscreen having a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 30, at least. There are several black skincare products containing sunscreen available. 

3. Take Acne Treatment Seriously

Leaving the first traces of acne on the body without effectively treating it might lead to more breakouts and the eventual appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation. You can prevent it from worsening by commencing a daily care routine tailored to fighting off acne permanently.

Utilizing non-comedogenic products also works wonders. Try to avoid using oil-based products and irritants like scented laundry detergents and heavily-perfumed black skincare products. You may need to see a dermatologist to get the acne treatment that works best for you.

4. Avoid Junk Foods. Eat Healthy Foods

Believe it or not, what we eat also has its effects on our skin. So you would be doing your skin a whole lot of good if you cut down on junk food and eat more fruits and vegetables.

Stay away from sugar-filled foods and processed foods. Eat more of whole grains, fish, eggs, healthy fat foods like avocados, and nuts. In addition, you should also avoid excessive alcohol intake. Drink lots of water.

5. Treat Hyperpigmentation

Skin discoloration or hyperpigmentation can affect all types of skin tones. The use of sunscreen can prevent discoloration to an extent but it does not get rid of dark spots, rather it can reduce the chances of existing dark spots getting darker.

You should use a specialized black skincare product to stall the appearance of dark spots. These products usually contain kojic acid, hydroquinone, Vitamin C, and retinoids.

With a good skincare routine, you can give your skin a boost, making it radiant, lush, and elegant. One of the easiest ways to care for your skin is by cleansing and moisturizing it daily with black skincare products formulated with humectants. You’ll also do your skin a lot of good when you protect it by wearing sunscreen whenever you go outdoors.

Moreover, don’t let acne replicate all over your body before you start thinking of getting rid of them. Your eating habit also contributes to your skin’s well-being. Steer clear of junks and alcohol while making fruits and veggies a regular meal and lastly, remember to treat your skin using the right black skincare products for dark spots.

Treatment Options to Avoid

It’s normal to start expecting the blemishes on your skin to instantly disappear after a few days of using your selected skincare products. Unfortunately, it’s not always like this and you may tend to feel disappointed in the product and even start thinking of trying new alternatives which might end up being harmful or accelerate the growth of dark spots.

As a result of this, you should avoid the following treatment options:

1. Constantly changing acne treatments

Many people are guilty of this. They switch between different acne treatments when there’s no new improvement in just a few days of use. If you still do this, then now would be the best time to take a breather. Using different skincare treatments over a short period can irritate your skin which later leads to more breakouts.

In fact, the American Academy of Dermatology Association has confirmed that acne treatments usually take time to work, usually from six to eight weeks. If after this period you do not notice any improvement, then you can start thinking of getting a better product. Total clearing of spots can range from 3 to 4 months.

2. Scrubbing the face

You might be tempted to rid your face of acne by trying to scrub the skin clean. You’ll only make it worse because scrubbing the skin can irritate it and lead to acne flare-ups.

3. Applying the treatment only on the dark spots

After acquiring your dark spot correctors for dark skin, you’ll probably think applying it directly on each spot is the quickest way to clear out the blemishes.

Although the affected areas of your skin need attention the most, you should cultivate the habit of applying medicated treatment evenly on the acne-prone skin.

For instance, if acne tends to break out on your nose or chin, apply the prescribed medication on your entire face. Doing this will prevent the chances of new breakouts appearing.

4. Squeezing or popping pimples

When you squeeze out pimples, you believe the entire pus is oozing out of your body? Wrong! Some of the pus is actually being pushed further inside the skin when you squeeze pimples.

According to Alisha Plotner, a dermatologist from the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center, pressing or squeezing out pimples is a habit that needs to stop. This is because when you pop pimples, it leads to scarring and bleeding and could leave the skin open to infections.

5. Buying the wrong skincare products

This usually happens when you buy products that are not dermatologically tested or are just made up of the wrong composition for your skin. Some of these products might contain high levels of oil and other components that may aggravate acne breakouts.

You should buy the correct black skincare products for dark spots to avoid complicating your skin issues.


Having dark spots on your skin is never a thing to flaunt proudly. The higher concentration of melanin in the skin of African Americans means they are susceptible to acne and dark spots, particularly when constantly exposed to sunlight.

To prevent this, it is crucial to stay away from the sun during its high intensity or at least, wear sunscreen if you have to step out under the sunlight.

Furthermore, you can use some ideal black skincare products for dark spots to treat skin discoloration and follow a skincare routine to keep your skin healthy.

Remember to avoid certain common treatments that could be harmful to the skin as you follow these steps on your journey to achieving that flawless, charming skin.

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