Clear Essence Cosmetics Donates to Blindness Support Services

Clear Essence Cosmetics Donates to Blindness Support Services

Clear Essence was excited to visit Blindness Support Services’ Children’s Department to drop off a large product donation! This organization, located in Riverside, California, USA, helps adults and children who are visually impaired.

Clear Essence Cosmetics is a skincare company standing among its competitors within the ethnic complexion market. They create quality skincare products for people of color and skincare concerns specific to them.

Blindness Support Services provides support to those with visual impairments to become more independent and adapt to the challenges that come with being blind. They work to fight barriers against adequate healthcare for people who are visually impaired. Within their children’s department, Blindness Support Services teaches children, beginning in kindergarten, how to navigate the classroom through sensory and touch.Their services include teaching teachers how to inclusively support their students who have visual impairments. The organization teaches individuals how to use city transportation, how to read and write Braille, and skills needed to live independently.

Clear Essence Cosmetics was ecstatic to hear the positive response from Blindness Support Services after the donation! They are proud to support an amazing organization that promotes inclusivity and quality of life to individuals with disabilities. They were able to donate more than 200 units of their Baby By Clear Essence® Softening Hair & Body Wash With Marigold & Chamomile and of their Baby By Clear Essence® Freshening Baby Lotion With Sweet Pea. Thank you to the employees and volunteers at Blindness Support Services for your dedication!

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